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Long tail pro keyword research tool

Finding Long-tail keywords is critical for any online business. It drives meaningful traffic to your website and boosts the conversion rate. There are numerous tools available right now that can help you find perfect Long-tail keywords for your business. Long Tail Pro is a veteran among all such tools.

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It helps you find Long-tail keywords that are less competitive and still can drive a lot of high-converting traffic irrespective of your niche. We had numerous messages pouring in from our readers, asking us to pen down a Long Tail Pro review. Moreover, multiple Long Tail Pro coupons are also available right now, resulting in the rising interest of people.

So here we are today, to help you better understand whether Long Tail Pro is a perfect choice for your business or not. In this Long Tail Pro review, we will be discussing multiple aspects of this, too, like its UI, efficiency, and other features.

10 Things you must know with a Long Tail Pro Review

So without wasting much time, let’s dive in!

Seamless UI

Long Tail Pro offers a highly efficient, engaging, and easy-to-use UI. Although there are lots of features loaded alongside, spending a few minutes on the platform can help you fully grasp it.

If you are not used to such tools, you might find it a bit cluttered it is relatively easy to get used to it. Ultimately, using Long Tail Pro is not Rocket Science!

How to find keywords using Long Tail Keywords?

Long Tail Pro - Keyword Research
Long Tail Pro – Keyword Research

Long Tail Pro offers a highly advanced Keyword Search Facility. While doing this Long Tail Pro review, we observed that to find relevant Long-Tail Keywords; you have to enter seed keywords. After entering seed keywords, hit the retrieve button, and you will see a list of Long-tail Keywords with minimal competition. You can also see Completion metrics and Search volumes of each suggested Long-tail Keyword.

Very few tools are out there that offer highly analyzed and high-converting Long-tail keywords using its advanced algorithm. These keywords can help you achieve a high rate of conversion and minimize your expenses.

Long Tail Pro also allows you to search the high-ranking keywords used by your competitor. This is an optional feature, and you can stop at any time you want by performing manual keyword research.

Long Tail Pro – How to find Long Tail Keyword

You can also save all your keyword searches. Unfortunately, Long Tail Pro displays old and new keyword searches at the same time. This might mix up all your keyword searches if you are working on a similar topic.

Let’s say you are finding keywords for a website that perform reviews of smartphones, iPhones keywords might blend with Samsung’s keywords!

But it’s easy to tackle this issue. All you got to do is prepare a new list for the keywords on a different topic. This makes your work more efficient by allowing you to group similar topics for future reference.

Customizable Dashboard

Long Tail Pro is a highly versatile keyword research tool. It’s evident that you would not be using the entire features offered by it at once. E.g., if you are not interested in the Average Keyword competitiveness, you can turn off these metrics, and your Dashboard will look clutter-free.

You can also filter keywords based on various Dashboard options like “Include”, “Exclude”, “Containing”, & “Greater than”. This helps you filter keywords based on any metrics you want and get highly targeted keywords.

Thus, during our Long Tail Pro review, we concluded that a customizable dashboard is another such feature that adds value to the tool.

Keyword Competitiveness

Long tail pro keyword competitiveness
Long tail pro keyword competitiveness

One of the essential metrics available with Long Tail Pro is Keyword competitiveness. We analyzed this metric during the Long Tail Pro Review & concluded that it helps you understand the SEO difficulty level. Putting in a simpler term enables you to know how hard it will be to rank that particular keyword on the SERP without Authority.

There is a pre-loaded setting to identify the ranking value in the tool, and it’s highly accurate but not full-proof. You can customize it by setting the Rank value and determining the exact ranking of any keyword.

SERP analysis using Long Tail Pro

During the Long Tail Pro review, we found that this is the feature that helps Long Tail Pro stand out in the crowd of multiple keyword research tools. It offers a perfect fusion of simple UI and a cartful of features.

Although it is easy to get an overview of SERP using Keyword competitiveness & Average Search Volume, that’s not enough. You need additional features to get precise results.

Let’s take a look at the features of Long Tail Pro:

  1. Trust Flow: It gives the backlink profile of the page.
  2. Citation Flow: It gives the detail of the number of citations on a particular page.
  3. Domain Trust Flow and Citation Flow: Unlike the previous metrics that are related to the particular page, this metric gives information about Trust Flow as well as Citation Flow for the domain.
  4. Root reference: This metric gives the number of domains referring to root domains.
  5. Page reference domains: This metric gives the number of unique domains that link to the page.
  6. Internal Links: This metric gives the number of internal links on any page.
  7. Indexed URLs: This metric gives the number of Indexed URLs to the target domain.
  8. Domain Keyword Competition: This metric offers the overall score for the domain that measures the above-listed metrics.

This is a lot of information to digest for someone who is new to Digital Marketing or is in the initial stage of the same. But once you get a good hold of these metrics, they can offer great help.

For e.g., “External Back-links” gives you detailed information about the external links, helping you better understand the pages that link to you.

Helps you track keywords’ rank

Tracking the keyword is critical for managing a successful Digital Marketing Strategy. With the Long Tail Pro latest version, all you have to do is copy-pasting keywords that you want to track in the search bar. The Long Tail Pro provides detailed info about your ranking keywords.

It also helps you track the keywords for which your competitor ranks. This allows you to devise a better-performing strategy that delivers meaningful results.

Long tail pro backlink analysis
Long tail pro backlink analysis

While doing the Long Tail Pro review, we found it a bit annoying that this feature does not come as a default in the Long Tail Pro latest version, even with the paid package. But if you are willing to pay for it, it can prove quite helpful.

Entering the domain will display all the backlinks and the numbers from the SERP analysis. This is an excellent feature if you want to keep an eye out for what your competitor is ranking for. But then, multiple tools like Ahrefs offer these services free of cost.

So buying Long Tail Pro specifically for this purpose makes no sense. But if you already have an active plan, you should give it a try. It will surely help you out with the Link building process.

Long Tail Pro – Backlink Analysis feature


You get a load of features that your average Keyword research tools don’t offer. So it’s quite unfair to compare it with them. Still, the Long Tail Pro is not a cheap tool at $37 to $147 per month if you are getting a monthly subscription.

But with the services it offers and the features it has, the price is readily justifiable. Moreover, if you get an annual subscription, the monthly cost reduces to $25 to $98, which is relatively low compared to Ahref! If you take the Long Tail Pro coupon into account, the final price could be even lower!

Apart from lower prices than Ahref, you also get around 25 times more keywords to search for in a Single Day! Ahref allows 100 keywords to search a day, and Long Tail Pro offers 2500 keyword searches a day! So at this price range, Ahref doesn’t even come close. Moreover, you can get a Long Tail Pro coupon too, for a better discount.

Customer Support

This is a crucial factor when choosing any tool. If you don’t get proper support, it doesn’t matter how efficient the tool is; it’s not worth buying.

Fortunately, Long Tail Pro has a robust Customer Support mechanism with regular webinars, training sessions, and a support team that helps you at every stage. During our Long Tail Pro review, we found that the response time is around 1 hour, which is a bit more, but you do get a meaningful response.

Such support is vital for anyone who is new in the business and needs a guiding hand to get a full grasp of the tool.

Long Tail Pro Alternatives

If you’re considering other keyword research tools, here’s a quick overview of some Long Tail Pro alternatives that may be worth exploring:

  • Ahrefs: This comprehensive SEO toolset offers keyword research, site auditing, and backlink analysis capabilities, helping you improve your website’s search rankings and traffic.
  • Moz Pro: As an all-in-one SEO suite, Moz Pro provides tools for keyword research, site audits, and rank tracking, assisting you in optimizing your website for higher search engine visibility.
  • Act-On: A marketing automation platform, Act-On includes features for SEO, lead management, and email marketing, allowing businesses to grow their online presence effectively.
  • Semrush: A versatile SEO tool, Semrush comes with keyword research, site auditing, and competitor analysis capabilities, enabling you to develop a successful SEO strategy.
  • Serpstat: This all-in-one SEO platform offers keyword research, backlink analysis, and rank-tracking tools to boost your website’s search engine performance and overall online presence.

Long Tail Pro is an excellent choice for finding long-tail keywords. But, there’s no harm in giving these keyword research tools a try too!  These alternatives provide a range of features and benefits to suit different needs and preferences. Feel free to put them to the test. 

Final verdict

After weighing on lots of factors and doing a detailed Long Tail Pro review, we will say it’s a perfect choice for you if you are a veteran of SEO! It gives you all the metrics and features that are necessary for building a compelling SEO strategy.

It helps you find the low-competitive, high-conversion Long-tail keywords easily. It also lets you analyze Google’s SERPS with in-depth analysis of the metrics like search volume, Keyword ranking, & Keyword competitiveness.

So if you do not have access to any similar tool, we would surely recommend you give it a try. It can prove to be extremely helpful. Right now, you can get the benefits of the Long Tail Pro coupon for an extra discount!

If you are new to SEO, the latest version of Long Tail Pro might prove a bit complex for you. But with some hard work and analysis, you can quickly learn how to utilize it for the best results.


How does Long Tail Pro help in finding keywords?

Long Tail Pro provides an advanced keyword search facility by allowing users to enter seed keywords, which then generates a list of low-competition, long-tail keywords with metrics and search volumes.

Can I customize the Long Tail Pro dashboard?

Yes, Long Tail Pro offers a customizable dashboard, allowing you to filter keywords based on various options and turn off metrics you’re not interested in, resulting in a clutter-free workspace.

What is Keyword Competitiveness in Long Tail Pro?

Keyword Competitiveness is a metric in Long Tail Pro that helps you understand the SEO difficulty level of a keyword, indicating how challenging it would be to rank on the SERP without authority.

Can I track my keywords’ rank with Long Tail Pro?

Yes, Long Tail Pro enables you to track the rank of your keywords by simply copying and pasting them into the search bar, and it also provides information on your competitors’ ranking keywords.

How does SERP analysis work in Long Tail Pro?

Long Tail Pro offers SERP analysis with features like Trust Flow, Citation Flow, Domain Trust Flow, Root References, Page Reference Domains, Internal Links, Indexed URLs, and Domain Keyword Competition for precise results.

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