10 Top Social Media Tips For Your Brand

Time for Modern Social Media

If you’re on top of marketing trends, you know that you’ve got to use social media to promote your brands. With your competitors out there too, your posts need to be engaging, exciting and better than everyone else’s.

Here’s ten of the best tips for promoting your new brand on social media.

1. Use Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are a useful and cost effective way of getting your brand to your audience. Digital marketer Amy Harman from Best Australian Writers says “Don’t create ads that directly show your product. They stick out as ads and your audience will ignore them. Instead, write copy that tells a story, or highlights a need your customer has.” This will help you get the most success.

2. Promote Competitions Online

Competitions are a great way of getting your brand noticed online, and social media makes it easier for your customers to get involved. The most common way to run competitions is to ask entrants to ‘like’ your post, comment on it, and then either share it to their own feeds, or tag a friend in it.

3. Write Excellent Headlines

A good headline can do most of the work for you before anyone even reads your post. You want to show them why they should read what you have to say, and how it can benefit them. On social media, a conversational tone can work well as it’s an informal setting. If you need help writing headlines, services, and tools such as Grammarix and Elite Assignment Help can help you create engaging titles to get people reading.

4. Conduct An AMA

An AMA, or Ask Me Anything, is something that’s very popular on Reddit. If you’re looking to engage more with your audience, this can be the perfect way to do it. An AMA is perfect if you have a lot of clout in your industry too.

5. Work With Social Media Influencers

A social media influencer is someone who promotes companies and products through their social media feed. They’ll have a large audience, who respect their opinion on what they promote. If you work with an influencer with an audience similar to your own, you can reach a whole new audience. You can give them your product to use and promote, or even let them take over your accounts for a limited time.

6. Take Advantage Of Live Features

Several different social media platforms allow you to go ‘live’ to your audience. The most popular platform is Facebook Live, where you can broadcast yourself as your audience interacts with you via comments. “This service is great when you’re looking to launch a new brand” says SMM manager Pete Granger from UK Services Reviews. “You can show off your new brand in real time, and create a strong and immediate link with your audience.”

7. Post Coupons

Want to get people to start following you on social media? A good way is to post social media only discounts on your profiles. It’s then worth your audience’s time following you, as they’ll be able to grab the coupons when they show up in their feeds.

8. Keep In Touch With Your Audience

Ensure that you’re talking to your audience online. Social media allows them to keep talking to you, and you want to encourage that. Respond to them when they have questions or concerns. The more you do this, the more likely you are to retain followers.

9. Connect With Other Industry Figures

Don’t forget to use specially created social media platforms, such as LinkedIn. These are designed to help you network, so take advantage of it. It also features lots of helpful blogs and advice, which you can use in your campaigns.

10. Use Infographics

You may want to post a lot of information, but social media isn’t always the best place for this. What do you do? The best option is to use infographics. These can pack in quite a lot of info in just one image, and you can post it in a shareable format. It’s often the best way to give the reader a lot of information in an easy to read format.

These 10 tips will help you social media well in your brand promotion. Put them to use and show your audience what you have to offer.

Rachel Summers is a social media manager, helping businesses create effective social media strategies for seven years. Her client list includes leading custom writing service UK Top Writers. She also works with start ups in order to create their social media branding.

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