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Among some great career opportunities in India, SEO is one of them. SEO writing is a career that the youth have happily indulged themselves in. Also, the demand for SEO professionals is at its peak as well.

SEO is actually a part of the digital marketing field. You can take any job portal or advertisements platform, you will definitely find a huge demand for SEO experts.

It is not just today’s popular thing but is expected to grow day by day. Every company or organization that wants to be listed on top of the google search is continuously searching the good SEO professionals who can help them.

Now, what is their search about?

What do they actually look for in an SEO expert?

What do people need to have expertise in the field?

Google’s top-ranking is far away if you are a beginner and so do the good prices as an SEO. As a beginner, rather than focusing on what you get paid, it is important for you to focus on the skills instead. Experience and skills are two important factors every potential client will look for.

Here are some of the SEO skills you need to take care of:

Thought process

This is something that no employer can measure into you. It is something that comes naturally but yet the most important factor about any SEO writer. How you think and then write about is something really important when you are writing something that will get a website or a page up on people’s searches on google. It is important for SEO’s mind to be analytical. It should know how to differentiate between correlation and causation.

There are 3 steps on how an ideal SEO’s mind thinks when a problem arises. First, they will focus on “what happened” then “why it happened”, and then “what can be done about it”? Now people will want to know if your mind thinks this way.

How you come up with a solution and how you analyze the actual problem is the main part of all of it. As an SEO expert, you shall take every angle in the notice and use the data and logic to come up with the desired solution.

An ability to write and speak

Well, many of the SEOs out there work in a way where the people who need them provide the keywords and write the content about it. But, the ones who can figure out the keywords that the website requires and then author content about it are the ones that are valued.

Well, not everybody needs an SEO executive to just write the articles, because on a very serious note, there are a lot of them out there but some employers need people who can convince the clients and audience as well about what they want to deliver.

Here, the conversation skills of the SEO expert will be tested as well. And like everybody who speaks, SEO does not just require being somebody confident but someone who can also come up with ideas for complex problems and have the ability to convince people about it.

Analytical skills

Well, not everybody is able to collect the data themselves, and even when they do, they do not come up with the original ideas but some copied content over multiple websites. Here, the analytical skills of the person are put to the test. An SEO who can go through the data and google analytics themselves are rare and valued.

Even if you do not want to gather the data, having a good knowledge of analytics helps you understand the topic and create good content. If you are somebody who lacks analytical skills, that could be a great drawback in an SEO career.

Meeting the deadlines

A very common but extremely important factor of any SEO work is to meet deadlines on time. A person loses interest right away when not reported on time. It is never advised to take less time for the work you know will require a lot of effort and time.

Always be true to your capabilities and know how much time you need to complete a given assignment. Always ask for the appropriate time from the client so that you do not end up disappointing them with the delay.


Marketing is one job that you cannot shed after you are back home from work. It comes with you everywhere and keeps processing in your head all the time. This is not something that you develop, but this is something that comes naturally to you and also drives you to even get into the marketing field. If you are not somebody who is driven by a force all the time to discover more, then you are not somebody who is made for marketing.

There is always something to learn out there and you should always have it within you to learn it. Also, there are some new discoveries or inventions every other day in the market and you, as an SEO, shall have that adaptability to work with them instantly.

You should have enough knowledge about each of the technology to even tell your clients which one of them can be helpful to them. It is never about you, but always considering what your client needs. Always have in mind the clients’ goals and work accordingly.

All the above-listed skills aren’t natural and neither something you can develop. You will need to work on some of them and just keep the others that are already within you. As an SEO, it is your responsibility to adapt to the changes and you will need to discover and work on the new skills every day.

This field is all about being ranked the top in the search results, which is not at all an easy job. A lot of hard work and concentration are needed to move forward in this field. Also, patience is necessary until you are successful.

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