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Best free plagiarism checkers online

After reading this blog, you will gain insights into plagiarism. Why is plagiarism discouraged in the academic industry?

The blog will also give you information on the different types of plagiarism checkers with a massive user base, along with a few free plagiarism checkers that are immensely popular among students.

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In a world where digital content is thriving, it is very important to know whether the content published is legitimate.

What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is the practice of portraying the thoughts, words, or works of another person as your own without giving due credit or authorization. In intellectual, professional, and creative circles, it is viewed as a significant ethical transgression.

Plagiarism can occur in various forms, including copying text from published sources, online sources, or other students’ work. Paraphrasing or summarising without proper citation and submitting someone else’s work as one’s own are also forms of plagiarism.

Plagiarism can be committed in various settings, such as academic institutions, the workplace, and the creative industry. In academic institutions, plagiarism can occur in essays, research papers, or other assignments.

It can occur in reports, presentations, or other official materials at work.

In the creative industries, plagiarism can take the form of using someone else’s work without permission or attribution.

To prevent and detect plagiarism, there are several tools available that can help check for similarities in written work, including plagiarism detection software like Turnitin, Grammarly, and Copyscape.

These tools compare submitted work to a database of published works and other online sources to identify any matches or similarities. Additionally, manual checks by educators, editors, or supervisors can also be used to verify the originality and authenticity of written work.

Which are the best plagiarism checkers?

When it comes to plagiarism checkers, it mainly depends on which one can perfectly cater to your needs. The features and interface can also play an important role in deciding whether a particular plagiarism checker is suitable for you.

In my experience, Grammarly’s plagiarism checker has become an essential tool in my writing routine. It seamlessly integrates with my workflow, and the clear alerts help me catch any unintentional plagiarism before it becomes an issue.

Here Is the list of the most widely used paid and best free plagiarism checkers online:


Grammarly plagiarism checker tool
Grammarly plagiarism checker software

One of the most well-known plagiarism detectors is Grammarly. It has been widely accepted by the students, and it also has other features such as helping with sentence reconstruction, which adds good value to the user.

Grammarly – AI-powered writing assistant

The most popular AI-based spelling and grammar checkers.

Grammarly logo and Icon


Turnitin plagiarism checker tool
Turnitin plagiarism checker tool

Turnitin is one of the most well-known and commonly used checkers for detecting plagiarism in academic work. To find any similarities, it examines submitted work against a vast database of published work, academic journals, and websites.

Dupli checker

Duplichecker is one of the most popular and free plagiarism checkers. It is widely used by university students as it provides a free plagiarism report.

Duplichecker has a pro version, which allows you to search for up to 25,000 words. Duplichecker offers various SEO tools like a keyword position checker, paraphrasing tools, etc.


Copyscape plagiarism checker free
Copyscape plagiarism checker

Copyscape is a plagiarism detection tool that searches the internet for instances of copied content. This plagiarism tool is usually used by bloggers and website owners to gather a couple of pieces of content.


Quetext plagiarism checkers
Quetext plagiarism checker online

Quetext is one that uses AI – Artificial Intelligence in order to determine the content’s originality. Quetext has a very user-friendly and straightforward layout. Quetext is a well-liked option. Moreover, Quetext offers free plagiarism detection tools. Because of this, it has become widely popular among students.


Plagscan plagiarism checker online
Plagscan plagiarism checker

PlagScan is an online plagiarism detection tool used by educational institutions, businesses, and individual professionals. It provides a powerful algorithm for plagiarism detection and provides detailed information with similarity scores and highlighted text.


Scribbr plagiarism checker online
Scribbr plagiarism checker

Scribbr is the most accurate and detailed online theft checker. It analyses submitted work against multiple data sources, providing detailed information with plagiarism counts and a list of sources where duplicates have been found. Scribbr is also known for providing free plagiarism-checking features.


QuillBot – AI Paraphrasing Tool

AI-powered paraphrasing tool that helps to create unique, engaging, and SEO-friendly content.

QuillBot - AI paraphrasing tool
QuillBot AI plagiarism checker online
QuillBot AI plagiarism checker tool

Quillbot offers a free grammar checker, and a paid paraphrasing tool. It also has a free essay checker, punctuation checker, and proofreader. The premium version of Quillbot offers unlimited words for paraphrasing and also has a tone detector. It was founded with the aim of automating the writing process.


Copyleaks plagiarism checker online
Copyleaks plagiarism checker

In the age of chatbots, with the increase in essays and research papers being written by AI, there has been substantially more plagiarism. To protect originality, Copyleaks were invented. It is an AI detection tool that separates human content from AI.


ProWritingAid plagiarism checker online
ProWritingAid plagiarism checker

ProWritingAid is a grammar and plagiarism detection tool. It has many tools that can help improve your writing. It also offers a premium plagiarism checker. The prices vary from one country to another.

ProWritingAid – A grammar checker, style editor, and writing coach

An AI writing assistant with an expert writing guide and grammar-checking tools.

ProWritingAid logo


It is an AI detection and plagiarism checker tool. It is used to identify AI content in your emails, Google Docs, website, or WordPress. It is a premium website, starting at $0.01 per 100 words.

Text Compare – Difference Between Two Documents – Show Keyword Density Difference


Plagium plagiarism checker online
Plagium plagiarism checker

This is one of the freemium plagiarism checkers. You can check around 1000 words in the free version of this site. Depending on their demands and desired features, this differs from user to user.

Based on the aforementioned plagiarism checkers, you should give them a try to choose which one suits you the most.

Do plagiarism checkers save or store your work?

No, plagiarism checkers usually do not work on a model where they save or store the content that is being uploaded onto the website. The working model of the plagiarism checkers is to find a comparison between the content that has been uploaded and the database that they have.

The database includes manuscripts and academic texts from all over the internet. The plagiarism checkers will provide a report that shows the plagiarism by highlighting it.

Having said that, using a trustworthy website is of the utmost importance; after all, you are uploading your original content onto their website. It is likely that websites might save the content for a brief period of time where they compare the content.

It is best to use websites that are widely used by a plethora of academic or institutional members. One should also be familiar with the privacy rules of the website and read the terms and conditions carefully before accepting.

Do plagiarism checkers steal your work?

No, plagiarism checkers do not work on the model of saving the data that you upload, as discussed above. But this is a very common question that arises among all the users who are new to the website.

Plagiarism checkers do not save the work. Hence, they are not in a position to sell your work or gain authority over it.

It is advised that the security and privacy policies of the website be checked and prefer the use of trustworthy websites. One should refrain from using plagiarism checkers, which are not very popular, and provide a free service.

If free plagiarism checkers are to be used, we have mentioned a few, like Grammarly and Quetext, above. One can have a go with them.

Do plagiarism checkers detect quotes?

Yes, plagiarism checkers can very well detect quotes, as these are part of the database that they compare the content with. The quote can very well be highlighted in the section.

The quote’s original author must be cited.

The use of quotes is not considered plagiarism as long as the original source is cited. One should also avoid the use of excessive quotes.


Plagiarism checkers are a very helpful tool for many individuals across a range of professions. Using plagiarism detection tools, essays, research papers, and other assignments can be examined for plagiarised content. It is essential for exposing plagiarism.

We sincerely hope that the details provided have cleared up questions you may have had before reading this post.


How accurate are plagiarism checkers?

They are fairly accurate because of the rise of AI and machine learning. The algorithm is constantly improving.

What are the free plagiarism checkers online?

Quetext, Duplicheckerr, and Plagiumare some of the well-known free online plagiarism checkers. For more than 1000 words, it is advised to buy the premium version to save time.

How much plagiarism is allowed in blogging?

The extent of Plagiarism depends on the particular website, but it is mostly below 5%.

Does the search engine consider plagiarism as a ranking factor?

Yes, the pages with less or no plagiarism score would rank higher. Google always needs original content, which is one of the ranking factors.

How important is it to check plagiarism for every post?

It is of the utmost importance to check for plagiarism in every blog. Because each article must be authentic and customized. Plagiarism is a petty work of dishonesty.

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