Career opportunities with an accounting degree

Career in accounting and finance

When choosing a degree program, it is important that you choose a subject that prevents the narrowing down of job opportunities later in life.

Obtaining a specialization in an accounting degree can not only allow you to get a broader understanding of all aspects of the business, but also prepare you for a varied professional career.

If you are wondering what can you do with an accounting degree, then read on to find out the plentiful job opportunities that come along.

Certified Public Accountant

Certified public accountants (CPAs) typically specialize in analyzing, reporting, communicating, and understanding the finance law to put it into practice. Besides ensuring that taxes are paid accurately, they are also accountable for preparing financial records and assessing record accuracy. The median salary of these professionals is around £53,000.


Financial auditors are primarily responsible for recommending alterations in terms of operations or activities to improve compliance and reduce future liabilities. Their basic job roles include the following:

  • Collecting and analysing information;
  • Detecting fraudulent procedures
  • Identifying areas of noncompliance;
  • Inspecting procedures.

These job roles may vary based on the industry that they are working with. The median salary of these professionals is around £29,098.

Accounting Manager

Accounting managers are accountable for a wide range of tasks, such as preparing, reviewing and maintaining organisation ledgers, overseeing transactions and coordinating budget preparations and processes.

They possess foundational knowledge in all areas of accounting, finance, and business and report directly to high-level members of the organisation, such as chief financial officers (CFOs). The median salary of these professionals is around £31,675.

Financial Manager

Financial managers are responsible for maintaining an organisation’s overall financial state. They possess experience in business or finance, which they can employ in executing the following tasks:

  • Creating financial reports;
  • Directing investments;
  • Coordinating staff activities;
  • Cultivating relationships with clients
  • Evaluating data;
  • Developing strategies to achieve organizational goals.

The median salary of these professionals is around £38,809.

Investment Banker

Investment bankers typically engage in high-level transactions, mergers, acquisitions, and capital-raising efforts. They are expected to hold a chartered financial analyst (CFA) certification and can earn up to £51,712. These professionals may also be involved in executing additional job roles, such as issuing securities, creating documentation, and offering recommendations.

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Chief Financial Officer

The responsibilities that chief financial officers (CFOs) generally carry out in an organization are mainly management-focused. Besides ensuring the accuracy and proper filing of financial reports, these professionals are also accountable for tracking cash flow, organizational analysis, and financial planning. The median salary of these professionals is around £115,846.

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Annual salary source: Payscale

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