Most recent Google Algorithm Updates and Changes Explained

Google search algorithm updates

You will find most of the business owners talking about the latest Google Algorithm Updates. The most important reason for the “Google Algorithm Update” becoming such a trending keyword is because of the doubts caused following the rollout of algorithm changes and updates.

We all know that Google believes in fair SEO practices for all. That is why it rolls out hundreds of major algorithm updates each year. Google recently states that a few have a far-reaching effect on the Search Engine Results Pages.

When Google does these algorithm updates, it moves one step ahead in making your search experience easier for you. Due to these algorithm updates, SEO experts get entangled with different questions from customers and users on why the update caused variation in search rankings.

This article then immerses you in the world of SERP and I am going to tell you the most recent “Google Algorithm Updates and Changes.

Google search algorithm
Google search algorithm

Unconfirmed Google Algorithm Updates in February 2020

We know that Google goes for thousands of algorithm changes that take place every year. However, the one that took place in the second week of this Feb i.e. 8, 13, 2020 seems to be as major as an extensive big algorithm update!

Stating any big algorithm updates before its rollout is a practice that the giant company has been following for the past few years. However, it looks like an algorithm update with as great impact as compared to an extensive Core Algorithm Update was launched in January, which had gone unnoticed.

You should be aware of this very important update. After this update Google will be using to offer any URL two places in SERP. When any URL has got positioned with a featured snippet, then it will be recognized as position zero.

The search engine is not going to show any URLs duplication for web pages promotion to the attributed snippets.

Google’s representative, while answering to the questions on social media explained that any website page that obtains attributed in the snippet, will not illustrate once again in overall listing and this latest tweak in the algorithm will guarantee the Search Results page is not messy, and just appropriate information will be displayed.

Google search results - A salary of SEO specialist
Google search results – A salary of SEO specialist

Google January 2020 Broad Core Algorithm Update

Goggle announced regarding the update on January 13th Google, this update is believed to be the first Algorithm Update of 2020.

The importance of this core algorithm update increase as the search engine giant has validated that this latest update will be a broad core algorithm update. This roll-out already announced through the Google Search connection representatives via twitter.

What is a Google Broad Core Update?

You should know that any Google broad/core update is supposed to be an algorithm update that is described as a major update that has a considerable effect on the search visibility of the huge number of websites.

Local Search Algorithm Update – November 2019

Last year, the giant search engine company confirmed that instability in the organic search results in November as a result of the Local Search Algorithm Update, November 2019. There was a buzz in the market regarding this update as it was the end of the year and most of the experts were not expecting it.

However, Google failed to remark on the update until December ends. Google officials also confirmed that this roll-out was finished in the last month of 2019. However, the company did not recommend making any changes in the webmasters because this local algorithm update was regarding the improvement and the importance of the search based on the user intent.

Unverified Google Algorithm Update

This update took place on November 10, 2019. There is a lot of talk in the SEO arena concerning a foremost shift in rankings of websites throughout November.

Nevertheless, there is no authorized confirmation on the subject of this from Google, which means it might be a major Core Update that Google has confirmed takes place hundreds of times every year.

Google BERT Update

It’s been around six years now since Google announced any major and important as the BERT Update. Back in 2016, this type of huge update (RankBrain algorithm) had been launched by the search engine company.

According to some Google officials, this latest BERT update has impacted around 20% of total search results, across different languages. Google officials further stated that BERT is the most considerable leap ahead in the past eight years.

With a huge focus given to the most modern Google Algorithm Update – BERT update, it’s most likely going into the search engine history records along with its predecessors, like Hummingbird, Penguin, and RankBrian.

This major update is expected to impact 2 out of 10 organic search results on the search engine, with a most important effect on Search Snippets.

Google bert update
Google bert update

Google Diversity Update

Following the incremental June 2019 Core Update, this update was roll-out by Google. The search engine company’s officials confirmed that they launched one more update in July 2019 that became part of the same algorithm.


In a nutshell, all of the Google Algorithms will stick to its philosophy, but with a Greedy Eye. If you do deep research on the history of search engines, then you will find that Yahoo began as a web directory that involved entering the details manually.

Certainly, this wasn’t a scalable model; On the contrary, giant search engine company Google’s founders believed in building a smart algorithm that got the ability to fetch the data and it allows us to save it for future use as well.

Google wants to systematize global information, and it wants to make information useful and accessible for everybody. To achieve this goal, Google keeps on rolling constant updates n a regular basis. Its algorithms to make sure that you get the most relevant and update results.

It makes sure that results are shown in a proper and organized way on the search engine results pages (SERPS). There are many ranking signals that any search engine expert has to consider when it comes to SEO.

Most recent google algorithm updates
Most recent google algorithm updates

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