Why We Love Social Media Marketing (And You Should Too!)

Social media marketing benefits

So what’s the reason social media is a vital tool for every business marketing strategy?

Is social media effective?

Well, over 4.48 billion people are active social media users worldwide, and these numbers are not slowing down soon.

That’s a whopping increase of 115.59% in the last six years. With your target audience switching towards social media platforms, you need to present your target audience.

You can’t ignore social media to increase profits and fulfil your desired business outcomes.

So the primary question here is how to grow social media channels.

If we boil it down, there are two ideal ways:

  • Either you do it yourself by choosing the right set of social media marketing tools and strategies
  • Or, you hire a professional social media agency to help you achieve your social media business goals

Whatever you choose, you can draw out some of the exclusive benefits if you implement a successful social media campaign.

To give you a brief idea about the benefits of social media for your business, here are some standout points:

Free Marketing!

Social media is a great tool for boosting your brand visibility and recognition. Once you kick-start uploading engaging content on your social media handles, you’ll gain an audience, and they’ll engage with your brand regularly.

Once you understand the trends and requirements of your target audience on different social media platforms, create content tailored to that. You’ll be surprised at what social media platforms offer for your business marketing success.

Social media algorithms will notice your growth and attention and assist you in being present in your target audience’s social feed.

It will be free marketing for your brand across social media channels and help you easily outdo all your competitors.

With content that adds value to the user and is also interesting at the same time, you’ll gain a lot of positive word-of-mouth marketing. People will automatically share your content with their knowns to help you attract new visitors who can become your future customers.

Your social media impact will also help your previous customers get better acquainted with your brand and help convert them into lifelong customers.

One of the best techniques to use social media for free marketing is to conduct contests and giveaway promotional activities on social media platforms and ask your audience to promote your social media handle in return. It will also help boost your presence and help you climb up the ladder in your industry.

Here’s an example of how a brand used the giveaway technique for free marketing on social media.

degustabox_uk PBfit instagram post
@degustabox_uk PBfit Instagram post

You can see that the brand promised its product to two lucky winners, and to participate in this contest, they asked everyone to like their Instagram page. This helped them increase their follower base by not spending even a single penny on the paid marketing campaign.

You can see that the brand promised its product to two lucky winners, and to participate in this contest, they asked everyone to like their Instagram page. This helped them increase their follower base by not spending even a single penny on the paid marketing campaign.

Easy Customer Retention

Once you gain a decent amount of followers or subscribers on different social media platforms like Instagram, you have the power to keep your existing customers with engaging and valuable social media content.

With a steady increase in the average watch time of users on social media platforms, chances are they’ll come across your brand name and your content every day (if you are consistent with your social media content posting).

With different social media platforms, you can use different marketing strategies and engage with your audience regularly. If you can maintain consistency, nothing stops you from retaining your existing customers for a lifetime, not even your competitors.

You can use social media scheduler like SocialPilot to ease the pressure on your shoulders and maintain consistency or even ask your social media marketing agency to do the same if you have outsourced your work.

Below is an inside look at the easy-to-use and attractive dashboard of the SocialPilot content calendar for easy scheduling.

SocialPilot content calendar
SocialPilot content calendar

Also, before you create any content piece for your social media, understand what the social landscape demands, what your competitors are doing to retain their customers, and how you can do it in a better way.

You can also use retargeting ads or marketing campaigns to ensure that you reach out to your audience who are familiar with your brand and who all engaged with you the last time.

Turn Customers Into Fans and Followers

With consistent engagements and a great connection with your brand, your followers will turn into your raving fans and won’t switch to your rivals easily.

You must blend your social media marketing strategy to provide consistent value to your customers and make them feel you care for them.

If you can make an emotional connection with your audience on social media, then chances are they’ll become your everlasting customers.

Some of the following practices can help you create a lovable brand image on social media platforms:

  • Know your customers well – As we have already mentioned in the above points, proper research about your audience will help you achieve your business outcomes. It sets the base right and helps you curate a tailored strategy that entices the user to engage.
  • Address their concerns – You don’t want to showcase your social media as a faceless corporate account; you need to have a human connection. People are bags of emotions, and they want brands to address their issues and problems. If you can highlight different issues your target audience is facing, you’ll gain tremendous support, and people will follow your brand for a longer time.
  • Be consistent with valuable content – Being consistent is one of the most important tools for making a long-term impact in the minds of your audience. You must post regularly with a consistent brand tone and personality for a lasting effect.

Anyone Can Do It

Social media marketing is not rocket science. With the right set of tools and strategies, you can save your budget on outsourcing and still manage to achieve your specific targets.

But remember, you need to love the process of creating social media content and need to be consistent with the process.

You can also hire a team of professionals to cover vital aspects of social media marketing, like graphic design, content creation, or strategizing, which may result in a process improvement.

Once you are ready, sit down and list your goals with your marketing campaign. If you are not clear about what you want to achieve, it will be like shooting an arrow in the dark.

After your goals are crystal clear, accelerate your gear and start planning to achieve those goals. Once the planning is done, it’s time for the execution.

Your social media marketing is incomplete with optimization; you need to optimize your content regularly. You need to test what’s working and what’s not.

If you get to know the secret sauce that engages your audience the most, just add that secret sauce to all your future posts and see your brand go viral with engagements.

And you know that social media also helps brands become an overnight success.

The Chance to Go Viral

Your social media marketing approach should balance evergreen and trendy content. While evergreen content helps to achieve your long-term target, trendy content can help you grab instant attention.

Be aware of what’s happening across the social media landscape, trends, and what people talk about.

You need to tweak your brand’s content and align it with the trend to catch the prospective user’s attention and make your audience aware that you keep your brand up to date on social media platforms.

Don’t forget to add a pinch of your brand’s style and tone of voice for the audience to relate to the content easily. It doesn’t end here; keep looking out for more interesting and trending content you can share with them in the future.

Here’s an example of how Converse gained instant hits on its post on Valentine’s day by molding its content according to the trend.

Converse instagram post
Converse Instagram post

It contained emotion of love that helped people connect easily, which helped the brand gain huge engagements.

Unexpected Connections

Once you do all the hard work on your social media platforms, you’ll receive your rewards in ways you wouldn’t have imagined. You’ll receive unexpected new connections and customer gains from different streams.

If something goes viral, then your numbers will take a huge bump. You can also gain new brand associations on social media because of your efforts.

You’ll come across interesting associations which you couldn’t achieve being absent from the social media world.

A great social media marketing approach will unlock many doors of new and unexplored opportunities for your business and help you easily pave the way to business success.

So take your social media marketing strategy seriously and extract all the above-listed vital benefits for your business from the infinite potential of social media.


Social media is a powerful weapon for businesses who want to make a mark in their industry and make their presence felt by their competitors. It will help you achieve your business goals faster, build your brand presence in the online world, and make your target audience your lifelong paying customers.

Now you know all the top benefits social media marketing can help you achieve. It’s time to decide how to approach your marketing further.

Be wise and make the right decision.

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