Try These Critical SEO Strategies to Optimize the Rank of your Blog

Search engine optimization for business

You need to treat your blog as a business if you haven’t thought of that. The reason is that you have put a lot of resources and funds into growth. That is why you need the Best SEO Services.

Your blog has the potential to generate a passive income that can help you settle a few bills here and there. For this to happen, you need to make your blog visible to your visitors through search engine optimization.

Most bloggers ignore this part of running a blog. That is why I need to give you these few tips to help your blog rank better in the search engine rank position.

Before we go on, you must understand that there are no permanent solutions to SEO, and you need to keep on changing your strategies since ranking factors keep on varying due to Google and other search engine optimization.

An approach may work today, but it will be effective in the next six months. Therefore, as a blogger, you need to think of your strategies very well before you start implementing them. Now let’s get back to the different tactics that you can use to improve your blog ranking.

Avoid focusing on keywords so much

Focus on search engine optimization keywords
Focus on search engine optimization keywords

An effective SEO strategy doesn’t only dwell on keywords to rank better. There are so many other aspects that you need to look at. Think about your users when you are to implement your SEO efforts.

Search engine Google has clearly stated that user experience is their primary concern when it comes to ranking websites and blogs.

Therefore, you need to make your blog intuitive and user-friendly. Keywords are also essential, but you need to make them appear naturally in your content. They have to be used in the right context to bring out relevance. Focus on meeting the needs of your readers by creating quality content that is engaging and interactive.

Don’t just write but also share

You may have the best articles that are engaging, interactive, and have relevance, but if you don’t share them with others, no one will know about your work. Every day, more than 2 million bloggers publish content on their blogs. For better ranking, you need to put your work there into cyberspace.

The best way to share your content is through social media. This is a sure way to improve your brand’s visibility. This is called off-page and is quite useful if you target the right audience who consumes your products.

Share your posts on all major social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus. Google uses this as social proof when gathering data to rank websites. Social media SEO helps to affirm your online presence and authority.

Focus on Quality, not Quantity

Quantity or Quality
Quantity or Quality

This applies to your links. Back in the day, the number of links you had determined where you’re ranked on Google search rank no matter where they came from. This is not the case anymore. Google is more focused on quality rather than quantity. Don’t get me wrong, links also matter, but mostly their quality.

A great way to acquire backlinks is by buying from an authoritative website. Although it is not recommended by Google and can get you penalized, it is an easy and fast way to get links. If applied with caution, you can get a large volume of links in a short while.

However, the links won’t be relevant to your blog, plus the linking websites will have low domain authority. Today, the link juice is what matters, and you can’t buy quality links. They are already authoritative and won’t accept small changes.

Quality links are built, not bought. If you can convince a dependable website to link to your website, then you will certainly get a quality link.

Time for Modern Social Media
Time for Modern Social Media Marketing

If you think you have done enough work by building your blog, think again. To get the word about your blog out there, you need to find ways to promote your content. It will be hard to build a sustainable source of your blogs’ organic traffic if you don’t have an outbound marketing strategy to earn your backlinks.

To get the best out of this, you first need to find out who your audiences are, and what all things you can offer to them. Earned links refer to the authoritative websites that are linked to you.

The only right way is to create quality content that will make other websites want to link to your site because they want valuable content from you.

Optimize Your Website for Mobile

Responsive design - mobile-friendly.
Responsive design – mobile-friendly.

Since the world is moving at a fast pace, and people are always rushing to catch up with their busy schedules. People want to access their information whenever and wherever they are. This is made possible by using mobile devices. With the many people accessing the internet using their smartphones.

If you don’t make your blog responsive to handheld devices, you may fail to capitalize on this type of audience. Desktops are slowly becoming absolute, and people shouldn’t always access your blog from their offices on in their houses.

Your work should also be consumed on the go, and this is made possible by responsive devices. Using a responsive website design improves user experience, and since Google uses this to rank websites, you are going to earn a spot on the first pages of Google.


There you have it, a few but effective SEO Strategies to make your blog rank better on the search engines. When you are planning on ways to increase your website ranking, ensure you fast understand their ranking factors to know precisely what search engines are looking for when ranking websites and blogs.

This will help you prepare a strategy that will not only capture the eyes of visitors but search engines, too. To guide you, think of the welfare of your readers and offer solutions now that Google is focusing more on customer experience to rank websites.

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