7 Effective Content Marketing Tools Businesses Need

Content marketing tools and strategy for your business

Content is king in the world of marketing, but creating and distributing content can be a time-consuming process. That’s why businesses need to use content marketing tools.

Since remote work became the norm in 2020, customers are more online than ever before. The best way to reach them is by creating more content.

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But if businesses want to avoid burning out their marketers, they need to get creative with how they produce content.

There are numerous tools available online that make it easier to create attractive content that converts.

Here are seven content tools that marketers can use:


Visual content marketing has become a crucial part of business growth, especially over the last year. With so much content being generated, brands need to be innovative to stand out.

Venngage – Professional Infographic Maker

Stand out in the crowd like a Professional Data analyst! Venngage helps you create mind-blowing infographics that attract more visitors.

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Venngage logo

Brands shouldn’t aim to just create more content to stay ahead of the curve, the focus should be on quality. Designing great visuals can help make positive impressions on online consumers. 

But visuals can be challenging to design – especially for brands without in-house graphic designers.

That’s why Venngage is one of the best content marketing tools for small businesses. The convenient design platform offers thousands of customizable templates for numerous uses.

With virtual events becoming the standard, companies can use Venngage’s online poster maker to create beautiful and memorable posters, like the one below.

Virtual marketing summit 2023
Virtual marketing summit 2023

Anyone who has spent time online knows that data has powered content over 2020. How can a brand design data visuals that are effective and attractive?

Venngage offers an easy-to-use chart maker so marketers can design beautiful data visuals to accompany their content and attract leads.

Venngage – Professional Infographic Maker

Stand out in the crowd like a Professional Data analyst! Venngage helps you create mind-blowing infographics that attract more visitors.

Venngage coupon code: WSPARKS2020 to save up to $120/year.

Venngage logo


Businesses know that it isn’t possible to manually share posts on social media. Automation for social media, including Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn automation is the need of the hour.

Fortunately, there are multiple tools available for brands to use. One of the top social media scheduling tools out there is SocialPilot.

Social media content calendar - SocialPilot
Social media content calendar – SocialPilot

The online tool includes features to schedule posts on the following social channels:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn 
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Google My Business
  • Tumblr
  • TikTok

In other words, SocialPilot covers all the bases when it comes to social networks, which makes it one of the top content marketing tools.


Out of the many content tools available to marketers, Wishpond is one of the most varied. It offers everything from landing pages to social promotions, like the one below.

Landing page lead generation example
Landing page lead generation example

Boosting site traffic, growing email lists, and generating leads and revenue are among the top needs for marketers.

Considering how high website costs can get, brands need to get creative when attracting users to their sites.

Wishpond offers several contest options that attract and retain online users, as a result, website traffic increases and so do conversion rates.

WishPond – A Marketing Plugin

WishPond is a marketing automation platform that helps businesses with all their marketing needs. It can easily connect with an existing app and also has many native integrations. They help businesses generate sales.

Wishpond logo


Though most brands are investing in chat apps, there’s no doubt that email still has a part to play in marketing.

Brands may not rely on email for internal communications, but the same cannot be said for external and third-party conversations. Email is still the best option in that scenario.

While relatively new, Mailbird has quickly cemented itself as the best email app around. The app makes it easy to control your email from one dashboard.

Mailbird email app
Mailbird email app

What makes Mailbird one of the best new tools for content marketing are the multiple integrations with social networks, G-Suite, and project management software.

Marketers have come to dislike email notifications, but that is set to change with how convenient Mailbird is making email and online conversations.


A content marketing software that brands have been finding particularly useful is Paperform. The site offers numerous form templates for a variety of uses, including:

  • Applications
  • Lead generation
  • Medical forms
  • Quizzes
  • Reservations
  • Subscriptions
  • Surveys

The beautiful, unique forms make signing up for email lists or gated content, filling in surveys, or booking a reservation simple and enjoyable.

Paperform Demo 2018: Make a form in 3 minutes

Designing stunning forms that encourage users to complete them can be challenging, but Paperform makes it easy and effective.


What is a blog used for? Growing awareness about your brand. Increasing traffic. Boosting revenue. But is your blog and your website achieving these aims?

One of the content marketing tools every brand should include in its arsenal is Hotjar’s heatmaps, like the example below.

Hotjar heatmaps
Hotjar heatmaps

Heatmaps are a great way to understand user behavior on one’s site or blog. Are users reading posts above the fold, or continuing below? How are they interacting with visuals?

Using Hotjar, brands will be able to optimize their sites for better engagement and user retention.


If there’s one thing that content marketers struggle with, it’s productivity. Marketers have a lot of tasks on their plate, it can be difficult to streamline processes and be efficient.

This is why Brosix is becoming one of the most effective content marketing tools available. The popular productivity app is perfect for marketing teams with too much to do.

Brosix productivity app
Brosix productivity app

The app facilitates better communication among marketing teams and allows companies to segment them via location or tasks.

With a tool like Brosix, marketers can communicate with their teams whenever and wherever they want and never miss a crucial update.

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