Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Your Content Marketing Strategy

Big mistakes you should avoid in content marketing.

Content marketing is known as the golden ticket, which helps in educating, empowering, as well as converting leads for a particular business. According to business2community.com, 60% of content marketers are responsible for creating content on a regular basis.

However, just because content marketing has gained popularity and there are numerous articles regarding content marketing, does not mean that you are doing it in the right manner. The key to success is working both hard as well as smart when it comes to content marketing.

Given below is a list of the content marketing strategy mistakes that you need to avoid for gaining more traffic as well as converting your visitors into loyal customers.

Not curating content

When you are thinking about content marketing, you are basically thinking only about the content that you have produced or are going to produce. However, content production is going to take up a lot of time and also, there is going to be no guarantee that your targeted readers are going to read the content.

Even the ideal minds present in marketing can start getting boring if you are hearing a lot from them. If you add diverse perspectives, it is going to be one of the greatest advantages of the content marketing strategy that you are planning.

Content curation helps in establishing thought leadership and also allows you to become the best resource for the leads, as they start trusting you along with your credibility.

There are two kinds of ways that you can follow:

  1. Content curation on social media- Social media content is also considered to be content and when you are using online tools for creating it, it will help in enticing your leaders and followers, while also building strong relationships with the influencers, who have the capability of amplifying the content.
  2. Curate content for producing content- You can make use of the unique skyscraper technique for identifying any gap present in the existing content so that you can create better and ideal content.

Relying on search engine optimization for content promotion and forgetting social advocacy

While search engine optimization, as well as content marketing, is known to go along really well, this does not mean that the results that you are going to get will only be from the reputed search engines.

It is true that most of your traffic is definitely going to come from there but you also have the option of finding your audience on social networking sites as well. Apart from improving your visibility as well as reach, social media also has embedded proof for the content.

Given below is a list of the ways with the help of which social advocacy can be encouraged.

  • Ensure that you are creating content that revolves around the success of your customers. This will help in promoting content while providing the clients with an appropriate reason for sharing your content.
  • Make sure that you are creating content, which is thought-provoking and you should also invite all your followers for sharing their thoughts. Make sure that you are encouraging discussions within the comments.
  • Identify those followers, who are going to be the strongest advocates for your brand, and do not forget to highlight them. You also have the option of inviting them in order to get their feedback.

Forgetting the employee ambassadors

You need to know that your employees are responsible for constantly posting about your company on their social media profiles. However, if you forget to use them for amplifying your content and also avoid including them within the content strategy, you are actually making one of the greatest mistakes.

When employees are sharing your brand message, they are capable of reaching more people. This helps in marketing talent as well as contributes to improving the reputation of your brand and also helps in planning digital strategy so that your brand can flourish.

Not understanding the audience for whom you are creating content

In comparison to the other marketing forms, content marketing is responsible for relying on understanding the target audience. The personas of each and every customer are considered to be the omega and alpha of the content strategy. Unfortunately, most marketers, as well as business owners, are of thought that it is enough to use only the appropriate keywords.

Apart from separating your target audience into three stages, which include, the top of the awareness stage, the middle of the consideration stage, and the bottom of the conversion stage, you have to focus on the buyer journey.

Do not forget to develop advanced personas, which are known to include various psychographic factors, like challenges, motivations, as well as lifestyle, and also provide a greater scope of who the audience is.

Forgetting about personality

If you flip through a number of articles online, you are going to come across one particular thing, which will stand out, that is, it seems like they are all written by robots. Everything in those articles is practical and they are known to contain one CTA right at the end.

It is alright but the current era is responsible for calling for unique and interesting content. Make use of brand advocacy for adding personality. Understand how each and every customer is constantly talking to one another and ensure that you are developing the personality of your brand that the customers are going to advocate for.

Your content should be simple and easy as if you are communicating with your friend. This is considered to be the ideal way to ensure that your audience trusts you as well as buys from you. In order to get extra search engine optimization points, you also have the option of inviting the brand advocates for creating content as well as discussing the unique experiences that they have had.


Content marketing is one of the most important strategies that will help your brand flourish. Ensure that you are considering the mistakes that are normally made and how they can be taken care of so that your brand reaches new heights of success.

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