8 Types of Content To Include in Your Marketing Strategy

Types of content in your marketing strategy

Creating meaningful and engaging content is crucial for the growth of any business. There are many types of content and they each have various benefits, but they are all important in interacting with your customers.

If your company is struggling to grow, it may be time to work on your content marketing strategy so you can better engage with both new and existing clients. Here are eight types of content you may want to include in your marketing strategy.


Blogs are among the most common types of content because they offer incredible value by positioning your brand as an expert in its industry while entertaining readers. Make sure your blog is updated frequently with content that is related to your brand. If you don’t have time to write the posts yourself, enlist the help of professional writers for hire.

White Papers

While white papers may not be the most engaging form of content, they help position your brand as an expert. They are especially beneficial for pharmaceutical and technology companies that use many data to create new products.


If you want to condense a lot of information into an eye-catching format and are easy to read, try using an infographic. Readers are more likely to pause and read the information is provided in a condensed form with pictures and colors than if presented in a bulleted list. This method also makes information easier to understand because it provides an excellent visual.


Visual content is great for capturing the attention of potential clients. Many users are more likely to watch a video than to read the text, so engaging and memorable videos are a great way to connect with people. Make sure the videos you create and share are on-brand with your company and highlight its products or services somehow.


When you think of content, you may not think of checklists, but you should because they can be effective tools for increasing conversions and driving traffic to your website. For example, if your company sells camping gear, provide a checklist that includes everything needed for a campout. Users will see this list and purchase numerous items from your company to fill the checklist, which drives engagement and boosts sales.

Longform Content

If you’re trying to position your company as an expert in its industry, long-form content is one of the best ways to do so. These ultimate guides to various subjects cover everything users need to know about certain subjects so they don’t have to visit a competing site and buy the products and services they need from your business.


E-books are more expensive to produce than other types of content, but they share so much information that they add credibility to your company and help readers see you as an expert. Hiring a freelance writer to complete the task of writing the e-book is a great way to save time so you can focus on other aspects of running a company.

Case Studies

If you present the information from case studies as a story, readers can absorb it more easily. This type of content is tedious and extensive but provides incredible amounts of information that can benefit consumers.

Content creation is important for companies of every type and size. If you don’t have a good content marketing strategy in place, you can’t expect to engage with potential customers and keep them interested in your brand.

The best content marketing strategies use a combination of the content types listed above to provide interesting, relevant information to consumers, so use them to design a customized marketing strategy that meets your needs.

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