How Technology is redefining the world of marketing

How today marketing has evolved with technological advancements

The marketing world had evolved rapidly, leaving behind days when the advertisement was restricted to papers only. With new technologies being introduced daily, it is becoming tougher to stand out among the competition.

This is because technology today has made it quite easier to find new products over the internet, ultimately increasing the throat-cutting competition for exposure those who stay on top of their marketing game bury down their competitors in the dust.

In this article, we’ll discuss how technology is redefining the world of marketing today, so let’s dive into that.

How Has Marketing Evolved Through Technology

Augmented Reality

As of today, we all are familiar with the term Augmented reality (AR). But how does it help when it comes to marketing? Well, it’s simple. AR adds digital layers (products) that respond in real-time to the pictures or cameras to enhance the real-world experience.

Let’s take a clothing brand, for example. A user can easily try on different outfits by pointing their phone cameras on themselves, which means no need to visit a shop or malls to try different outfits before purchasing them. AR is widely used by cosmetic and clothing brands today to provide the best shopping experience possible to its user.

Technically, the use of AR has bridged the gap between online shopping and physical shopping.

Video Marketing Is On The Rise

Rewind the clock a decade. It’s not like video marketing wasn’t a thing; it’s always been a part of brands looking to market to a wide range of audiences in the most captivating way possible.

But in the past, video marketing was seen as a competitive edge. Big budget brands with access to production equipment could shoot live-action television commercials and advertisements. Video Marketing made them more recognizable, memorable, and recallable in the mind of their audience.

But as technology has advanced, with modern software becoming more powerful than ever, video marketing has become a marketing essential accessible to everyone.

Now, it’s not just the big-budget brands that can make video ads; it’s everyone. From corporate video production to animated explainer video production, brands can leverage animation studios or hire in-house animators and designers to make their own video advertisements.

Technology has made video marketing cheap, accessible, and more competitive than ever before, and you’ll notice that the evolution of software is what has triggered the rise of video marketing to the mainstream.

Web Design Is Not A Problem Anymore

In recent years, having an average website design was a significant roadblock in the path of popularity for many brands. However, that’s now a thing of the past. Web design is still one of the most critical aspects for having a popular online presence, but achieving it is not as tough as it was in the past. How?

With new tools being introduced each day, creating a stellar design for your website has become simpler than ever. All it takes is a little technical knowledge and creativity, and you can build yourself a website that rocks. Think of CMS like WordPress. Even people with minimal technical knowledge can build their very own good-looking websites.

However, with all those simple tools available online, if your website and its landing pages still don’t look good, you need to reconsider it.

Finding Customers Is Easier Than Ever

Technology has enabled us to find customers online easier than ever. We’ll explain how.

Firstly, there are two kinds of leads, inbound and outbound. Inbound leads are typically your website visitors, while outbound leads are those we often send emails to.

To find inbound leads, an agency would implement a reverse IP lookup to find the company that their website visitors work in and other such metrics. Lead generation techniques are used to target the relevant audience and potential buyers for the outbound leads.

In simpler words, Technology has lead marketers to find out their target audience directly instead of gathering their information manually and guessing whether they should reach out or not.

Customizing Experience Is The Key

Today, you might come across multiple websites that would offer you the same services and types of products you’re interested in. This is because Google uses details like your location, industry, search history, etc., to offer you the best experience possible.

You can utilize these small details and customize your website’s overall experience. It’s simple; let’s say your potential client is interested in purchasing a shampoo. You can customize your website elements accordingly. For example, you customize your testimonials and enable them to see only the customers you’ve helped get rid of hair fall and other problems like that. Your chatbots can also be customized similarly.

This functionality is still improving with time and has great potential for marketing because they directly segment their users. Those who’ve already implemented this strategy have seen an increase in conversions as well.

Increase In Chatbots Technology

Chatbots is a technology that leverages text messaging and voice messaging to converse with your potential customers directly. Even though this technology isn’t new, they’re well known for their efficient customer handling.

According to the stats, more than 45% of the consumers prefer chatbots to communicate with businesses. Moreover, more than 75% of the communications between organizations and customers are conducted through chatbots.

Chatbots are a great tool for planning marketing strategies as the consumers’ feedback could be leveraged efficiently for future analysis.

Machine Learning And Artificial Intelligence Is The Future of Marketing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a significant part of our daily lives today. One of the greatest examples could be found in the emails where they predict and suggest the replies of emails to users.

AI also has a great influence in the marketing field. How so? With artificial intelligence or machine learning, computers would leverage data to provide content according to the consumers’ needs.

AI is a technology with great potential as it provides a great experience for businesses to gather more insights into the audience’s data.

Virtual Reality Making Purchase Experience Better Than Ever

When it comes to marketing, Virtual Reality (VR) also provides an epic buying experience better than ever. Imagine experiencing service and product before you even purchase it. Yep, that’s right. We find the biggest use of VR technology in the auto industry.

Take Audi as an example. The company used VR technology in Norway to provide a test drive of Audi Q5 to its potential customers. The company would provide a vehicle drive by letting them mount in a sandbox, providing them with the vehicle’s real-life experience. This is comparatively a new approach but an effective one to make your name buzz in the market.

Final Thoughts

The revolution in consumer devices and Technology has truly redefined marketing and the way we think of it. Please take note of these latest marketing trends since they have the potential to catapult your business into a success.

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