Top 10 tools to track keywords rankings for your website

Best tools to track keywords rankings

In the Search Engine Optimization of your websites, developing a strong keyword strategy is very important. That Keyword strategy must satisfy two important things: they must be appropriate for your content, and also your website ranking for that keyword is important.

Many tools have been developed to aid SEO, and a good number of tools do exist for tracking keyword ranking as well. These tools help monitor your ranking and give vital information regarding your competitors, which you can use to strengthen your strategy!

In this article, let us use the top 10 tools for tracking keyword rankings for your website. However, before we go into the tools, let us briefly examine why understanding keyword rankings is important.

Importance of understanding Keyword ranking

If you want to get good organic traffic to whom our site would be valuable, you certainly need to use the right combination of keywords.

To put it simply, keyword ranking is the position where your site is ranked in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) for a keyword. This simple statement can explain how important this is for SEO.

After all, SEO’s whole idea is getting your website in a good place on the results page. So, keyword ranking is an important metric that helps you decide the right keyword you need to use so that your site would appear to more people, and thus you can get more conversions.

Not only analyze the pages of your website, but you also need to analyze your competitors’ rankings and get a complete view of what they are using so that you can either target the keyword they are using or try another one.

Now let us jump right into the tools that help you track keyword rankings for your website:


SEMrush - All-in-one Marketing Toolkit
Semrush – All-in-one Marketing Toolkit for digital marketing professionals.

Semrush is one of the best SEO tool suites that helps you in the whole SEO process. Its keyword ranking tool is trusted by eCommerce sites, bloggers, and webmasters alike. It tracks your site’s keyword ranking and easily shows competitors’ keyword ranks, and lets you initiate multilingual tracking campaigns for any world location.

Other notable features include:

  • Keyword tracking for any keyword. Even for the long tails ones.
  • Grouping keywords using tags is a powerful way of managing large amounts of keyword items.
  • Discover and analyze competitors with powerful sub-tools.
  • Spooling from more than 140 different geo databases for uncovering your site’s keyword ranking.
  • Targeting different devices

To their site and in the section of position tracking, input the link of your webpage, which could be anything from your post link or the site’s main URL in the slot, and enter the keyword of your choice, and you would be given all the information. It also has premium plans that offer a ton of features!

Semrush – SEO and Marketing Tools

Get access to the top 55+ marketing tools. Try the 14-day PRO trial today.

Semrush logo


Sitechecker keyword rank tracker
Sitechecker keyword rank tracker

Sitechecker’s Keyword Rank Tracker is a powerful tool that allows users to track their website’s ranking
for specific keywords. The tool provides accurate and up-to-date information on keyword rankings
across different search engines, including Google, Bing, and Yahoo. With the Keyword Rank Tracker,
users can monitor their website’s ranking progress over time and identify any changes that may be
affecting their search engine visibility.

The main functions of the Keyword Rank Tracker tool:

  • Track keyword rankings: The tool allows users to track the keyword rankings of their websites on various search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Yandex.
  • Monitor competitors: With the Keyword Rank Tracker, users can also monitor the keyword rankings of their competitors’ websites and get insights into their SEO strategies.
  • Historical data: The tool provides historical data on keyword rankings, allowing users to analyze trends and make informed decisions about their SEO strategy.
  • Customizable settings: Users can customize the settings of the Keyword Rank Tracker to suit their needs, including selecting the search engine, location, and device type.
  • Automatic updates: The tool automatically updates the keyword rankings, ensuring that users always have up-to-date information.
  • Email notifications: Users can set up email notifications to receive alerts when there are significant changes in their keyword rankings or their competitors’.
  • Data visualization: The tool provides data visualization through graphs and charts, making it easy for users to understand the performance of their keywords over time.

Sitechecker has different pricing plans ranging from $39 to $249 per month.


SEOprofiler SEO Tools
Get high rankings on Google and other search engines using SEOprofiler SEO Tools.

SEOprofiler is a complete SEO solution that helps you get higher rankings on Google and drives more traffic to your website. Their tools also include a keyword ranking tool. In addition to tracking the keyword ranking of your required keywords, it can help with competitors’ keywords and provide insight regarding them.

The prominent features of the SEOprofiler keyword tracking tool are:

  • Easy tracking of your progress and achieving better control
  • Keyword groups, tags, and much more for added flexibility
  • Providing immediate results of some of the best and appropriate top-performing keywords for you.

The SEOprofiler includes analysis of visibility score and the ability to check the listing of business without the websites too! Importantly, this application provides a lot of features, but it is designed to be highly user-friendly. Their pricing starts from the standard plan, which costs around $69 per month. Their Smart plan includes $99.95 per month and can be tried for a week!

DYNO Mapper

Dynomapper Keyword Ranking Tool
Dynomapper Keyword Ranking Tool

DYNO mapper empowers you with keyword-related information and helps you organize your projects using visual sitemaps. It can give you important information about the keywords that are relevant to you. It can integrate with the platform of Google Analytics.

If you are more into redesigning your site, then DYNO Mapper would be highly helpful to you. In future updates, more features that are amicable to developers would be added. The prominent features of the Dyno Mapper keyword tracking tool include:

  • Tracking keywords daily
  • Raking by Location and Device
  • It can be used to monitor Google, Yahoo, and Bing engines along with the volume and CPC rates.

Using it, you can generate weekly notifications about your site and also have the ability to export the data into PDFs and CSV (comma-separated values) files. If you bill annually, the pricing plan starts at $40 per month. An added benefit of going for annual billing is that you can get two months free initially!

SE Ranking

SEranking keyword tracker
SEranking keyword tracker

SE Ranking is an affordable all-in-one SEO tool that is best for small business owners and digital marketing agencies. This is a highly user-friendly tool too. With this tool, you can analyze keyword rankings for both your website and those of your competitors.

If your website is multilingual and you want to improve in multiple search engines, the SE Ranking got that covered! The tool has the ability to check keyword ranks over multiple languages in the results pages of major Search Engines.

Other prominent features of SE Ranking are:

  • You can analyze keyword rankings for individual geographical locations to specify the location and the city for checking your site’s performance.
  • Within this tool, you can track users across different devices and contexts, including mobiles, desktop users, and a G-map.

The SE ranking tool’s pricing depends on the frequency of checks you want to do and the number of months you pay, and the number of keywords you want to check. If the rating check frequency is weekly and you pay annually, then the basic plan starts at $18.6 per month.

SE Ranking – All-in-one SEO software

Non-fussy, high-performing SEO software that provides accurate tools for users to speed up their SEO game. It tracks keyword ranks, runs search campaigns, audits websites, manages social media, and checks backlinks.

SE Ranking logo


Mangools SERP Watcher
Mangools SERPWatcher- a rank tracking tool.

SERPWatcher is a completely user-friendly SEO toolset that is more appropriate for people of small businesses, as its price is relatively low. Aptly named SERP watcher, you can view and understand the Search Engine Results page from many sites, including AOL, Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

SERPWatcher contains the majority of all the features you expect in a decent Keyword tracking tool; It has the capability of tracking location-specific keywords with custom selection options. There is also report generation, and you can customize it and also set alerts for them.

SERPWatcher supports daily keyword position updates so that you would always be informed. SERPWatcher also helps you in deciding strong keywords for your site with its keyword finder tool. Another important feature SERPWatcher provides is that of providing support for tracking desktop and mobile results.

SERPWatcher – SEO rank tracking

A SERP mining tool that tracks the ranking of the keywords included in your content. This tool tracks website keyword performance.

SERPwatcher by mangools logo

Google Keyword Planner

Google Ads Keyword Planner
Google Ads Keyword Planner

Provided by Google, it is one of the most sophisticated Keyword ranking tools that you can use with the Google search engine. After inputting your required keyword, the tool would generate some keywords relevant to the content in question and give you information about how the keyword ranks in the search engine.

Google keyword planner would also let you get the bid estimates, and if you want to go to the advertising side, they also help you make a plan for it. Ultimately, the Google Keyword Planner would help you get your keywords right in an easy and streamlined way. However, a disadvantage with it is that it is only limited to Google. However, you could also find keyword tools specific to other search engines provided by the respective sites.


ahrefs keyword rank tracker
ahrefs keyword rank tracker

Ahrefs is preferred by a lot of people for its high efficiency in keyword ranking. Like all other tools mentioned in this article, Ahrefs is also collecting tools and other resources for all the SEO processes. However, this function of keyword ranking is one of its first.

Ahrefs would automatically detect and discover the keywords on which the content of your page ranks well! Through its powerful and simple dashboard, you can conveniently monitor keyword rankings. It includes some of the best charting tools for creating charts or graphs representing various kinds of information.

Also, you would get scheduled reports wherever you prefer! The data that Ahrefs keyword checker gives includes many things like site links, featured snippets, AdWords top, AdWords button, knowledge cards and panels, and others. Ahrefs pricing plans start from $99 per month. However, you can try their services for $7 for 7 days.

Use this link to open Ahrefs: Ahrefs


Neilpatel Ubersuggest SEO Tool
Neil Patel Ubersuggest SEO Tool

Neil Patel is a well-known guy in the SEO sphere, and Ubersuggest is a part of that. It’s a free Keyword tool that is geared toward getting you good-quality keywords. Ubersuggest would give you detailed information regarding keywords, including the annual and monthly searches, word density, websites leading to that keyword, and lots of others.

The best thing about that is it groups the keywords based on their nature to uncover the intent and really see if you provide the actual thing the user wants. It also shows Desktop and Mobile site traffic separately to get more information and gear your keywords for users with different devices.

Go through this link to use the Ubersuggest: Ubersuggest

Moz Keyword Explorer

MOZ Keyword Explorer
MOZ Keyword Explorer – The SEO keyword research tool with over 500 million traffic-driving keywords.

Moz Keyword Explorer is developed by the leading marketing analytics and related software developer Moz. At the initial times, they are the ones who established the important principles of Page and Domain authority, which are now taken seriously by many people. Their Keyword tools are well-sophisticated and are highly suitable for big businesses, digital marketers, and others.

Here, you can explore new keywords based on the keywords you enter and view a lot of specific keywords. Just as with other important tools, it provides the capability to track your domain along with your competitors’ domains.

You might use this software for free to get certain basic details and get more functionality; you need to for paid plans. Their paid plans start at $99 a month.

Use this link to access the Moz Keyword tool: The Moz Keyword explorer


TwinWord - Keyword Ideas
TwinWord – Keyword Ideas

If much of your requirement is analyzing keywords that are highly targeted, then Twinword would help you. Twinword is a highly distinguished tool from other keyword tracking tools because it is more specialized in searching for targeted keywords and does not cater to general purposes.

For example, if you want to understand the keyword search rate for a specific language in a specific country, you can do that. You would also get keyword suggestions along with their individual search rate and word strength keywords. As said earlier, you have to allocate the country and language specifically, and you would not be able to get general recommendations from different countries of the world.

They use Artificial Intelligence technology to detect, discover and group new ideas and concepts through different popular topics and identify the best titles!

Coming to the pricing, you might use the software free of cost for a certain amount of keywords, but to utilize this software’s full power, you have to upgrade to paid plans. Paid plans start with the plus plan, costing you $18 per month.

Use this link to go to Twinword: Twinword.

Twinword – Discovering relevant keywords

An AI-based keyword research tool that gives you a concise list of keywords that align with your business requirements. It also detects trending topics in the industry and provides grouped keywords that might work well to rank you higher on the SERPs.

TwinWord logo

Final Words

These are our top 10 picks for the best tool that helps you in tracking keyword ranking for websites. Use them to improve your keyword strategy and stay ahead! Also, most of them are not just tools to track keywords but are a collection of SEO tools that help you in many other areas of SEO. So, if you happen to like a particular tool, explore other aspects as well!

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