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Revive Social - Social media management tool

Revive Social is a one-stop solution for social media marketing. It helps you drive more traffic towards your website to bring more of them to your social media. Moreover, it provides highly comprehensible information to make you absorb all the aspects of social media marketing.

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This tool offers automated social media marketing services. Using Revive Social, you can optimize your social media to its best with a minor investment of your time and efforts. This review focuses on various plug-ins and services offered by the tool to help you understand the features.

Enjoy the perks of automatic social media marketing with Revive Social

Revive Social Plug-ins

Revive Social offers the following two plug-ins to the users:

  • Revive Old Post
  • Revive Network

Here are the details of both Plug-ins right from their setups to prices.

Revive Old Post

This plug-in functions to keep your older posts alive and share them on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., to drive more traffic. Once you set this plug-in up, you need not worry about our older posts, as they will be automatically revived from time to time through it.

Revive social custom fields - Revive Old Post
Revive social custom fields – Revive Old Post

Let’s now explore the features of this plug-in:

Sharing a post on numerous social media at a given time

Using the Revive Old Post plug-in, you can share your previous posts on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, or any other platforms that you are linked to. It makes this action automatic to ease your work. There are no restrictions on sharing your discourse content on these media while using this plug-in.

Sharing of different types of contents

No matter if your content is text, video, audio, Multimedia creation, etc. Revive helps you share all of them. You can also download pictures from your posts and share them individually on social media. Thus, you can customize your campaign according to your wishes.

Regulation of social activities

The plug-in helps you to customize what you share on social media. You can add post titles, hashtags, extension texts, etc., using this plug-in. Thus, none of the elements you share will be monotonous for the audience.

Social Media Tracking

The Revive Old Post plug-in integrates with Google Analytics and presents you with a track of your shared material. You can see the reach of your posts and further control your traffic through optimization using this information.

Sharing a single post multiple time

You can share your posts multiple times using this plug-in on multiple social media platforms with zero restrictions.

Activating the Revive old post-plug-in

Here is a simple five-step process to activate the Revive Old Post plug-in:

  • Go to the WordPress Dashboard
  • Select the plug-ins option
  • Click on the “Add new” button.
  • Install the Revive Old Post plug-in
  • Click on the “Activate” button.

Revive Network

Revive Network helps you to build a strong social network for your profession. This plug-in exclusively focuses on building your professional network through the sharing of your content on social media. This plug-in is limited to business-friendly social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

The company is also looking forward to adding LinkedIn to this list. The contents shared through this plug-in are based on the RSS feeds that you add to it. Further, the plug-in also allows you to customize your messages using different templates and hashtags. Reaching out to UTM also helps you make them more engaging.

Once you set up your account and add the Revive Network plug-in, you will automatically see your social network growing with minimal effort.

Let’s now explore the features of this plug-in:

They are exclusively designed for Facebook and Twitter.

This plug-in can integrate with Facebook and Twitter, and it is designed specially to expand your social network on these media.

Planning of social networking

At the time of setting up your account, you can schedule your networking activities. Once you set the time interval, the plug-in will arrange for separate activities on your Facebook and Twitter, respectively. Thus, once you have a plan ready, you can fit it into your system and leave it for the plug-in to work wonders through your social media.

UTM is the shorter link used to track the source of the traffic. This will help you get detailed information about your traffic through Google Analytics.

Customized campaigns

You can customize your networking campaigns using various templates available through this plug-in. Further, you can also use hashtags, titles, usernames, etc., to make it feel like a real conversation with people.

Using Revive Network Plug-in

First, you need to install the plug-in in your system and activate it through your license key. For finding the license key, visit the settings section of the general tab on your Revive account. Scroll down, and you will find the key.

Now follow these steps for using the Plug-in:

  1. Create your account on Twitter or Facebook (If you already have an account, skip this step).
  2. Connect Revive Networks to one or both of these accounts on which you want to share your website posts automatically.
  3. Set up your RSS feed. Give it a username, and URL.
  4. Link your RSS feed to your social media account.
  5. Now formulate a template for your content.
  6. Edit the UTM tags.
  7. Set up the method through which you wish to share your content on social media.
  8. Begin the process of sharing your content and monitor it regularly.

Perks of using Revive Social for social media marketing

Revive Social has been proven to improve and expand the social network of bloggers, websites, and business owners. It also helps them grow their social media presence. Here are the details of all the advantages that the Revive Social plug-ins offer to the users:


You can schedule the timings of sharing your posts on social media. There are no restrictions on the selection of these timings. Set up an interval, and the plug-ins will automatically figure out the schedules and display your posts on different platforms accordingly.

Revive Social - Social Media Scheduling
Revive Social – Social Media Scheduling

Tracking URLs

With both the plug-ins of Revive Social, you get amazing URL-shortening options. Tracking these shortened URLs with UTM tags will help you get a detailed overview of the popularity of your post. Further, they also help you track every click they attract due to the post’s engagement.

Customized social sharing

You can customize your networking campaign on social media by using different templates, hashtags, and usernames with both plug-ins.

Making your post reach a huge audience

Revive Social also helps you share your post with multiple accounts on social media linked to the plug-ins. This enables you to increase the reach of your content, which drives more and more organic leads to your website that can be further converted for generating revenue.

Revive Social Pricing

Revive Social Pricing
Revive Social Pricing

The pricing plans for Revive Social vary according to the type of plug-in you choose. Here are the plans with a detailed list of services:

Pricing plans for Revive Old Post plug-in

The Old Post plug-in has three different pricing plans with the following common services:

  1. Share on a maximum of 50 accounts
  2. Post Sharing
  3. Sharing of the media library
  4. Sharing posts with featured image
  5. Tailormade post types
  6. Updates, maintenance, and support for a year

Based on the type of plans, you chose the number of sites to vary, and some additional services are added on plans with higher costs:

  1. The personal plan supports a single site for $89 per year.
  2. Business plan. It supports three sites for $176 per year, along with custom scheduling and queue management services, apart from those included in the list mentioned above.
  3. The marketer plan supports five sites for $353 per year along with all the services included in the Business plan.

Pricing for Revive Network plug-in

Following are the services offered in common for all the plans under this plug-in of Revive Social:

  1. UTM tag edits
  2. Customizing messages by adding newer templates
  3. Featured images in the posts shared on social media
  4. Updates, maintenance, and support for a year

There are additional services based on the plan you choose. Here are the three plans offered by the company:

  1. Personal ($58/ year), It supports a single website, and only one social media account with sharing to 20 sources.
  2. Business ($176/ year), It supports three websites, and the same number of social media accounts with a sharing space of a maximum of fifty sources.
  3. Marketer ($471/ year), It supports unlimited websites, and ten social media accounts with a sharing space of up to 150 sources.


Driving more traffic to your website becomes easier when you engage with people on social media, as you can find the majority of your audience on one or the other platform. Hence, revive social has come up with a variety of plug-ins that offer you automation of social media marketing.

Once you sign up for these plug-ins, your entire work will be done on its own with the least effort and time. Further, the rates of all the plans offered by Revive Social are highly affordable compared to the number of services provided.

Revive Social - Automate your Social Media Marketing Process
revive social media management tool

Manage your business social media profile activities by increasing engagement regularly and effortlessly with Revive Social plug-ins.

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  • Schedule and forget
  • Easy previous posts sharing
  • Integrated with google analytics


  • Limited social media platforms
  • Cheaper alternatives available

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