Expert Marketing Tips For Instagram Users

Instagram - Social Media Marketing

Instagram is one of the fastest-growing platforms which use the visual mode for attracting the audience. You can establish the presence of your brand and can increase engagement within the social network.

Let us discuss some expert tips for the Instagram marketers:

Use Link Shortener

For tracking the traffic accurately, you should use the customized links. The links can be shortened and placed in Google Analytics. For monitoring the click rates, the customized links can be easy to use and helpful. For a new landing page, you can use different shortened links for each page.

Cross Promote Partners

You are not alone in the market and you need to keep a relationship with others. So try cross promoting wherever it is possible. For example, you may be involved with the local restaurant industry and you can cross-promote the local brewers who are popular in serving beer in your locality.

Take Your Audience To The Marketing Funnel

Try channelizing your audience to the marketing funnel. If you want to place your potential customers deep down the funnel, you can mail them personally. Now, how can you get their email addresses? For capturing the email addresses, you need to ask the potential customers about filling an information form. Try posting images with calls to action where the users can be told to click on the bio link. You can move your connection to the next level as soon as you can interact in a one-to-one basis.

Use Sponsored Ads

With the various paid features in Instagram, you can now invest in the sponsored ads. The brands can easily target the customers in an entire new dimension with the help of the sponsored ads. Previously, only the followers could watch the posts but with this sponsored ads, anyone can watch within your niche market. Instagram marketing tools like Kickstart or Instamacro can help you to provide a guide for placing the sponsored ads and helps you reach and engage your target audience to grow your business.

Share worthy Graphics

For creating an effective engagement with the audience, you need to post the images with captions. The quality of the graphics must be satisfactory and must produce share-worthy content.

Associate With The Influencers

There are many Instagram users who play the role of influencers. You must make the most out of them. The influencers can display your products or services in a much creative manner so that the audience gets attracted to it. They basically possess a large number of followers for Instagram and high-quality posts. If you can align your business with the right influencers, you will surely gain success in marketing.

Maintain An Editorial Calendar

For posting new content and updating the account, you must create an editorial calendar. This will help you to remind you of the updates and the postings. If you can batch content of similar kinds, it will surely save a lot of time. You can meet the demands of your business and can reschedule your calendar to post more and more pictures when required.

Combine Photos And Videos

You can sometimes change your marketing strategies by combining both the videos and pictures. As the videos can generate increased inbound links, you can use them for growing your follower base. Even with some pictures, you can create a short video, can engage your followers, and bring more traffic.

You must try to be active on Instagram to win this business games within the social media platforms. Try to use the application and tools of Instagram to make your posts very attractive in nature. For increasing the visibility and engagement, try exploring the tools and make the most out of them. Make sure that they are relevant and working for your business.

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