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Is the Serpstat SEO tool worthy?

As you may know, nearly 93% of the entire traffic (Source: Search Engine Journal) of the web comes through Search Engines. This alone justifies the use of the practice of SEO for your websites.

With SEO being a very deep and versatile field, its professionals need an equally versatile toolset for performing the job well.

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Serpstat – All-in-one SEO Tool

All-in-one growth hacking tool for content marketing, SEO, PPC, and all the aspects of digital marketing.

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Serpstat: An all-in-one SEO platform for professionals

Serpstat is one such platform that would provide all the toolsets and features necessary for professionals and It has received many awards and much recognition.

This article provides our review of Serpstat, explaining all its features, its pricing, and the things we like and do not like. After reading through all this, you will have a good understanding of its features and pricing, which lets you make the correct decision.

Serpstat signup for free trial
Serpstat signup for a free trial

Serpstat Features Packed with Powerful Elements:

Serpstat is a Software as a Service toolset that covers all the aspects and needs of an SEO professional enabling them to improve the ranking of the site effectively and efficiently.

From the initial times of Keyword Research, Competitive research to Site audit for any SEO flaws, tracking your and competitors’ ranking every day it got all covered.

The best thing with Serpstat is that they also have the feature of expressing the data through visualizations and generating infographics which not only helps professionals to understand and gather more insight but also people who are not deeply oriented with SEO.

Serpstat also provides an API that your developers can use to further enhance the features and mold them to your liking.

Let us discuss all the features in detail:

Keyword Research:

Keywords are very fundamental to SEO. With Keyword research tools Serpstat provides, you can supplement the content of your website as well as ads with powerful keywords and ultimately expand your online presence and reach more people.

Based on your niche and competitors, Serpstat provides a list of proven and profitable keywords that would certainly improve your search ranking.

Not only this, but you can also compare different keywords with a lot of performance indicators including but not limited to search volume, CPC, and others to get a clear picture. You might also know the importance of long-tail keywords. They might be a low volume for sure, but targeting them would certainly get you highly converting leads.

Serpstat keyword research
Serpstat keyword research

Search Analytics:

Search Analytics lets you understand what keywords your competitors used to get them into leading search results. You can view every keyword that your competitors are ranking for in the top 100 search results in Google. You can organize this into different domains and track changes in the overall domain.

Not only the strengths of the competition, but also understand their weaknesses and how your business could outperform them.

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Competition Research:

Other than the search analytics tools that would give a good view of your competitors, Serpstat also has a dedicated competition research space where it would automatically identify your top competitors with just a specification of the domain.

After you enter your domain, you could get a full list of the most relevant competitors within that and centrally manage information regarding them.

Go a bit further and see what specific pages in the domain have the highest visibility score and analyze their keywords. With being ability to perform batch analysis of up to 200 domains, you can research a lot of keywords and compare rankings in multiple domains.

With the Powerful backlink analysis tools of Serpstat, you can get a detailed backlink report and get a list of all anchors along with the referring domains and pages. Serpstat retains data on all changes that would happen over the last 120 days to a domain’s profile referring to pages, anchors, and so on.

Not only for your site, but you can also monitor the backlinks of your competitors’ websites too, and get an understanding of their strategy.

Serpstat backlink analysis
Serpstat backlink analysis

Day-to-Day Rank Tracking:

Getting real-time information is the only way to make sure that your operations are going smoothly and observe any disruptive moves from your competitors. Serpstat tools provide a day-to-day report of rank tracking so that you would be updated on your and your competitors’ performance.

Aside from specifying domains as we said earlier, you can know exactly how your keywords are performing in any city or country, or language that you specify in the search engines of Google and Yandex. Bing and Yahoo are coming soon!

Helping Content Strategy development:

Not only help you up the reach of your existing content, but Serpstat tools could also provide you with the necessary information to help you decide what content to bring to your audience. You can search for suggestions in the database for content creation and find out the questions that your target audience is trying to get answered.

Also, your users might not search for products or services using the exact keywords as you think they would. You can enrich your content with all the related and relevant keywords to increase your reachability.

Also, you can track the number of shares of your content on Facebook, which gives you an additional idea of how shareable your content is, and also compare yourself with your competitors’ data.

On-site Audit:

Serpstat instantly audits all of your web pages and gives you an in-depth analysis of all the factors of SEO and addresses all the issues that it might have. It shows how efficient the elements of your website are and also identifies any errors that might hurt the performance and so on, ultimately letting you fix these issues.

Developer-friendly API

Serpstat provides an API that lets its users access all of its functionality in a custom way and do pretty much anything they want. It can feed the daily rankings, competitor analysis, position tracking, and also keyword data so that you can plug it into your reporting systems and take further action.

Serpstat Pricing:

Serpstat comes with four standard plans: Lite, Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise. However, if organizations have specific needs that are not completely satisfied by any of these plans, they can contact SERPSTAT and then avail them too.

Serpstat pricing
Serpstat pricing

As you may generally expect, the Lite version is the most basic feature of them all and has cost. The features and price progressively increase from Lite to Enterprise.

However, every plan is sure to include: Keyword Research, PPC Research, Rank Tracking, keyword quality control, Text analytics tools, Site audit, Website SEO Checker, and Website & backlink analysis. The extent of these tools and also other features depend on the specific plan.

Billing for this is done both monthly and annually. For annually though, the company provides a special 20% discount on the prices.


The Lite plan contains access to more than 20 tools for running various search engine-related projects which not only involve planning your strategy generally but also analyzing your rivals. In this plan, you could have 4000 queries per day for keyword and domain analysis and have 100,000 API credits per month.

This plan is best for individuals using this for their own website, a freelancer, or a small to medium business, whose budgets could be limited.

It costs only $69 monthly and if you pay it annually, it would cost you around $55 per month.


The standard plan has all the lite features and supports 3 users with branded reports and an extended interface with more API credits. It is great for in-house teams of organizations or a digital marketing agency. It supports 5000 queries of keyword and domain analysis with 500,000 API credits per month.

It would cost $149 monthly and with a 20% discount, costs $119 if you choose to pay annually.


Adding to all the standard features, the advanced plan would have an even more extended interface and support up to 5 users. It is highly appropriate for big marketing agencies and large in-house teams that have an extensive need for data. This plan supports 8000 queries per day for Keyword and Domain analysis and gives 1,000,000 API credits per month.

Its monthly cost is $299 and if you choose annual billing, it would effectively cost you $239 dollars per month.


This plan is well-tailored to industries by expanding the host of features the Advanced plan provides to 7 users, along with White Label. It has the most expanded interface and a high number of API Credits at 2,000,000.

Enterprise plan users could query keyword and domain analysis requests 12000 times and all of this plan is available for $500! For the people who choose to bill annually, this plan is effectively available at $399 per month.

Serpstat lets you get started with it for free and also, they will connect you with one of their specialists who would discuss all the options for growing forward. That includes the before mentioned trial period, providing you with comprehensive articles and also recordings of webinars, custom advice, and even personal demonstration!

Serpstat, all-in-one SEO platform for professionals

Pros & Cons:

Each product or service might not be perfect, and it would have some pros and cons. Serpstat too has its pros and cons that need to be considered before you go into it.

Pros of Serpstat:

Great Core Features:

All the essential and core capabilities that Serpstat provides are highly valued across all operations of Search Engine Optimization and its related fields. They ensure smooth and efficient operation and, mainly, keep all of them in one place.


Not only it provides quality data about many things, but it also shows it through visualizations, including infographics, which is a powerful medium to understand and interpret information.

The main thing we like in visualization is that it not only lets professionals garner insights that are generally hard in other mediums but also to express information to other people who may not have been much into SEO.

Good Customer Support:

Serpstat has a reputation for providing good customer support and with it, one can be doubly sure of a hassle-free usage of its features.

Application Programming Interface:

The API that Serpstat provides is a great way to use the software in your custom enterprise applications which further improves the power and flexibility of your SEO projects.

Good pricing plans:

Serpstat pricing plans are well-tailored to people with different goals and needs. Each plan includes an optimal level of access and availability of features and also they give customers the opportunity to set their own plan beyond the enterprise level if they need it!

Cons of Serpstat:

The interface could be confusing at times:

With providing much information and power to interact, the interface might be a bit complicated and confusing, even for professionals at times.

As interfaces would be gradually extended through the plans of Lite to Enterprise, the probability of confusion could be more at a high level. However, a lot of documentation, customer support, and time would solve these issues!

Inaccurate information:

With Serpstat being such a complex system and the algorithms being used by them to bring the results being complex too, some mistakes are bound to happen. It has been pointed out many times that the information Serpstat provides is inaccurate or insufficient at times.

Little Expensive:

However well-tailored they are, the pricing is a bit expensive. This issue is diluted by the fact that they provide a 20% discount when you pay yearly and also place more generous limits on the tool than its counterparts.

Final Words:

Serpstat is an extremely powerful tool that gives a lot of information and thus power in the hands of SEO professionals. With its features touching almost all important aspects of optimizing a site for more visibility, including but not limited to Keyword Research, Backlink analysis, day-to-day rank reports, Site auditing, and so on, it can be said to be an All-in-one SEO platform for professionals.

Its different pricing ways cater to the needs of people at different levels and need appropriately. Truth be told, it might have some difficulties with its algorithms at times, but it’s evolving nature would complement it.

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