How HR Software Solutions Provide Automation for Administrative Functions?

Human Resource Management Software Solution

There has been a widespread need to automate HR functions, which involve repetitive tasks to be performed periodically without adding any value to the core profile and purpose.

Both employers and HR professionals acknowledge this, but the cost of carrying on operations with spreadsheet tools is far more than the face value.

Administrative formalities are an integral part of the HR profile, but using smart automation software is more cost-effective and sustainable due to many factors discussed in this article.

Where is the office automation heading on the global horizon, and here’s why you should invest in HR Software now:

In a survey of 1850+ corporate leaders, 54% of them had already started to use office automation, with 87% agreeing to invest more in the automation of administrative functions. Speaking in terms of business, profitability lies in the sensible use of time, people, and resources without consuming more than required.

The cost of manual HR operations requiring extensive data entry and cross-verification of the information from multiple sources is decimated by using HR Software through automation of functions.

Save 50% of your HR’s Time by Replacing Manual Spreadsheet Work

The HR Software will replace the data entry work done for each of the functions of the administrative formality, such as capturing the employee presence, counting the leaves, correspondence regarding the performance during the month, incentive eligibility, and the reimbursements along with travel claims.

These processes consume almost half of the time an HR spends in the office in the entire month while tracking information and doing spreadsheet data entry work. The software shall capture, compile, and process this information automatically without human intervention at any stage for processing.

Have Insights into a Vast Pool of Information by using Reporting Features

The HR Software will provide the users with an extensive database of the transactions made by the employees for multiple purposes. This includes attendance, performance, working methods, leave records, payroll records, compensation structure, and compliance.

Using the reports generated for this purpose is can help in making better decisions regarding the strategic and operational policies.

The use of manual report generation will overlook many details, like the volume of information can be neither efficiently processed nor analyzed by the human decision-makers. Having insights with reporting features will strengthen decision making.

Automated Talent Acquisition, Time and Attendance Management, Employee self-servicing

As discussed earlier, the significant portion of each HR function includes tonnes of documentation, but the amount of data entry involved can be replaced with the automation in all roles.

The Talent Acquisition Module will integrate the HR Software with the online job portals and social media for the omnipresent hiring process. Attendance Management Software will use biometric machines to capture and process the employee’s presence along with enforcing the leave policy.

Employee Self Service (ESS) Portal will make all the official correspondence digital to make handling them lucid and straightforward.

Simplified Payroll Processing and Accurate Compliance Management without Human Effort

An HR Software will generate the salary of the employees by using the data of all other modules. This will take into account the attendance of the staff members to calculate all other wages based on the proportions configured by the administrator.

As there is no need to make an entry for the transactions or to verify the end results, the HR can view the final gross and net salary generated after the statutory deductions and make disbursement through online banking integration. Compliance reports are also generated automatically.

Ending on a Broader Vision

The use of automation is for replacing the data capturing and processing formalities, which shall not be considered as elimination of the documentation process. The load on the HR will reduce significantly since they have ample time to concentrate on the core HR functions.

As an HR professional, it can help you focus on strategic decision making, employee development functions, and contributing to the growth of the company as active members of the leadership team.

Automation will replace the administrative labor to ease the operations for both employees and employers, so investing in an HR Software will help you focus on work better.

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