Link Whisper Beginner’s guide – Internal Link Building for SEO

A Step-by-step guide to use LinkWhisper efficiently

Link Whisper is a smart WordPress plugin software that provides relevant internal links suggestions using artificial intelligence.

Link Whisper WordPress plugin offers an optimized way of link-building that helps the users boost their web page’s relevance, eventually improving the relative importance of their website by considering SEO best practices.

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Before we jump into Link Whisper and to know how that helps to boost SEO by using an internal link-building strategy, let’s understand what is internal link is and how that helps.

Link Whisper – The best Internal Link Building plugin

An AI-based WordPress plugin that automates your internal link-building process.

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An internal link is a link that navigates the user to another relevant page in the same domain. This internal link-building improves the overall user experience of your website by giving more insights on the same topic, which is available on the same website.

Having an excellent internal linking strategy helps search engine bots to understand the overall structure of your website and allows you to boost your website ranking.

There are two types of Internal Links in On-page SEO:

  1. Inbound internal links
  2. Outbound internal links
Types of Internal Links - Inbound and outbound
Types of Internal Links – Inbound Internal Links and Outbound Internal Links.

Inbound internal links are backlinks to a particular page from other relevant web pages within your website, which is nothing but an incoming internal link.

Outbound internal links are outgoing links within a page to other relevant pages on your website.

To have the best internal link-building strategy, one has to consider having both inbound internal links and outbound internal links, which boost your website’s on-page SEO.

We have just spoken about the importance of internal link building; this is how Link Whisper uses link building strategy, and here is the SEO formula:

Inbound internal links + Outbound internal links + Outbound external links = Improves Ranking

Link Whisper addresses the problem that relevant link building can be a very time-consuming process, and it takes a lot of effort. LinkWhisper has turned out to be a perfect companion for those who blog daily and understand the struggle. It is not just a smart plugin but also a very budget-friendly solution. 

You can get Link Whisper’s yearly subscription at just $77. It includes all the features and services that LinkWhisper has to offer. Other than this, there are two more offers for three sites at $117 yearly and ten sites at $167 yearly.

All three of them have the same services to offer, and the only difference is the number of sites on which you want to use Link Whisper. You can also get some great offers on Black Fridays.

Link Whisper makes the process easier, provides you with the flexibility of customization, and, most importantly, provides all the required services under one roof. As great as it sounds, Link Whisper is a product that came out of many bloggers’ needs, including the founder of Link Whisper himself.

Story of Link Whisper

On 8th July 2019, Spencer Haws launched Link Whisper. In one of his blogs, he mentioned that the idea of Link Whisper came into his mind because he used to find it very time-consuming to work on relevant link-building. He said that the idea came out of his own need. 

Spencer started to plan Link Whisper in 2018, and it took almost a year and a half for it to be available for everyone out there. He mentioned several failed attempts and trials before coming up with something value-adding for the users.

Link Whisper now successfully provides users to optimize their websites using three significant ways. Firstly, you can add links while you’re writing an article. Link Whisper will continuously give relevant suggestions at the bottom of your editing page on WordPress. You can select the links you want to add. 

The second way is to add links to your old and existing content. There is an automatic link generation feature using keywords that you can use in this case.

The third way is to create links on the report pages. You get the relevant data displayed on the report pages, and you can make the necessary changes accordingly at the same place.

There is a common misunderstanding about Link Whisper; people think it provides a magical service that will only boost your SEO. But the fact is that without a general knowledge of how internal links operate, one can not wholly rely on the Link Whisper.

Understanding the way internal links work, the Link Whisper has a minimalist and optimized user interface. Link Whisper has a dashboard from which you can control and manage everything related to your link-building strategies.

Once you add the plugin to your website, Link Whisper will suggest relevant internal links at the bottom of every page on your website. It is categorized as phrases aligned with the posts that can be linked.

You can select or unselect the portion of the phrase that is chosen according to you. You also get many suggestions over a single phrase, and you can choose the one you think is more relevant.

It enables you to edit phrases, customize links, select from HTML scripts, and you can also discard of some links into the ignored section.

On the main page of Link Whisper, you will have four general sections, namely Dashboard, link reports, domain reports, and error reports.


Dashboard - Linkwhisper WordPress plugin
Dashboard – Link Whisper WordPress plugin

On the dashboard, you have an overall view of the recent activities, and pie charts of the necessary statistics like links crawled, internal links, orphaned links, and broken links.

How to Use the Broken Links Error Report for Link Whisper

The dashboard of Link Whisper has a very minimalist design, which makes it very easy for you to read and take action.

There is a pie chart on the dashboard that shows statistics of internal links vs. external links.

WordPress’s dashboard users will find Link Whisper’s dashboard very easy to use.

Links Report - Inbound, outbound and external links - LinkWhisper
Links Report – Inbound, outbound, and external links – LinkWhisper

In the second section of the links report, you get a table containing all the data about internal inbound links, outbound external links, outbound, and internal links, and titles of the pages and the date they were published.

There are main categories of links – internal links, external links, and inbound, outbound links. The link report page gives you information categorized accordingly.

You can choose which links you no longer want and where you want to add more links based on the statistics shown in that table.

You can address each of your posts individually on this page and make necessary changes.

Domain report

Domain Report - LinkWhisper
Domain Report – Link Whisper

The third section is of domain reports where you will get the perspective of domain-level statistics. There is a showing link that is included in the pages of every domain associated with your domain. In case you want to add, delete, or customize your links with any specific domain, you can directly do it from here.

One of the best auto-linking features using keywords can be implemented on this page of the Link Whisper.

Link Whisper automatically generates a bunch of links based on the keywords and adds them to the article.

You can manage the domains from which the links are created and customize them according to your will on the domain report page.

Error reporting

Error Report - LinkWhisper
Error Report – LinkWhisper

The final section is Error reporting where you’re given the information about the errors that have occurred during link building, and you can take action on it accordingly at the same place.

There are many error codes, such as:

  • Server not found
  • Connection failed
  • Request timed out
  • 400 bad request
  • 401 unauthorized
  • 403 forbidden
  • 404 not found
  • 502 bad gateway
  • 503 service unavailable

These are some of the common errors that occur while generating links, and you can filter the lists according to the specific errors.

It is always up to you to make decisions about inevitable mistakes, make a standard change for a particular error, or make specific changes to specific cases where errors occurred.

Despite having many features and customization options, Link Whisper manages to provide a satisfying user experience.

Link Whisper offers some of the key features that make Link Whisper handy out of many features.

WordPress editor - Internal links suggestions - LinkWhisper
WordPress editor – Internal links suggestions – LinkWhisper

Let’s say you have a new piece of content that does not have any links in it, and you want to link some of the older pages from your website to this new page. In such cases, Link Whispers offers a feature of a must-have simple keyword search.

You can search with a keyword, and the relevant content will appear, then you can link whichever fits right and draw traffic from that piece of content to this one.

How to Add New Inbound Internal Links – Link Whisper Tutorial

Skip Sentences at the beginning of a Post

No one wants links right from the start of any blog, and it was not a feature that was available before in Link Whisper. But now you can easily customize the number of sentences you want to skip at the beginning of a blog so that the blog becomes more reader-friendly.

The link suggestion algorithm is one of the USPs of Link Whisper, and they have managed to make it even better. The algorithm tries to provide you with really relevant suggestions based on the content on your site and the new content to which you want to add links. It uses the latest AI technology to give you tips.

One of the unique features that Link Whisper has is that it gives you the ability to build internal inbound links to category pages. Many people optimize their category pages with specific keywords, and now with the ability to link them directly, the chances of people staying on the site for longer increase strongly.

As discussed earlier, anyone who wants to optimize their website for better engagement using relevant internal links can get massive help from Link Whisper. 

Many bloggers who have one or more than one websites and are looking for a one-stop solution for link-building on all of their sites can find Link Whisper very useful for them.

People who want to start a new website and want early engagement can also use the Link Whisper for better optimization and driving traffic.

Those looking to expand their business online can now use the Link Whisper as it is now available on the Shopify app.

Link Whisper on Shopify.

  • After a great response from WordPress, Link Whisper has now launched an app on Shopify apps.
  • People who start their online businesses on Shopify can now use Link Whisper to optimize their sites and draw more traffic.
  • Link Whisper on Shopify provides equal value-adding features as it gives on WordPress.
  • If you haven’t yet checked out the Link Whisper app on Spotify.
  • Getting access to the Link Whisper is very simple.
  • You have to go to and sign in.
  • Once you have created your account, you will receive a link to a zip file.
  • You can then install that file into your WordPress plugins. The process is the same as any other plugin on WordPress.
  • Then a window will appear asking you to submit the license key.
  • Submit the license key, which you will get when choosing your plan on Link Whisper, and complete the successful payment.
  • The next step is just to hit the activate button, and you’re good to go.
  • The process is as easy as it sounds.
LinkWhisper Pricing and Licences
LinkWhisper Pricing and Licences.
  • Many think that Link Whisper will do all the heavy lifting for them, and they don’t have to take efforts in link building after getting Link Whisper. It is not valid.
  • Link Whisper can be helpful only if you have the required knowledge of how internal links operate and how you can leverage that into bringing more traffic to your website.
  • One of the best practices to use LinkWhisper is to use its feature of building internal links to category pages. Using this feature, you can grab your audience’s attention for a more extended period and reflect on your SEO.
  • Another great feature that one needs to use is to select the option of always opening the links to new tabs. It feels better for the users, and it comes in handy. Link Whisper has narrowed this feature to just one click.
  • You can select to ignore numbers while suggesting phrases for link building, and the newer feature allows you to choose the languages as well.
  • You can dump some of the selected categories and words into the ignored category so that they won’t keep appearing again and again.
  • You can even select the post types to which you want to create links. It is a great way to grab more attention to the specific types of content liking people.
  • One of the most significant features that Link Whisper has recently added is that you can skip a certain number of lines at the beginning of the article and between two links generated automatically.
  • LinkWhisper helps make your content look attractive and less clumsy.

Bottom Line

Link Whisper, as it seems, is a great solution provided on a single platform. It perfectly fits the agility of link-building operations and the need for people who want this operation to be as easy as possible. It manages to provide data and suggestions that enable you to make your best decisions, and then you can directly implement them on the same platform.

If you use the Link Whisper, you will observe that there is always an option for customization on every action you want to take. You still have options to choose from the best suggestions. Such flexibility and agility make Link Whisper a must-have plugin for every user.

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