Why do Employees Leave? Blacks and whites of the corporate culture that will leave you dumbstruck

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Today is the world of millennials, and the youth is said to have lesser patience than the people working a decade ago.

As the corporate work culture has the impression of being a brutal workspace, frustration, overpressure, office politics, partial decisions, unhappy customers are the common terms heard from every corporate worker’s mouth.

So is there any fault in the industry or it’s just the employees that keep cribbing about how good or bad this corporate world is? Let’s find out…

As the world is full of people having mixed colors, so is the corporate industry has its own blacks and whites to show to its workers, so let’s start with the good things that the corporate world gives to its workers.

Whites of working in corporate culture

High Payroll

Who doesn’t want a highly paid package for working in a reputed organization? The corporate field has this one thing that attracts its employees, irrespective of their interest and willingness to work in a particular stream.

The annual income that the corporate offices pay to its employees gives them the authority to make them work day-in and day-out, as this is what they are paid for.

White-collar job

Working in a corporate office is considered as a reputed job that society would consider as a sign of success and pride. The change in the personality that comes into the person’s behavior and talking after he starts working in the office is what we call a good change in terms of personal development.

These changes are the outcome of the status that the corporate workers are made to set by the company culture and growth programs.

Tempting perks

House, company cars, promotions, life insurance for the family. The corporate industry has everything that could attract people to work under it with the perks and the benefits that it gives.

The companies take the leverage of these policies to make sure people don’t leave their organization.

Opportunities to grow

Who doesn’t like to explore the fields they are in? The industry is full of opportunities for the new talent to learn and work on the things they always desire about.

Apart from giving their employees a chance to showcase what they have by giving them opportunities to lead the team, it also helps them develop their skills of working together by organizing corporate team building programs for the allover company progress.

Blacks of working in corporate culture

Undergoing office politics

Corruption is what every industry has an add-on, whether it’s the government units or a private organization.

Office politics is a subject that bothers more to its employees. The partial decisions by the authorities or their inability to understand their worker’s problems or the tactics of using those problems for their advantage is what we call to be a bad part that this industry has. Though everyone has to deal with it without any objection.

You are only a number

You are important to the organization until you give a good output in terms of numbers. The day your company finds that you are having a performance problem, you start getting into the troubles you have never thought of.

Late payments, not allowing to get involved in new projects are some of the examples of the problems that I was referring to above.

Manipulative pep-talks

The HR’s of the company are the ones who can do the most manipulative talks. As the corporate process suggests, you need to share the problems that you face in the company and the work you are doing at the place with the company HRs, but does this HR give you the right solution for your problems?

Never! These HRs are trained to function the company and its employees in a specific way that they could take care of both the employees as well as the company’s need, but trust me, the HRs mostly think about the company first!

Unrewarding authorities

There are 1 in 10 companies that take care of employee appreciation. For most of the heads of the company, what matters is the output or success of the project, where they simply avoid the need for appreciation and rewards for the efforts that the people behind it have put in to get that success.


The worst thing about any field, irrespective of the corporate culture, is the recommendation and specialization by the important personalities of the niche.

This is the reason why many struggling and talented people lose their opportunity to showcase their talent and the undeserving people get the seat and fame.

So now when you are aware of the pros and cons of the corporate world, it’s time you also know some unspoken facts about the corporate industry.

So here are the 10 harsh facts that nobody would talk to you ever!

  • The more efficient you are the more work will be assigned to you.
  • There will be people around you that will sugar quote things just to make you happy, think wisely it might be a trap.
  • Your contribution in terms of success and money you produce for the company is what would matter in the end, your individual progress is something that no one cares about.
  • There would be a time when you will be assigned a job that doesn’t come under your job profiles just because there is no one to do it.
  • Working till late hours after the job timing is considered being the dedication that the employee is showing to the company, but actually, it’s his inefficiency that makes him work so long.  
  • Meetings are a time-wasting process, especially when they are done daily as there are no points that are concluded and people just spend time discussing irrelevant subjects.
  • Office politics is something the authorities love. Using their power and playing with the employees is what the bitter truth these industry workers are a part of.
  • There would be times when your efforts will not be valued just because you made a silly mistake. Here, the undeserving people take away the credit without even doing the work.
  • The corporate process of formality like sending unnecessary greeting emails and the long reporting style will take away half of your time, while at the end of the day, you will be asked to show the productive work you have done during the day.
  • Your needs and performance are completely ignored unless you are a relative of any of the authorities that work or you speak up for yourself, taking a stand for what you have done with the factual data.

Employee loyalty, it’s hard to earn but once you gain it, it is the key to success. There are many reasons that good employees leave the organization, whether it’s the higher pay that another company is providing or the new opportunity that takes his career to new heights, it’s up to the company and its culture how they could retain its employees.

Well, this is how the corporate world works..!

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