Link Whisper Review: The Best Link Building tool ever?

link whisper review

Increasing any website’s ranking is a challenging task. You need to work a lot on multiple on-page & off-page SEO factors that impact a website’s ranking on Google. One critical but often overlooked On-page factor is link building.

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A lot of website owners & even some SEO “Experts” don’t pay too much attention to link building. But, let me tell you this, link building is one of the most crucial parts of your SEO strategy. But the question is, how to do it efficiently?

Well, there are many link-building tools available in the market that can make your task easy. One such popular tool is the Link Whisper. But how effective Link Whisper actually is? What are the best features of Link Whisper? What is Link Whisper pricing? Is Link Whisper worth it?

Well, here is the detailed Link Whisper review to answer your questions.

Link Whisper is an AI-powered & smart Internal Link Building WordPress plugin. Created by Spencer Haws in 2019. This tool does all the heavy lifting for you when it comes to internal link building. It automatically analyzes your content and offers link-building suggestions.

This specially designed plugin easily integrates with your WordPress sites without impacting its performance. Apart from this, Link Whisper also offers a lot of data and stat that can help you with your Link Building Process. It’s a much helpful SEO tool that can ease your task.

Now let’s check out some of the best features of Link Whisper.

Link Suggestion

This has to be Link Whisper’s best feature. Whenever you create content for posts, Link Whisper automatically identifies the content where you can insert links.

This autosuggestion helps you a lot and saves precious time. Insert the links & it will boost your user experience, ultimately benefiting your SEO.

Besides blog posts, link whisper also identify link-building opportunities & offers suggestions. There is also an option to exclude certain phrases or words so that the Link Whisper won’t identify them as link-building opportunities.

link whisper review


This feature takes your Link Building Process one step ahead! I feel this is an amazing feature that will help boost your SEO efforts without any hassle.

Once Link Whisper identifies words that can be used for link building, this feature comes into play. You can automatically insert links to the specific keywords obtained via Link Suggestion using Auto-Linking. And wait, there is something more to it! Link Whisper again offers you two options here.

Either you can choose not to add a link to a particular post if it’s linking to the same URL, or you can add only one post per link.

I found this feature really helpful during the link-building process of one of my websites.

link whisper review

URL Changer

This is another feature that will reduce a lot of burden on you. Switching domains is a headache & when you do so, there are a lot of things that can go wrong.

One issue is 301 redirects. This error occurs when you forget to change your URLs after changing domains. This impacts your website’s SEO drastically & can de-rank your website on Google.

Thankfully, Link Whisper is here to help. Using Link Whisper, you can bulk-change your URLs. This will save a lot of precious time & resources.

Integrate Google Search Control

Google Search Console is an important tool that almost every SEO expert uses. So having a link-building tool that can automatically integrate with Google Search Console is a boon! Link Whisper does exactly that. You can easily integrate your GSC with the Link Whisper.

And once you do, you can extract crucial data related to keywords.

With this integration, you can view the Position, Clicks & CTR of a particular keyword that you are using for link building.

Flexible Anchor text

Some tools will compel you to use a specific anchor text while building a link. But not Link Whisper.

Although Link Whisper suggests some relevant anchor text, you are not compelled to use it. You can edit the text in the way you feel good.

Detailed Link Reporting

Having complete information about your internal links is very important for SEO. And Link Whisper offers in-depth information on this matter.

Link Whisper offers you a detailed report that includes information on internal links, outbound links & inbound links that are directed to the specific post.

This information is very useful as you can use this data to draw an accurate picture of your existing link-building status.

Now let’s check out how to install & activate Link Whisper on your WordPress site.

Installing & activating the Link Whisper is an easy task. Anyone with a basic knowledge of WordPress can do it. Let’s check out the installation & activation in a few simple steps.

Step 1: Downloading the Link Whisperer tool

You can download the Link Whisper tool either from My Account Page on their official website, the Order Confirmation Page, or the Activation Email that you’ll get after the payments.

link whisper review
Link whisperer step 1
link whisper review
link whisper step1.1

Step 2: Installing the Plugin on your website

Go to your WordPress Admin Panel. Navigate to the “Plugin Menu” & click on “Add New.” Here you’ll see “Upload Plugins.” Click on the “choose file,” select the file you downloaded & open it. Then click on “Install Now.”

link whisper review
link whisperer 2

Step 3: Activating The Link Whisperer

Go to the Link Whisperer Licensing Page on the Link Whisper menu. Copy your key & insert it into the box. Click on the “Activate License” for the final activation.

link whisper review
link whisperer step 3

Check out the detailed Installation & Activation guide for Link Whisper.

Link Whisper is an automatic plugin that does not require any input. All you have to do is to install it on your WordPress website.

link whisper review

Here is how you can use the Link Whisper in two ways to create an internal link:

1. Creating Inbound Internal Links

As the name suggests, internal inbound links are the links that divert traffic from different posts, articles & pages to a particular page.

You can create links simply by clicking on “Add Inbound Links.”

On one side, you can see phrases suggested by the Link Whisper & on the other side, you can see the posts or articles that have those links.

You can either accept the suggestions to add a link to your current article or choose to do so manually.

2. Outbound Link Building

As the name suggests, your post or an article links redirect the user to other posts or pages. After adding the Link Whisper plugin, you can add such Outbound links from your WordPress editor.

At the end of the article in WordPress editor, you will find a lot of suggestions. Choose the one you want to add & you are good to go!

What If You Uninstall The Plugin?

Now, this is a question I get a lot. Many people have asked me what happens to the links added via Link Whisper when the plugin itself is uninstalled. Well, the good news is that those links will stay as they are.

All these inks are permanent & hence, there won’t be any issues with those links.

But trust me, once you install Link Whisper, I don’t think you will ever want to remove it! It generally takes me 1 or 1.5 hours to add around 15-20 links in a new article if I am doing it manually.

But with Link Whisper, I can do that in a mere 5 minutes. So why would I uninstall the plugin?

This is an important feature that greatly impacts any tool’s popularity! And Link Whisper does not disappoint its potential customers! The Link Whisper pricing is flexible and based on the number of websites you manage.

They offer 3 options:

  • 1-site License: $77/year
  • 3-site License: $117/year
  • 10-site License: $167/year

The best part of their pricing structure is that there is no difference in the feature of all the plans. You’ll get the same service in each plan.

Only the number of websites that you can use Link Whisper on vary. You can also check out the detailed pricing here.

link whisper review
link whisper pricing

Customer Support is paramount for such tools. I’ve had some really bad experiences with several well-known tools when it comes to Customer Support. These well-known brands offer good services with their tools, but they fail miserably when it comes to support.

But that’s not the case with Link Whisper. Their customer support team is prompt, knowledgable and helpful. They offer e-mail support for all their clients & they are quite fast at responding to your queries.

Additionally, they have a lot of Video Content & written blogs to help you with many common issues. So if you are facing one of them, you can quickly refer to them & get a perfect solution. I really appreciate such prompt support from Link Whisper.


  • You can easily create internal links at super fast speed. It will help you save a lot of time & effort.
  • The tool is AI-powered & everything is automatic. So whenever you are done with writing the content, it will automatically analyze it & will offer the best link-building suggestions.
  • It can easily identify Orphaned Content on your website (Orphaned content is the content without any internal links). Google doesn’t rank this content & hence, it’s important to add links to it.
  • These link-building suggestions are highly relevant to your posts & articles. Apart from this, you will also get suggestions on the URLs.
  • You get the freedom from the time-consuming & redundant task of creating links manually. You can divert your time & resources to something more productive.
  • You get the freedom to edit the Anchor text even after adding it to the link. This is a unique feature, as no other link-building tool lets you do so.
  • It also comes with a Broken Line Checker that helps you find & fix links easily. This is really helpful to your SEO.


  • Beginners might find it complex
  • You cannot add external outbound links
  • Lots of junk suggestions which are useless
  • Broken links from the Comment section are not visible

Now, if you are looking for Link Whisper Alternatives, there are many. These link-building tools are also good for creating internal links for your SEO. Let’s take a look at them:

  • Auto links Manager Pro
  • Internal Link Juicer
  • Inline Related Posts
  • Interlinks Manager by DAEXT
  • Google Search Console

These tools are also worth taking a look at.

There are a lot of features that make Link Whisper a prominent link-building tool. With these features, I feel Link Whisper is really worth it. This plugin can definitely solve all your link-building processes.

If you are doing Link building manually, then it’s time to automate the process. Reason? The more your website grows, the bigger these issues are going to grow.

So it’s better to take action right now instead of waiting too long.

Final Verdict

After growing through all the features, Pros & Cons, it’s pretty obvious that Link Whisper is an excellent tool. It can help you save a lot of time & resources. And I believe that there is no better tool than the Link Whisper.

I hope this detailed review will help you answer all your questions related to the Link Whisper. If you need any other details or information on any other tools, feel free to visit my website here.


Does Link Whisper offer a free trial?

Yes, they do offer free trials. But I personally experienced that the free trial is not up to the mark.

Can I use Link Whisper with Page Builder?

Yes, you can easily add and use Link Whisper with various page builders like Elementor, Gutenberg, and Beaver Builder.

Can Link Whisper help me add links to existing content?

Yes, you can add links to existing content. All you have to do is open the post, and scroll down and in the bottom left.

Are all the suggestions offered by Link Whisper relevant?

Some suggestions offered by Link Whisper may not be relevant. But you can ignore all irrelevant suggestions.

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