Top HR Tools To Use In 2018

Must have HR Tools for Any Business

Running HR in a business is a bit of a balancing act, and unless you’ve got the right resources at your fingertips, you might struggle.

Thankfully with modern software packages on tap, you can overcome all of the challenges you face.

Human Resource Tools to Consider for Your Business:

Here is a look at some of the top HR tools that you should harness this year to optimize your management of people and make sure that every employee feels confident and satisfied in their role.


This comprehensive solution makes it simple to manage teams effectively, factoring in a number of different HR tools under one unified platform.

It provides you with the ability to take charge of things like PTO (paid time off), vacation requests, and employee onboarding via a straightforward browser-based interface.

Because Justworks is an all-in-one service, it keeps important info in one place and lets you stay up to date with what each employee is up to on a given day, as well as providing access to historical data.


This messaging platform has become the gold standard for collaboration in many office environments, and its cloud-powered underpinnings make it equally adept at helping team members communicate remotely.

In terms of HR, the automated features of Slackbot are particularly useful, since they allow newcomers to get to grips with specific policies and requirements without taking up the time of human staff.

This ties into the idea that many see automation and AI as being instrumental in shaping the future of HR. It could even allow organizations to overcome the shortage of skilled workers they are facing today.

Slack has another advantage in that it is easy to integrate with third-party platforms, meaning it can be molded and adapted according to the needs of the business.


There are plenty of project management solutions out there, but Trello is one of the leading options at the moment, boasting a bevy of features that are often better optimized than those of its rivals.

Like the best HR tools, it streamlines employee interactions and collaboration, allowing different departments within a business to work in unison with one another while avoiding conflicts and fragmentation.

Ultimately the aim is to boost productivity, but it also offers HR staff the opportunity to deal with employee requests, keep tabs on the progress that is being made, and monitor performance over extended periods.


If you’re looking for an uncomplicated way to take charge of payroll duties within a small business, this is a popular tool to take for a test drive.

As with many of its contemporary software solutions, it puts automation front and center, so once everything is set up it can complete complex calculations and keep everything up to date without the need for human intervention.

Another perk offered by Gusto is a simplified approach to filing business taxes, which is obviously an advantage for organizations that are small but growing and want to get taxation right every time.

Zoho Recruit

HR managers play a key role in recruitment, so it makes sense that they would need software to help out with the process of reeling in talented individuals.

Of course, Zoho Recruit isn’t just about making things simple from an HR perspective; it also offers features that prospective employees will appreciate. From filtering applications and storing resumes to arranging interviews and putting candidates through their paces, it is a capable and well-equipped platform.

Whichever HR tools you adopt this year, make sure that they are powered by the cloud, endowed with automated capabilities, and priced to be competitive.


Give your hiring process a fresh makeover with the Freshteam ATS. There are plenty of options out there but few have been built to be as intuitive, functional, or efficient for all your recruiting needs.

The aim is to boost productivity which is why the ATS has been to streamline the entire hiring process from filtering applications to offering management to interview arrangements to hiring team collaboration.

Even employees can use Freshteam to refer connections from their network to your organization. All the information necessary for the hiring process to run smoothly is in one place so recruiters can spend lesser time gathering information and more time, acting on it.

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