Accuranker Review: a great keyword ranking tool or just hype?

Accuranker Review

Keywords are an essential part of any SEO strategy. Finding & utilizing the right keywords can offer game-changing results. And that’s what Accuranker is designed for.

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It’s a specially designed keyword ranking tool used to track the rank & performance of a keyword daily.

It’s rapidly gaining popularity amongst SEO professionals due to its efficacy & reliable data. But how effective is Accuranker, actually? Is Accuranker really the best Keyword ranking too? Is it worth your money?

Well, you’ll get an answer to all your questions in the detailed Accuranker Review.

So let’s dive in.

What is AccuRanker?

As per Accuranker’s official site, Accuranker is a Keyword ranking tool designed especially for SEO agencies & SEO professionals. Some reports suggest that it’s the world’s fastest & most reliable keyword ranking tool.

Accuranker is well known amongst its users for offering highly accurate & dependable data. Professionals can utilize this data to help with their SEO campaigns. Moreover, Accuranker is a cloud-based software.

So you don’t need to have it in your system. You can access it anytime from any corner of the world.

Accuranker is also very helpful in keeping a keen eye on your competitors. You can easily monitor their keywords, game-plan & optimize your strategies accordingly. With such insightful data, it becomes easy to beat or at least have a level playing field with your competitors.

Now let’s check out all the features that make Accuranker so popular & efficient.

Best Accuranker Features

Accuranker Review
Features of Accuranker

1. AccuRanker dashboard:

This is the first page you will land on after setting up your Accuranker account. This page offers you detailed information about the ranking distribution, Average Rank, data from Google Analytics, or share of voice.

2. Keyword dashboard:

This is Accuranker’s primary & most efficient feature. Using this feature, you can identify the real-time ranking of any keyword. Keyword Monitoring offers you extensive filters.

All you have to do is add the keywords you want to track & you will almost instantly get a detailed ranking of the keywords.

Accuranker Review

If you are working to boost the local SEO of any website, you can also add a particular location while filtering the keywords.

As almost every website is optimized for Google & Bing differently, this tool offers a choice between the results of these two search engines.

This is really very helpful. Moreover, Accuranker offers two separate rankings for the same Keyword, one if for Desktop Search & other is for mobile search. Depending on your audience niche, you can focus on a particular keyword.

E.g., if you are optimizing an e-commerce website, you should focus on mobile search keyword ranking. Reason? Almost 67% of e-commerce revenue is generated from mobile devices. In short, Accuranker ‘s Keyword Dashboard is your one-stop solution for keywords.

3. On-demand Updates:

When it comes to SEO, common keywords rank updates are vital. And Accuranker understands this very well. So it’s equipped with the feature that lets you update your keywords ranking on demand.

All you have to do is go to Accuranke Dashboard & Click on the “Refresh button,” as shown in the figure. The ranking will be updated instantly.

This feature is extremely helpful in staying up-to-date with the rapidly changing online marketplace.

4. Google SERP checker:

This is another useful tool in the arsenal of Accuranker. The best part of this tool is this it is free for all. This tool is useful in finding SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) based on a particular keyword in any location. Why is this helpful?

If you are working on local SEO, it’s important to identify what type of content is popular in your niche. This tool gives you detailed information about relevant FAQs, ads, and web pages. If you are working on off-shore clients, this tool can be extremely helpful.

Accuranker Review

5. Accuranker 3rd Party Integrations:

3rd-party integration of API, Google Search Console, databox, Google Data Studio, or Adobe Analytics is very helpful in keeping an eye on your campaign’s performance.

It helps you track various KPIs(Key Performance Indicators). This includes tracking the number of unique visitors, insights of the landing page, the time each user spends on your website, & much more.

Unfortunately, even some good SEO tools lack efficient 3rd party integration. But with Accuranker, you can easily connect your account with Google analytics & all the apps mentioned above.

In short, this tool can prove to be of great use in managing your SEO campaigns efficiently.

6. Competitor Monitoring:

To rank better on the SERPs, it’s important to do what your top competitors do. And you can do this by using the Competitor Monitoring feature of Accuranker. It helps you locate, identify, & analyze your competitors in detail.

With all the important data at your disposal, you can easily craft a tailored SEO strategy for ranking better on SERPs.

To do so, all you have to do is type your competitor’s domain name in the tool. You will get the list of your top 10 competitors.

Accuranker will provide vital information, including your competitor’s ranking, for a specific keyword. This gives you a clear idea of how to plan your content & SEO campaign to beat your competitors.

7. Share of Voice:

Share of Voice is one critical KPI metric that even some veteran SEO professionals ignore. Share of Voice is a measurement of the percentage of your Brand’s market for a particular service or product compared to its competitors.

This data gives you an overview of your Brand’s organic position in the market. This tool by Accuranker can help you determine how your SEO campaigns for specific keywords are performing.

You can view this data for keywords, landing pages, or particular tags. Using Accuranker, you can also analyze your competitor’s share of voice.

You can get this feature with all the paid plans of Accuranker.

8. Google Grump

Google updates its algorithm regularly to offer a better user experience. But, these updates drastically affect websites’ ranking. As an SEO professional or an SEO agency, you need to track all these changes & ensure the necessary steps.

This is where Google Grump comes into play. It tracks 30,000 random keywords & monitors any changes in their ranking. Then it calculates the average fluctuations in the top 100 results related to each keyword.

Every day the top 100 rankings are compared to the previous day’s 100 rankings, their change in position is calculated & the difference is divided by the total number of results to get the index number per Keyword.

Accuranker Review
google grump

Higher the final index number, the higher the fluctuation & more work for you! I found this tool very useful during the review.

9. Analytics and Reporting

For any SEO tool, analytics and reporting are vital functions. When your clients are spending big bucks on SEO campaigns, they will obviously demand detailed reporting of the campaign. And with Accuranker, creating insightful reports is easy.

You can create detailed, white-labeled & fully customized reports using Analytics & Reporting feature. You can also automate the process of sharing reports with your client at the interval of your choice.

Reporting can be daily, weekly, or monthly. So once you create the template, all you have to do is focus on your SEO campaigns.

Accuranker will handle all the Reporting tasks.

All these features make Accuranker one of the best SEO tools available in the market. Now let’s check out some of the Pros & Cons of Accuranker.

Pros and Cons of Accuranker

Accuranker Review
Pros of Accuranker


  • It can be used for Keyword research & other relevant tasks only. You will need multiple SEO tools for your SEO campaigns.
  • The lowest package offers only 1000 keyword tracking with no access to API & minimal features.
  • You can export ranking data only in PDF format. This might not be top helpful for someone using 3rd party BI systems.
  • The data refresh rate is quite slow, which can be frustrating sometimes.
  • A newbie SEO professional might find all the data and information overwhelming.
  • Adding Yandex search can be very helpful
  • The number of users is limited

Accuranker Pricing

Accuranker pricing varies extensively, based on the number of keywords you want to track. The base plan starts with 1k keywords & the pricing is USD 99/month when billed annually. You get 10% off on annual billings when compared to a monthly plan.

You can check the detailed pricing here.

Accuranker Review
accuranker pricing

Accuranker pricing is competitive based on the features they offer. So it’s a good catch, in my opinion.

Pricing based on the number of keywords is helpful as you pay only for the number of keywords you want to track.

Is Accuranker Worth it?

After extensive testing, I can say Accuranker is really a great rank tracking tool. Unlike some of its peers like SEMrush, Accuranker is designed specifically for Keyword rank Tracking.

So it offers a lot better results & performance.

The best part is that you can update the ranking of your target keywords on demand. Additional features like Automatic Reporting make the client management task easy.

You won’t have to spend hours creating customized reports for your clients.

The Accuranker pricing is also in the range. So it’s easy to say Accuranker is worth the money you pay. But before you buy this tool, remember this. You will have to buy other SEO tools for your SEO campaigns.

Conclusion: Accuranker Review: Is it the Best Rank Tracker Tool?

If you are an SEO agency or a large organization, Accuranker is a perfect tool for you. But if you are a small agency, this tool might not offer you the best return on investment.

You will have to pay more to track more keywords & this can prove expensive for small agencies that are tight on budget.

Additionally, you will also have to invest in other SEO tools. So if you are a small agency, I recommend you use some other SEO tool that offers comprehensive services instead of this one.

I hope my Accuranker detailed review will help you make the right decision. In case you are looking for a review on another tool, feel free to visit my website here. You’ll find reviews on several tools.


How does Accuranker set itself apart from its peers?

It offers to track up to zip code levels, comes with a Free SERP checker, is specially designed for Keyword ranking only, & comes with a credit-card-free 14 day’s free trial.

Is Accuranker really helpful for SEO agencies?

Yes, it is very helpful for SEO agencies & SEO professionals. It might be a bit more expensive for small organizations.

Is there are free trial with Accuranker?

Yes, you get a 14 day free trial with Accuranker.

What is the accuracy of data offered by Accurnaker?

The data accuracy of Accuranker is about 99.9% which is above the industry average.

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