How to Create a Successful Social Media Branding Strategy

Brand Extension Strategy

Brand promotion is an essential part of any marketing strategy. It’s closely related to product advertising but has a slightly different goal.

Your branding strategy should introduce your company to your customers, build strong relationships with them, and make them think of you first when they want to buy something in your market niche. Social media promotion helps you reach out to a broader audience with a simple message.

The ways of promoting a business are numerous. You need to identify what works for your business model, budget, and marketing goals. It will also be beneficial to advise people who operate in the same business sector as you.

This article covers everything you need to know about social media branding, developing a marketing plan, and ways to skyrocket your online presence.

How to market your business on social media

Create a marketing strategy

With social media’s help, consumers get access to all sorts of information from their friends, peers, family, and professionals. This provides them with a broad set of options when it comes to making a purchasing decision.

54% of internet users research products and brands on social media, so it’s important to have a social media marketing strategy that will effectively meet your branding requirements.

Choose platforms for promoting your business

You can share a range of information through social media sites like Facebook, just like the 89% of marketers who have proven the platform’s success. You can also include Instagram and YouTube in your campaign, using them to share photos and videos about your latest products and services. You can also share blog posts, and articles on Twitter as these are some of the best ways to promote your brand.

Influencer marketing industry survey 2019 ROI channels most
89% Say ROI from Influencer Marketing is comparable to or better than other Marketing Channels – Source: MediaKix

Blogs, forums, press releases, video production, and social media promotions are examples of time-effective promotional techniques. You can update the content regularly to ensure your presence is visible over a period of time.

Create a calendar

A well-balanced schedule will help you stay on track and moderate the number of posts you make daily, weekly, and monthly. It’s essential because a flood of promotional posts in users’ feeds can lead them to unfollow or even block you.

On the other hand, if your posts are as frequent as once every two months, people will start to forget who you are and why they followed you in the first place.

Write valuable content

You cannot just pour out on your company’s social media account everything that comes to mind. Your posts should address topical issues, tastefully promote your products and services, motivate the audience to leave comments and provide valuable information. When you write relevant and engaging posts, your subscribers will stay for the long term.

Build a community

Make your brand recognized not only for top-notch products but also for a tight-knit community. Please communicate with your customers and encourage communication among them. Loyal customers turn into brand advocates that can make your business the talk of the town.

How to boost your social media promotion

Brand promotion is a powerful marketing tool for any business, whether small, medium, or large. Some key tactics can help you get ahead of your competition and have more visibility on social media.

Social media marketing for your business growth
Scale your small business using social media.

Fill out profiles

One of the easiest ideas to ensure your company’s trusted presence on social networks is to complete the profiles on any platform you use – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Write a couple of sentences about what you do and where your headquarters are. It’s also advisable to include links to your website and other social media profiles.

Use consistent design

When you use a different colour scheme for each social media account, it can put your clients off. They’re not going to recognize you if your Instagram profile is pink, but you choose yellow for your Facebook headers. Think through every design detail and use the same colours, elements, and fonts throughout the networks.

Share videos

With the help of video marketing, promoters can now reach a lot of potential consumers through short movies. Demo clips, product demos, ads – all of these can easily be created even in an online video editor. Fastreel Video Editor, Lumen5, and Magisto each have a set of editing tools and ready-made templates that you can use to create video content for social media.

Videos increase user retention and really are worth a thousand words. You can make a tutorial for your product, advertise your services, or tell your customers what happens “behind the scenes” – an office tour, an interview with an employee, or just the everyday routine of your business.

Encourage engagement

A loyal community doesn’t come from anywhere. You build it by making your followers want to comment on your posts, participate in contests, and share your content in their feeds. This means your posts should have a call to action (CTA) – whether you want your customers to answer a question, send you an email, or visit your site.

More precise CTAs work better. Don’t just ask people what they think about your post. Ask them something like: “What is your favorite way to spend the holidays?” or “How many shows have you binge-watched this year?”.

Use branded hashtags

Hashtags help users find themed content. If you use common words and phrases like #video #picoftheday #remotework, your post can get lost in a sea of similar images and blog posts.

These tags are usually high-frequency keywords, and there can be thousands of items in the search results. But when you use your branded hashtags, the search narrows down to your posts only. Plus, you can encourage your audience to use the same hashtags to get your attention or participate in a giveaway.

List of popular social media hashtags
List of popular social media hashtags


If you want your content strategy to be effective, you need to get as much exposure as possible. To do that, you need to cross-promote your accounts on different platforms. Embed YouTube videos in tweets, republish Instagram content on Facebook, and find other ways to interconnect your profiles.

Collaborate with influencers

Internet celebrities can put in a good word for you, so don’t ignore this opportunity. Collaborate with influencers from your niche because they already know how to advertise products and services similar to yours.

Have them appear on your Instagram Live, let them take over your Twitter for a day, or invite them for an interview. Their followers will come after them, and they may stay just for you.

Organize contests and giveaways

These promotional techniques will help you create brand awareness among your target audience. Contests, freebies, discounts, and giveaways create interest in your products and services. Plus, they give your potential customers a chance to try a free sample, enjoy it, and become buyers.

Take advantage of user-generated content

This option doesn’t fit every business, but if you have an opportunity to encourage people to do something with your products and post it online, give it a go. Ask your customers to make videos with your software or cook dishes following your recipe books, repost their stories with your mentions, and publish their creations on your accounts.

Measure success

You can’t say whether you’re succeeding or failing unless you monitor the changes and have specific metrics to define your social media marketing strategy’s efficiency. Decide what key results you want to achieve and how fast. Then, use special apps and tools to track your posts’ performance, user engagement, number of likes, and followers.

Internet trends are changing faster than we can get used to them. If you want your content to stay relevant, you need to keep up with the news and be aware of trend predictions. For instance, the impact of visual content is growing, while text posts are losing their relevance a bit. Monitor everything in your niche, analyze how it affects you, and make the necessary adjustments.

How the pros do it

The best way to learn how to market your business is to watch what big companies do online and take notes. Never copy them, though, and try to create something different and unique. Here’s a list of some of the most successful social media marketing ideas used by world-renowned brands:

  • PlayStation generated a lot of attention by giving away free copies of their games and encouraging people to stay home during the pandemic.
  • Lego relies a lot on user-generated content, featuring the best Lego creations on their YouTube channel.
  • Starbucks builds hype around seasonal drinks and pastries and promotes the updated menu on the company’s Instagram.
  • Heineken appeals to sports fans and sets its posts in the context of the UEFA Champions League, F1, and the Rugby World Cup.


Every company develops its own brand promotion types, but every brand needs to be consistent in every method they use. Consistency means including all kinds of media needed for your business to grow and succeed – go where your customers go.

The purpose of using media is to create an identity that can be remembered by your target audience. When you have a coherent social media marketing strategy, you will make a good impression on newcomers and keep your loyal customers.

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