Best Instagram Marketing tools to grow followers and organic reach

Instagram growth tools

Instagram has 2.3 billion active users, making it one of the top Social Media platforms in the industry. Thousands of brands are leveraging Instagram’s broad reach to market their offerings.

So if you are not using Instagram to market your business, it’s time to start doing so. But Instagram is much more than creating Content, running paid ads & hiring influencers.

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You need to automate your tasks, improve efficiency & streamline social media posting.

Now how can you do it?

Enter “Instagram Marketing Tool.” I am pretty sure you might have heard about them. But do you know why you need Instagram Marketing tools? Which are the best Instagram growth tools available?

No worries, I have touched on all the above questions in this piece.

Let’s explore.

What is Instagram Marketing Tools?

Every Marketer & Business owner will agree that managing different Instagram Accounts & hopping from one to another is hectic.

Instagram Marketing tools are software designed to help you with content curation, scheduling & organizing for your multiple Instagram Accounts. This software automates a lot of your unproductive tasks, streamlines your workflow & boosts your efficiency.

On top of all, they give you a breathing room & some relaxation.

What tasks can the best Instagram Marketing Tools accomplish?

Instagram growth tools
What tasks can the best Instagram Marketing Tools accomplish?

Instagram Marketing tools can perform the following tasks to streamline your workflow:

  • Utilize critical data to schedule posts to ensure maximum engagement
  • Single-click scheduling & sharing of content
  • Queue your posts on different Instagram Accounts for better efficiency
  • Organize your posting with AI-powered calendar.

Which are the best Instagram tools for growth?

Instagram growth tools
Which are the best Instagram tools for growth.

Hubspot Ads Software

HubSpot is one of the best Instagram Marketing tools available in 2022. You can create engaging ads, launch them & track their performance. As it’s an integrated tool with HubSpot CRM, you can analyze the results of your ads.

This tool also helps you identify high-converting ads & utilize them for better results. The best part, you get access to other multiple lead-generation tools like chatbots, live chat & landing page builders.

With its advanced attribution reporting & retargeting, you can improve ROI on your Instagram campaigns.

Content Studio

This innovative & high-performance tool is designed to meet the needs of Startups, SMBs & Enterprises alike. It lets you manage your Content Marketing & Scheduling most efficiently.

It comes with direct API integration for Instagram, making it a primary choice for marketers. Its best features include workflow management, analytics, workflow management tools & social inboxing for seamless communication with your audience.

Content Studio is way more than your regular Instagram Scheduling app; it’s a wholesome Instagram Marketing tool that will make your life much easier!

ContentStudio – Content marketing tool

Platform to create and distribute customized content on multiple platforms. The tool offers a variety of services, including curation, marketing, social media management, and analytics.

ContentStudio logo


Kicksta is a powerful Instagram growth service, designed to help creators, influencers, and businesses grow faster on the social media platform. Kicksta’s proprietary AI algorithm automatically “likes” the posts of specific customers, encouraging them to visit the company’s profile.

Kicksta allows business leaders to choose specific “target” profiles, such as the accounts of similar businesses, to direct their algorithm toward relevant followers. Plus, there are advanced targeting tools, such as hashtags and geographic targeting.

On top of all that, Kicksta also has its own micro-influencer network, to help accelerate brand reach.

Kicksta – Instagram growth tool

Safe and reliable tool for growing organic Instagram followers and getting more attention towards your brand.

  • Works with the clients and target audience
  • Follows people from your account
  • Gaining more interest in your brand from real-life people


  • Quick and easy setup
  • Affordable tool
  • Targets niche-specific hashtags and accounts


  • Live chat support is only available with professional plans
Kicksta logo


Research suggests that visual content is almost three times more engaging than plain text. This stands true for Instagram Marketing, too.

That’s where Biteable makes its mark. This outstanding tool helps you create highly engaging & entertaining videos for your Instagram marketing campaigns.

If you are looking for a tool that helps you create top-quality videos, including animations, Biteable should be your first choice.

With hundreds of Free templates for multiple categories, awesome music files & footage, Biteable will take your marketing to the genuinely next level.

You can start using Biteable without paying anything with their free account. Moreover, their paid plans are also way cheaper than their competitors.

I find Biteable as the best tool to create Instagram Videos.


Have you ever felt totally out of ideas while creating some content? Well, you are not alone. Content creation is an art & it comes from within.

Sometimes, you are in a super-charge mode, churning the best quality content, one after another. And sometimes, you are totally out of ideas.

That’s where Buzzsumo comes in. It’s a powerful research tool that assists you in performing detailed research on your content.

You can locate content that is being shared the most on Social Media. You can also find influencers for your Brand, track & analyze your competitor’s content, find out the trending topics your audience is glued to. You can also get alerts on keywords & domain names.

In short, Buzz Sumo is your all-in-one research tool.

Hashtags are critical for any Instagram Marketing campaign. If used correctly, they can take your Instagram marketing to the next level.

The Flick is designed to leverage this strength of Instagram. It’s one of the best hashtag finders designed to help you identify top-performing hashtags that you can use.

I have often seen people struggle with Hashtags, as keeping track of the best is not easy. Thankfully, Flick does this job efficiently by identifying & keeping track of the top-performing hashtags.

Flick allows you to save the most relevant & high-performing hashtags in the “Collection” section. You can select the whole collection for your Instagram post or a single hashtag whenever you need it.


A Mention is instead a unique tool in the list! It monitors mentions of your products, services, your Brand & even your competitors.

Benefit? With this tool, conversation with your audience becomes easy. You can directly respond to your Social Media Comments & mentions via Mention.

Why do you need Instagram Marketing Tools for your Brand?

  • These tools offer you higher engagement.
  • You can automate a lot of tedious tasks.
  • You can create high-converting content with these tools
  • You can enjoy efficient Post Scheduling
  • You can track the Status & Performance of your Marketing Campaigns.
  • These tools save a lot of time & effort on your end
  • You can get more likes & followers if you use them efficiently.

Final Thoughts

Instagram Marketing tools have genuinely changed how businesses market their offerings. With their best-in-class services, these tools can help you save a lot of time & resources. You can utilize these resources in more productive ways.

I strongly recommend using these tools to leverage Instagram bots, Scheduler, Designer & other services for better engagement & higher reach.

I hope this detailed guide on Instagram tools to increase followers will help you in your quest for the best Instagram Marketing tool.


Can I use Biteable for free?

Yes, Biteable offers free template videos with certain limitations. You can give it a try with their free services.

Is the Instagram Marketing tool worth the price?

If you find the right one, YES. The right tool will help grow your Brand grow on Instagram u0026amp; bring in more sales.

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