InstaCopy review 2022: Is it the best Content Writing Tool ever?

InstaCopy Review - Content Writing Tool

Writer’s block is something that every writer has experienced at some point in their career. Whether they admit it or not, is a whole different story!

 And if you are in Marketing Business or do all the writing for your own business, this situation can impact your performance adversely. So what’s the solution?

Enter AI-powered Content writing tool! These tools can offer a much-needed starting point, a layout, or an outline to begin with. Although we have not reached the level where AI can customize every piece of content like a human (Yet!), such a content writing tool is helpful.

Today, I am going to review one such tool, InstaCopy. Here, I will show you how you can use this tool to kick-start your writing project if you are stuck somewhere. Along with this, I will discuss its unique features, pros & cons & how effective this tool is,

But first, let’s find out whether you really need InstaCopy or not.

Do you really need a Content Writing Tool like InstaCopy?

Well, it depends. Here is a list of some questions; the answers are just “Yes” & “No”. Based on the answers you choose, we will decide whether you need InstaCopy or any other content-writing tool!

  1. Are you into Online Marketing in any way?
  2. Are you a Copy Writer or Content Writer?
  3. Do you ever face Writer’s Block?
  4. Do you want to write more content quickly?
  5. Do you want to save time finding the right headlines for your Ad Copies & Blogs?

If you answered even 3 of these questions with yes, it’s high time you need a robust content writing tool like InstaCopy.

Now let’s come back to our InstaCopy review & understand it in detail.

What is IsntaCopy?

InstaCopy is an AI-powered Content Writing tool. This tool is designed to help writers overcome their writer’s block. And even if you don’t struggle with it, InstCopy can help you save a lot of time for you in creating compelling content.

Whether you need short-form Content like Facebook ad copies, Quora headlines, Blog titles, YouTube video Script Outline, or AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) copies & much more quickly. No matter what type of content you need, you can generate them via InstaCopy and can further customize them manually.

What does InstaCopy offer?

instacopy 03
Content Writing Tool

InstaCopy is an effective copy-writing tool that you can use to create multi-platform Content. This content writing tool is very accurate, to the point, intelligent & easy to use. You can create grammatically correct & meaningful content using InstaCopy.

Broadly, IsntaCopy offers two types of Content Writing assistance.

1. Long Format Content:

This feature is available only to paid subscribers. This format includes informative & intuitive blogs that go beyond 1,000 words. If you want to create multiple blogs within a few minutes, IsntaCopy is the tool you need. You can also create review articles, tutorials & informative guides using it.

2. Short-form Content:

Short-form Content covers everything from Social Media posts, Facebook ad copies, headlines, titles, Meta descriptions & much more. Using InstaCopy, you can create all types of short-format content to aid your digital marketing campaigns. After personally using these features, they are very effective.

What type of content can you create using InstaCopy?

InstaCopy is designed to meet the varied need of a content writer or marketing team. Based on their needs, they can create a plethora of content for various platforms. Here is the complete list.

  1. Blog
  2. Headline from Summary Generator
  3. YouTube video Script Outline
  4. Headline Generator
  5. Face Ad copy Headline Generator
  6. Ad copy from Product Description
  7. Google Ad Headline Generator
  8. Persuasive Bullet Points
  9. Reddit Ad Headline Generator
  10. Quora Answers
  11. YouTube Video ideas
  12. AIDA Copy
  13. Quora Ad Headline Generator
  14. Explain it to a child
  15. Tweet Generator
  16. Before-After Bridge
  17. Problem-Agitate Solve
  18. SEO meta description
  19. Blog Title ideas
  20. Review Generator
  21. Product Name Ideas
  22. Blog Outline

Now let’s understand how to use InstaCopy for creating compelling & engaging content.

How to use InstaCopy?

InstaCopy is one of the simplest & easiest content-writing tools out there. Anyone with a basic idea about content writing can use this too effectively. There is so much you can accomplish using the InstaCopy content writing tool for your Content Writing needs.

Let me show you how to use it effectively.

Getting Started

Getting started is super easy. If you are new to this content-writing tool & just want to test it, you can opt for a free trial by clicking here. The best part is that you do not have to enter Credit Card information! Just enter a few basic details & you are good to go!


When you log in on InstaCopy, you are greeted with a clean, clutter-free & simple dashboard. Here on the left side, you will see a small menu that includes:

Generate: By clicking here, you can view multiple Content Generation Options

Saved: By clicking on Saved, you can see your saved files

Setting: Here, you can alter some basic settings

Sign Out: You can sign out by clicking here

image 8
InstaCopy A content writing tool

Creating Blog Content

Blogs are a vital part of any content marketing strategy & SEO. Well-crafted blogs help websites attract more readers, generating meaningful traffic. The better your blogs are written, the better your SEO score will be. This is where the Blog creation tool of InstaCopy, a content writing tool, can significantly help.

This is a premium feature that is not accessible to free users. This is a fantastic feature, especially for someone who has to churn out a ton of articles daily. All you have to do is add Blog Titles and keywords & click on Generate.

image 9
InstaCopy A content writing tool

Within a few minutes, you will see the well-crafted blog on your screen. InstaCopy is powered by compelling Artificial Intelligence. So the quality of the Content is excellent. The tool utilizes the best-performing content pieces on Google & crafts meaningful blogs. You can either copy the whole text or can save it too.

Generate powerful Facebook Ad Headlines

Facebook Ads are one of the best-performing digital marketing ads. But as the number of Brands & their ads is rising, improving or maintaining your Click Through Rate (CTR) is challenging. Creating clickable & intriguing Facebook Ad Headlines is one solution to this problem.

With Facebook Ad Headline Generator from the content writing tool InstaCopy, you can create hundreds of headlines within an hour. As shown in the image below, you must enter the keyword, which can be a product or service you are selling. Click on generate & voila! You’ll see the headline text, along with the number of characters & number of words.

image 10
InstaCopy A content writing tool

But while testing, I found that not all the headlines were up to the mark (it is pretty understandable). You might want to customize some of them before you add them to your Facebook ad.

Headline Generator

Headlines are the first thing people notice about any piece of Content. If it’s not compelling, no one will click on it. Remember, you have just a fraction of a second to grab the reader’s attention. So your headlines must be attractive.

Thankfully, the Headline Generator feature of IsntaCopy is here to help! Using this tool, you can create quirky& emotional headlines for your content. All you have to do is add some keywords related to your service or product & hit enter. You will have multiple headlines that attract attention.

image 11
InstaCopy A content writing tool

Create Lucid & Easy to Read Content

While writing a piece of content, it’s essential to keep your target audience in mind. Copywriting is not about showing your expertise but creating digestible & easy-to-understand Content.

The “Explain to a Child Feature” from InstaCopy is an excellent tool for this. You can use this one if you feel a specific part of your Content is too complicated or hard to understand. Just copy & paste the written text & click on the Generate.

InstaCopy will convert your piece into simple, easy-to-understand language.

Generate witty tweets

Twitter is fun, but don’t underestimate it. It’s a great marketing tool too. Regular tweets from your business account can help build a powerful Brand Presence. But here is a solution to your problem! The Tweet Generator from InstaCopy is beneficial.

Just add the topics you want to tweet about, click on generate & the job is done. You can also add an example to help the tool create relevant tweets. Some of the tweets generated by this tool during my detailed review were interesting. But this tool still needs some refinement.

image 12
InstaCopy A content writing tool

Creative Persuasive Bullet Points

Bullet points are more attractive than boring paras; accept it! Especially if you are writing about some product, bullet point is the only thing people want. But when you have many parts you want to convert into bullet points, it will consume much of your precious time.

Enter InstaCopy. Using the Persuasive Bullet Point Generator, you can do so with a few clicks. Add the company or product name, copy-paste the description & hit enter. This content writing tool will convert your paras into crisp & clear bullet points.

These are just a few examples of how you can create content for multiple platforms using this Content Writing Tool. No matter what content you are writing, InstaCopy will help you boost your churn-out ratio a lot.

What is the InstaCopy pricing structure?

Right now, InstaCopy offers two paid plans along with a free plan. With the Free plan, you can access Short-form Copy Generator only & you can create just 25 copies per month. You will have to switch to the paid plans if you want more copies from this content writing tool.

For Short-format writers, you will have to pay $39 per month & for Long-format, you will have to pay $49 per month. You can check out the detailed InstaCopy pricing.

image 13
InstaCopy A content writing tool

How is InstaCopy support?

InstaCopy is a new content writing tool & hence, you might find it a bit challenging to get quick support. Although they promise quick support via e-mail, live chat support would be better. Although the support I got from the team was beneficial & genuine.

What are the Pros & Cons of the InstaCopy Content Writing tool?


  • The User Interface is wonderful
  • The quality of Content is at Par with other tools
  • There are a lot of content writing options available for different formats
  • They offer a free trial without any Credit Cards


  • A bit pricey against the service they are offering
  • Time and again, you have to optimize the Content Manually
  • Support Could have been better

What are InstCopy alternatives?

instacopy 02
Content Writing Tool

Here is the list of some InstaCopy alternatives:

  • WriteSonic
  • Frase
  • AI Writer
  • Hyperwrite
  • Ink
  • Rytr
  • Snazzy

InstaCopy Review: My Final Verdict

InstaCopy is a great content-writing tool that is designed to assist writers creates better copies faster. But you cannot rely on it solely for your writing needs. There is still some time when AI will replace human writing (if ever!). But InstaCopy is a great tool to have in your arsenal as a writer.

So my final verdict is, if you are a writer, give this content writing tool a try. It will not disappoint you. I hope you liked this hands-on review of InstaCopy. I’ve reviewed multiple such tools on my website. You can check them out here.


Is InstaCopy a free tool?

It’s not a free tool, but it offers a free trial which is very effective.

Can I create blogs using InstaCopy?

Yes, you can. But to access that feature, you will have to buy their top plan.

Can InstaCopy replace a human writer?

No, but it can surely boost the writer’s productivity by helping them create copies quicker.

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