Morningscore Review: How does the best SEO tool perform? Review

Is the best SEO tool for bloggers? Find the answer to your question in this detailed Morningscore review here.

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Morningscore – Fun and simple SEO tool

The most accessible all-in-one real-time SEO audit tool that uses gamification to make your SEO work easier. Morningscore makes SEO easier with personalized help for each issue which gives an overview of the issue and how to resolve it. Coupon Code: Use the coupon code WITTYSPARKS to get 30% off for 3 months. logo - An SEO Audit Tool

Every website owner wants their website to be in the top 5 results on Google’s SERP. The desire is valid as almost 80% of the traffic goes to the top 5 websites listed on SERPs. And hence the desire! But getting your website in the top 5 is not an easy feat to achieve. You constantly need to work on multiple factors & perform various tasks to be on top.

Numerous SEO tools available in the market can help you in your quest to be on the top. One such tool rapidly gaining popularity as one of the best SEO tools is So what does this tool actually do for you? Is it the best SEO tool for bloggers & website owners? I will answer all your questions in this detailed review.

Let’s begin

What is is an SEO tool designed to assist website owners with their Search Engine Optimization tasks. It covers every aspect of efficient Search Engine Optimization & assists website owners in ranking their websites better on Google. Unlike many other SEO tools, has almost every feature you need on your SEO journey.

So instead of juggling between various tools for different data & features, you get everything in one place. It’s a highly intuitive & easy-to-use User Interface, ensuring anyone, even with limited knowledge of the tool, can use it efficiently. is designed for beginners & professionals alike. So whether it’s your 1st Website or 100th, serves your purpose.

In short, is a unique SEO tool that ensures higher visibility & ranking for your website on Google’s Search Engine Result Pages. It helps you better optimize your website, driving more traffic & generating more leads for your Business. – What is this new term?

Well, this is a unique feature that offers & the tool derives its name from this feature. Morningscore is the number of dollars you would have to pay for Google Ads to rank as high as you are ranking right now with pure SEO!

Confusing? Let me simplify it further for you with the example of my website: Website Overview Website Overview

Here, my website’s score is 347 USD/month. This means I am getting traffic worth $347 per month Google Ad spends with pure SEO. Higher the Morningscore, the more traffic I drive via SEO &, and the more I save on Google Ads.

So this score gives you a real-life idea of how much effort you have put into your website & how much more you would have to put in. It also shows you practical results. I found this score interesting & unique. But this is not it. There is much more that this tool offers & I will explore every best feature of Pros and Cons

What did I like about I didn’t like about
Extremely efficient toolSmall Website owners might find it a bit expensive.
It helps your website rank higher. 
Website health checklist available 
Priced fairly based on the features it offers 
Offers 14 Days free trial without any Credit Card info 
Excellent tool for the beginners 
What did I like and don’t like about
What did I like and don't like about
What did I like and don’t like about

What are the best features of

Best features of
Best features of is loaded with numerous features & some of which are way better than what the competitors offer. Here is a list of some of the best features I liked the most.


This feature has to be on my favorite list & for all the good reasons! I don’t think any other tool offers such a score (as far as I know) & it shows me the realistic value of the efforts I put into my SEO tasks.

As a website owner, you would like to see the actual result and the Value of Traffic that you are driving by implementing various SEO strategies. And what’s better than the monetary value of your traffic? So this is one of my favorite features of

Keywords tool

Keywords are the soul of your SEO campaign. Without getting your hands on the right keyword research, improving your organic visibility is challenging.’s Keyword tool does more than a decent job here.

Once you start using this tool, it analyzes your website & prepares a list of all the keywords your page ranks for. Alongside the keyword, you will find a load of critical data, including Search Volume, position on Google’s result page, CPC (Cost Per Click) for Google Ads & historical data.

All this information is extremely vital & helps you identify the most suitable keywords for designing better SEO efforts.

Besides your data, Morningscore also prepares a list of keywords & other relevant information about your competitors. It also shows how you & your competitors are positioned on Google for the same keyword. This information can be very helpful in tailoring your SEO strategies to outrank your competitor.

You can also keep track of important keywords you might want to use in the future. And finally, keyword suggestions. These are the keywords that your audience is interested in, but you have somehow overlooked them.

Using these keywords, you can easily drive considerable traffic without facing stiff competition as they have lower Keyword difficulty & higher search volume. 

Here comes another critical feature every SEO tool must have in its arsenal. I have repeatedly said this in my various blogs & I am repeating it once again. Link building is the most important part of any SEO strategy. Without efficient link-building, you cannot expect to grow your organic traffic heaps & bounds.’s Link Overview tool can be of great use here.

This tool gives you in-depth information about all the links that you have recently acquired or lost. Along with the links, you get in-depth link information like their estimated value, Anchor text, URL, & much more.

The best part is that segregates all the links into two parts, “Do-follow”‘ & “Do-not Follow.” This makes it very easy for you to decide which links you want to follow & which you don’t. Moreover, you also get a clear idea about your link rank compared to your competitor. Finally, Morningscore shows you the total number of links to your website, a clear indication of your SEO team’s efforts!

That’s everything & then some more from an SEO tool that you can expect!

Reliable & Real-time Health Checkup that Works!

Real-time health-check up with almost every SEO tool is a sham. They try to figure out certain technical on-page & off-page errors, but that’s it. They don’t offer a solution. On the contrary, I was surprised by the detailed Health-check up offered by Let’s take a look at this feature in a bit of detail, as it’s very helpful: Website Health Score Website Health Score

As you can see in the top section of the above image, there are two types of health checks available:

  1. Health
  2. Landing Page

This means you can perform a health checkup of your entire website or just a particular landing page. This is a great feature, especially for websites with many landing pages.

Then you get a Health-score. arrives at this number after performing a detailed analysis of various SEO issues of your website. These issues are classified into three categories:

  1. Basic
  2. Technical
  3. Content

Each of these categories gets its scores too! This enables you to focus on the category that needs maximum attention.

The following information you have is a graph of your website’s health. will track your website’s health after you start using it & will plot it on the graph. This will give you a quick visual view of how well your SEO efforts are going.

Besides the graph, you can see recent issues that pop up daily. Fixing them will help you boost your organic ranking on Google.

And at the bottom, you can view & fix every issue from all the three categories has identified. website Technical SEO Audit website Technical SEO Audit

And the best part? After fixing each error, you can ask whether the error is fixed or not before moving ahead!

To be honest, I have rarely come across any SEO tool that offers so many detailed & easy health checkups & fixing features recently. This feature makes a great tool for every website owner or SEO expert.

Missions: Wait…what!?

It sounds more like a game and less like a tool, right? But let me tell you, this is a great way to make the work more fun. has done it very efficiently. The whole tool is designed around missions, just like a game.

This can be a great feature, especially when you do not have a specific SEO framework & are working on the whole project independently. The tool will keep throwing different missions at you & once you start wrapping them up, your SEO will keep improving!

Missions are divided into three categories:

  1. Ongoing Missions
  2. Mission Proposals
  3. Completed Missions

And wait, there is something more! You can create your missions to challenge yourself!

Now, after taking a look at some of the best features of, let’s take a brief look at the user guide.

How to use to boost your SEO?

The best part of that I came across in this review is its simplicity. Even a newbie can easily use this tool & get the best results. Getting started is super easy. Once you register with them, you will be asked to enter your website. Then you will have to enter the Google Market (your country). You can add up to 5 competitors & 100 keywords in the trial account. manage websites manage websites

Once done, you will be asked to add your closest competitors & you are good to go! The tool will automatically start analyzing the keywords that you & your competitors rank for, your backlink report, traffic data & a complete health diagnosis of your website. This will give you a complete picture of your website’s SEO status.

Completing Missions:

As mentioned above, the whole tool is designed around missions. You start with the “Onboarding Mission #1” & then follow suit.

Onboarding Mission #1: Adding a competitor

Here you will add at least one of your competitors so the tool can help optimize your website better. - Adding a competitor – Adding a competitor

Onboarding Mission #2: Adding three keywords

Here you will add at least three keywords you want to rank for. The tool will devise unique strategies for you based on the keywords you submit. - Adding keywords – Adding keywords

Onboarding Mission #3 Doing 1 keyword research

The final onboarding mission is to perform one keyword research that will give you a clear idea about how this tool works. Keyword Research Keyword Research

To be honest, is a whiff of fresh air amongst the boring & dull-looking tools. It offers services that are on par with competitors & the UI is much easy & interesting. I would strongly recommend giving this tool at least a 14-day free trial after my detailed Review. I bet you won’t be disappointed. Pricing comes with three paid plans. The “Growth Suite” or the basic plan starts at $54/month, the second plan, “Professional Suite,” will cost you $104/month & the top tier plan, “Master Suite”, will set you back to $197/month.

You can check out the detailed pricing & features of each plan: Pricing Pricing Free Trial

I can understand if you do not want to buy the tool directly. But you can surely try it by availing of a free trial. Coupon Code

Use coupon code WITTYSPARKS for 30% off for 3 months.

The conclusion can be a great SEO tool at your disposal. With all the much-needed features & simplistic UI, this tool definitely gets a thumbs up from me. If you are looking for a refreshing & effective SEO tool, don’t think twice; go for immediately. I hope my detailed review will help you make the right decision.

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Does offer a free trial?

Yes, it does offer a 14-day free trial.

Is the best SEO tool for bloggers?

I found it very useful & I am personally using it. It’s really good.

Is designed for bloggers only?

No website owner can use it to boost their website’s ranking.

Use coupon code WITTYSPARKS for 30% off for 3 months.

Morningscore Review: Features, Benefits, Pricing
Morningscore Review

Is the best SEO tool for website owners? Check out the Morningscore Review with pricing, features & benefits here.

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