Five Marketing Strategies HR Should Embrace!

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All businesses, irrespective of their size, sector, and location, have the same asset as their workforce. It is essential to acquire the best talent and retain them to achieve business goals and stay competitive.

An ideal HR software will help to streamline your HR processes, hire, and retain talent.

Every business leader should gauge their performance on the following questions:

  1. Does your organization find it challenging to acquire the best talent and less attrition rate?
  2. Do you want your current workforce to promote your business more and help in acquiring better talent?
  3. How is the performance of your business and is there any area of improvement?

The best way to acquire, develop, and retain employees is to embrace marketing strategies in their HR processes. To implement these strategies, you will have to hire a marketer to join your HR team.

Let us take a case when your organization does not have the funds to hire a professional for marketing. Then we recommend you embrace these strategies in your human resource.

Define a Unique and Consistent Brand Voice:

Marketing teams promote and are the brand voice for any organization in the outside world. Similarly, the HR department should deliver a unique and consistent brand message right from talent acquisition to sharing employee benefits.

The best marketing professional will have a forte to develop an impactful brand voice. The needed points of your content on the website and your LinkedIn page should follow while delivering your internal mails.

The human resource department needs to ensure that all the benefit programs and job descriptions should have a consistent voice. HR software will help your team to stay connected and find its unique voice.

Consistency is when you set up your company culture and draft a plan to deliver it on all the Omni platforms. The thumb rule of consistent brand voice is not changing your pattern according to your audience but carrying a crisp and clear voice.

If you find it challenging to find the right voice for your business, you need to analyze your company culture and the way you deliver it right from your website to all the official documentation. Targeted marketing methods will help the HR team to engage job prospects in their recruitment pipeline and bridge the gap between future talent and the employer’s brand image.

Compile All Employee Data and Benefits in an Easy Interface Software:

HR marketing strategy teams run multiple campaigns on multiple platforms; track their performance based on traffic engaged, conversion, brand image, and modify it if required. These campaigns and activities run on a single platform like customer relationship management software with tools specially integrated for marketing.

The business HR leaders should bring recruitment campaigns, employee data, and communication about workforce benefits programs under one platform, like the HR software. It helps the resources to easily navigate through the benefits, understand, and avail them. The HR professionals can keep track of the assistance availed and what changes to implement.

Show Your Creativity to Sell the Vacant Position:

Job postings are the largest contributors to the recruitment process. It is the most appropriate way to minimize the gap between what your organization is searching for and who makes the best fit for it. The monotonous job posting; that includes details like when, where, who, what, and how will disappear in the crowd.

It is beneficial for any HR team to draft and design a job posting that is attractive, engaging, fun, and portrays your brand image. When you make the job posting, the HR department should think of what makes their organization stand apart and the most appropriate skills they are looking for in the talent and draft it in the same pattern.

It is crucial to understand the company culture and personalize the content to focus on what matters to your organization; based on skills or experience. The employee should be enthusiastic, passionate, and interested in working with the organization rather than just matching the job description with the resume.

HR software will expand your reach by running the campaign on multiple platforms. Depending on the organization’s needs, they can create videos or audio podcasts to reach a more job-seeking crowd.

But most organizations still choose written content to reach job seekers. It is a proven fact that email marketing campaigns will have a higher conversion rate when it has a video or gamified content in it.

Harness Social Media and Other Platforms:

With the advent of social media, it has emerged as a robust marketing tool. It exponentially increases your reach, puts more prospects in your pipeline, and your brand visibility.

Once your HR team has drafted and designed engaging content to attract talents to your organization, share it across social media to reach more audiences. In most organizations, HR professionals use LinkedIn and other job portals to attract talent databases.

The competition is rising at a high pace business should experiment with social media platforms; like Facebook, Instagram, and others. The HR department should also keep an eye on the job forums so that any review lets it be negative or positive it needs attention.

Businesses should post pictures of the work culture, employee engagement activities, and rewards and recognition every time to portray their brand culture to future employees.

Develop Employees as Brand Ambassadors:

It is an easy task to develop your employees as brand ambassadors if you follow all four strategies to the toe. There is quite a big possibility that this happens on its own when you set best practices and maintain a happy workforce. The engaged and best employees will refer candidates, promote your organization, and tell them how employee-centric your organization is on their social media profiles.

Not everyone in your workforce will use social media; the HR team should train the employees and set guidelines to keep a persistent brand image. Employees can personalize the message in their voice but need to make sure that the company image does not get hampered.

Organizations should draft an incentive or a reward plan for the employees who refer to and promote the organization on their level and social media profiles. If the organizations have a friend and family circle working with them, it will have a higher retention rate.


There is a paradigm shift in the function of HR with evolution in the workforce, economy, and technology. The business HR leaders and professionals should think like a marketer to think bigger and reach a larger audience. HR should highlight the benefits of their company, job designation, and experiment with their creativity in the process.

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