Shoppable Instagram Feed: The Strategy That Turns Social Into Sales

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Instagram has undoubtedly become the most loved social media platform on the internet.

The focus of Instagram posts has always been on the visual elements of the content rather than the textual ones, making the whole experience very engaging.

That is why Instagram always has an ever-growing dwell time, and brands usually measure their Instagram growth as per the number of their followers.

To add more to it, Instagram has introduced the feature of Shoppable feed, and many eCommerce brands have started seizing this opportunity by bringing their stores on Instagram.

Read the blog further to know more about it.

What Is A Shoppable Instagram Feed?

While scrolling through Instagram, we have come across products we wish to buy but cannot find the right source. A Shoppable Instagram feed makes it easy for customers as well as brands to reach each other.

It is an in-app feature that allows the user to shop while staying within the app. Just by tapping on the picture, you get the product name and price. When you click on it, you reach the product’s detail page.

When you scroll down, you get to explore more products by that brand. You can also click on the blue “Visit the website” button if you wish to explore the website.

Instagram has built a world of shopping features that influence a business’s sales. Brands can make their Instagram feed shoppable on the website by tagging products. Everything is done to provide the user with an easy and mobile-friendly shopping experience.

How Does A Shoppable Instagram Feed Influence Sales?

Easy To Access Shops

If you are a business on Instagram, it is important to make your feed attractive and accessible for visitors to create the perfect first impression.

Instagram shops are customizable store-fronts that can be accessed by potential customers to explore products easily. Curate products and create themes to make your page look attractive.

Product Tags Just One Tap Away

Traditionally, whenever potential customers find a post on Instagram with a product they wish to buy, they click on the save button and forget about it. Meanwhile, the post remains in their saved post collection.

Shoppable Instagram feed does not let that happen. With just one tap, a product tag appears with the product price and an arrow that indicates that another tap would lead you to the description page. Such an easy procedure keeps the potential customer hooked, without any distractions.

An Easy To Access Product Detail

Instagram provides a description page specifically designed to give relevant information about a product. It includes price, a detailed description, and images of the product from different angles.

You also find the user-generated content on the description page that is the pictures of various Instagram users who have posted wearing that particular product. These posts can influence potential customers to purchase as they work as real-life experiences.

Instagram Shop To Explore

The Instagram shop is another important feature you can use to help your potential customers find you. Use certain keywords with correct description details, as well as hashtags that are specific to your product.

When the users visit the Instagram shop to explore different products, and they use specific keywords that match your product’s description, they are more likely to find you.

Shopping From Influencers

Instagram is the space for influencers and content creators, and the users love engaging with them. When you find the right influencers for your brand, the ones who have an audience similar to your target audience, you must collaborate with them and post pictures of them wearing your product.

When you do so, you are making your product visible and accessible to your target audience, which influences them to engage with you. It is one good strategy to enhance your sales.

Ads To Maximize The Reach

Advertising on Instagram focuses directly on your target audience to maximize your reach. The paid promotion feature has filters that allow you to moderate the settings and get more result-driven output.

It works in such a way that you can choose topics related to your product or service so that the promotion focuses on users who frequently search for such topics. It also tells you the approx number of users it will be reaching once the promotion begins.

Shopping Along With Live Streaming

Instagram Live is a popular feature that enables better user interaction and allows brands to interact with the audience directly. Live streaming has a new feature called live shopping. Users can shop during a live stream.

Brands can use this opportunity to generate sales as people enjoy watching their lives. Collab with influencers who can launch or promote your product in the live stream, influencing the audience. What would add more to that would be the “add to bag” button tagged along with the live stream, which would encourage viewers to take instant action of buying.

Content That Inspires Purchases

Instagram is a visually appealing and user-generated content-driven platform mainly. The visual UGC plays a huge role in attracting, engaging, and inspiring consumers to explore the products and even buy the products.

The reason behind this is that although people know what to buy, they always look for inspiration and social proof to affirm their decisions. The visual content on Instagram, especially the user-generated content, provides that inspiration, trustworthiness, and authenticity.

So, with shoppable UGC and Instagram feeds, brands can drive inspiration to buy the products. An inspired consumer will be more likely to make the purchase and have faith in the brand.

Over To You

We come to the end of the blog, and these were a few strategies that can increase your sales with the shoppable feeds.

Instagram shoppable feeds work in a certain way in the form of videos and photos, and they allow the user to shop from them, no matter where they are on the app.

Shoppable Instagram feeds have direct benefits of getting more conversions, traffic, better user engagement, instant purchase, and a unique shopping experience. Incorporate an Instagram shop with your business profile and enjoy every benefit it has to offer.

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