Backlink building with blogger outreach – Best methods to consider!

Backlink building with blogger outreach

When the overriding goal is to get more traffic to your blog, you have to employ a wide variety of techniques to improve your status in the world of Search Engine Optimization.

Because social media marketing has evolved so much over the years, the term “blogger outreach” (sometimes known as influencer marketing) has become a key method to gain exposure.

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Here, we are going to delve deep into the subject matter and show you why it’s so important to get the traffic that you need, but also get some key methods for getting those all-important backlinks that are integral to any blogger outreach campaign.

What Is Blogger Outreach?

The idea behind blogger outreach is straightforward. If you have a service to promote, such as your blog, you can form a link-building strategy. Finding somebody who has already amassed thousands of fans and has a lot of daily traffic is the perfect way for any up-and-coming blogger to leverage their influence. The goal is to achieve maximum exposure while also remaining relevant.

You need to drive traffic to your website, and having a backlink from another blogger’s website to yours can improve your SEO campaign infinitely. It allows you to drive more traffic to your website via a blog; it expands your network, boosting others’ likelihood to start linking to you.

This is where the right sort of backlink is vital. For the uninitiated, a backlink is simply a link from one website to another and is so important to building that all-important “link juice” that will slowly see your blog creep up the rankings on Google.

What is Blogger Outreach? and How To Use It for Link Building

This is so important in Search Engine Optimization because a high-quality backlink can increase a site’s ranking position, which will improve its visibility in search engine results.

In the grand scheme of SEO, a backlink is incredibly valuable as it represents a vote of confidence from one website to another. For Google’s algorithm, a backlink to your website signals that other websites have faith in your content and are vouching for it, which will separate the great content from the questionable.

There are so many ranking factors in Google’s algorithm, and in July 2017, it was determined that the fifth biggest factor was “referring domains.” This is the number of links you have from unique websites, also known as backlinks. Put simply; backlinks are a massive way for you to push your site higher up in the Google rankings.

But be warned, many bloggers take this as permission to “stuff” their content full of links. Providing too many backlinks can harm your website, and this is worth pointing out if the backlinks are low quality, this will also have a bearing on your site’s ranking. You cannot underestimate the importance of building good quality backlinks.

How to Get Backlinks to Your Site

Because backlinks are important, and acquiring them is so important for search engine rankings, it is an incredibly competitive arena. This is why using the right methods to acquire good backlinks is so important. Let’s show you some of the most practical, proven, working, and some simple and secret methods to get good quality backlinks.

Method #1: Guest Posting

The biggest blogger outreach tactic out there. There are so many websites that are welcoming guest posts because they need to diversify their content and not keep up with the demand for posting regularly.

Pitching an article to a blogger with a wide influence, especially larger-scale websites like The Huffington Post, is pivotal for link juice. But you can also conduct a simple search for guest post opportunities within your specific niche, which will be a better way to build your skills and reach them gradually.

Method #2: The “Skyscraper Technique”

A method that is incredibly popular in agency circles is a link-building strategy where you can improve upon existing popular content and replicate the backlinks. This works very well because you are recreating content that is already popular.

By reaching out to the websites and linking to the original content and then asking them to link to your website, and great because the process is already verified, you are reaching out to the same people who have shown interest in linking to similar content. This will make sure that the likelihood of them linking to your content is very high.

Method #3: Blog Commenting

Commenting on relevant blogs in your industry or community can help you to diversify your backlink profile, which will improve the relevancy of your website. Just find blogs that allow comments, and you can easily link back to your site.

Method #4: Become a Source for High-Quality Sites

One of the key factors for ranking is relevancy. And one of the best ways to do this is to become a source for bloggers and reporters. This may sound complex, but there’s actually a free service called Help A Reporter Out (HARO) that connects people who need sources to sites for people who want exposure.

Be aware that takes some time to build up your influence, but it is most definitely one of the best ways to build high-quality backlinks.

While this may sound devious, it is a straightforward method. All you need to do is look at the backlinks your competitors have, analyze them, and then pick out the best ones that you would like for your website.

Tools such as Semrush are invaluable in this respect. By looking at your competitor’s backlinks, you are already utilizing what is important for good quality rankings in terms of your backlinks.

Method #6: Social Profiles

We already know the importance of getting on social media as a way to expand our reach. It can be time-consuming to go on every social media site, build a profile, and then have it link back to your website. However, some services can create hundreds of social media profile accounts for you and are usually found on many freelance websites like Fiverr.

This may not generate immediate vital link juice, but as far as expanding your reach is concerned, it’s a straightforward way for you to appear on hundreds of social media websites and can help you bubble away in the background.

If you publish charts and infographics, there may be websites out there using your images without correctly attributing you. You can conduct a Google reverse image search to find all of these websites. All you need to do is reach out to them and ask them to link back to your website as a credit.

Just to let you know, this only works if the images are unique to you. So if you are creating lots of images, for example, if photography is a key component of your site, you can ask them to link back to you.

A great way to reach out to other bloggers. And while it is a time-consuming process when done manually, there are tools to help you find broken links. When you find these pages, you reach out to a blogger with broken links, and (very conveniently) you have a replacement page.

This only works if you have similar content. But it is a great way for you to promote your content while also helping them improve their website. It’s a very simple method and without any pressure.

Method #9: Using Forums

Like comments, there are some fantastic forums out there that have a lot of influence, such as Quora, which has become a great way to build relevant backlinks using superior content. The great thing about forums is that you will find many influencers on there that hang out, and this can give you the opportunity to build up a relationship with them.

Method #10: Publish “Ultimate Guides”

Last, but by no means least, this is so important to becoming a top-ranking website. Ultimate guides are comprehensive, time-consuming to create, and contain a lot of content.

Still, as long-form content performs much better in comparison to short articles, it is not just a way for you to become an authority on a single subject, if it becomes the go-to resource for a topic, people will link to it whenever they write about that topic. But the important thing is to create a topic that hasn’t been covered as much.


There are a wide variety of methods for using backlinks in the blogger outreach framework. Backlink building is so important to increasing your traffic and your rankings on Google.

Still, if you haven’t employed any of these methods or are looking to build up your reputation slowly, you’ve got to use one of the most important blogger outreach techniques out there. Backlinks are pivotal to that all-important link juice, and trying any of these strategies should improve your results infinitely.

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