Benefits of Ecommerce Video Marketing Strategy for your Products

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No doubt, a picture is worth a thousand words, but a product video has the potential to be worth more than a thousand sales. Considering that 60% of visitors opt to watch a video before reading any text and that the viewers are up to 85% more likely to buy a product after watching a product video, it can play a strong marketing role for your business, attracting potential customers and driving sales.

Product videos make shopping online easy for consumers and also boost customer experience and conversion rates. In today’s fast-paced digitized world where the attention span of a human (8 seconds) is lower than that of goldfish (9 seconds), a product video marketing strategy can help to grab the customer’s attention, apart from a plethora of other benefits.

Purpose of a Product Video

The main aim of the product video is to bring your product to life and let the visitors feel the same. The purposes of the product video for your e-commerce business are as mentioned below:

  1. With the best possible information, you can help potential consumers understand your product, thereby increasing conversion rates.
  2. You can generate higher revenues for retailers by increasing the average order value (AOV) per customer.
  3. By offering helpful and informative content, you will be able to attract new customers to fulfill their needs.

The brand that stands on all the above-mentioned pillars is Zappos. They effectively use video for product demos to grow their business and revenue. With the help of product video marketing, they have increased their sales by 6% to 30%.

Ponder upon the few other major detailed reasons to jump behind your camera lens as soon as possible and start attracting potential visitors:

Videos Convert Visitors into Buyers

Visitors turn into buyers if they are able to feel the product they intend to buy. 44% of consumers claim that they would like to purchase more products from an e-commerce website if they feature product videos.

An Amazon expert, John Lawson states that his sales skyrocketed after following video marketing for his products.

A product video adds a sense of imagination amongst the user as they are using the product, thereby building excitement for the product and boosting its value.

For instance, an e-retailer, started to add product videos to its site and analyzed that a visitor who is going through the product video is up to 144% more likely to push that product in their cart as compared to a visitor who watches no video.

Stacks and Stacks Video Conversion - Image source: Can Product Videos Increase Conversion Rates?
Stacks and Stacks Video Conversion – Image source: Can Product Videos Increase Conversion Rates?

An Amicable Relationship between Video and Google

You will be flabbergasted to know the fact that 70% of videos now appear in the top 100 search listings in Google. If you analyze Google’s search result listing, you will find an amalgamation of upshots, involving a video, an image, maps, news, and various other media.

And Google prioritizes websites that contain videos. Hence, incorporating product videos in your e-commerce business offers you an extra chance to rank high in Google’s search results.

You are 53% likely to rank on the first page of Google if you incorporate a video on the landing page of your website. Hence, embrace this opportunity because your potential customers are demanding more video content, and Google is responding to their demand.

Generate More Traffic to the Website

Buffer claims that pages with video content attain 157% organic traffic from search engines. Still, many argue whether product videos help to boost SEO or not. Having videos definitely help achieve a better search engine ranking, thereby improving the online presence of your competitors who do not follow the product video marketing strategy.

Moreover, intelligent marketers use these videos on various other social platforms and also create channels on YouTube. This leads to an increase in their brand visibility, thereby leading to better ROI. It is said that video content generates 3 times as many monthly visitors to a website as any other content.

Note that the following are the three important mediums where product videos are mostly used:

  1. Welcome series email
  2. Product page
  3. Paid advertising – Facebook and Instagram

For instance, initiated a campaign in which they posted a “whiteboard” style video every Friday on their blog. This resulted in getting them a name for “Whiteboard Friday” videos and also helped them drive a lot of links, embeds, and social shares, thereby increasing traffic for SEOmoz.

SEO Practices - Moz
SEO Practices – Moz

Product Videos help Users to Stay Longer on the Pages

As discussed, videos boost customer engagement. Visitors love to watch product videos rather than read long descriptions of the product. Product videos incorporated with videos see a rise in session duration of 340%. Because videos allow the users to soak more information in less time when compared to any other form of content.

Time spent on product pages definitely increases with the addition of videos. According to a study, over 2/3rd of shoppers who play videos on retail sites watch a video to at least 80% completion. It is evident from this fact that a video added to the website leads to prolonged time spent on pages with long session duration, thereby increasing the chances to sell your product.

Product Video – A Robust Marketing Strategy in Today’s Digital World

A video is an excellent and popular form of content for ages. However, it is the most underrated, yet most effective marketing tool when it comes to the e-commerce business. In today’s digital world, everyone wants to feel the product they intend to purchase, they wish to ‘feel’ your business instead of just ‘doing’ the business.

A video is an ideal approach to attract your potential customer and provide them with real-life experience. While building a video for your product, try to think above the profits and make it as informative as possible – the sales and profits will eventually chase your business.

Image source: Freepik Premium

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