Profitable Pairings: Smart Ways to Merge Traditional and Digital Marketing

Good Marketing and Advertising

In today’s world, there is no need to think about traditional marketing and digital marketing as separate entities. If you want to be successful, you need to view them as complementary strategies that can reach people in different ways.

As a company, your number one goal is to make as much money as possible. In order to do that, you need a customer base that is constantly growing, and a great marketing strategy is the best way to get people to know your business. Think about the following tips next time you are developing a marketing plan and you should see your customer base increase.

Integrate Online and Offline Marketing

Make sure that all of your marketing materials, whether traditional or digital, have a similar “feel” to them. That is, each piece – television ads, billboards, blog posts, social media updates — should carry your brand persona so that you create a seamless transition between online and offline marketing.

Consistently use the colors and themes of your brand so people can instantly recognize it. Also, if your company has any slogans or important messages, make sure to include them in every piece of marketing. This way, you will generate a cohesive company message that customers become accustomed to, solidifying your base.

Always include the link to your website as well. If you send out a mailer using your mailing software, make sure to place the link in a prominent place that customers won’t miss. This will generate more leads to your site and increase sales.

Take Advantage of Multiple Channels

By combining traditional and digital marketing, you can spread your company’s message across multiple channels and platforms. Some marketing messages are better spread through traditional television and radio spots, while others are better suited for social media and blog posts.

Your older customers will still identify with traditional marketing, while younger customers will be more technologically savvy and respond to digital marketing better. Use this to your advantage by tailoring each marketing type to your audience. This way, your company will reach more potential customers and will continue serving existing ones in a positive way.

By using multiple marketing channels, you will reach a wider audience and your message will spread faster than if you stuck with one or the other.

Active and Passive Advertising

Digital advertising is considered “active,” which means your customers do not merely ingest your message, they can interact with it. Traditional marketing is more passive, like watching television ads or seeing a billboard while driving to work.

Passive advertising still has its place in any marketing strategy, but by providing active advertising as well, you will engage your customer base, You can post to your blog and then allow your readers to comment on it, creating a conversation. Interactive polls and questionnaires are also a good way to get your customers actively involved in your products and services.

Next time you’re developing a marketing strategy, make sure to include both traditional and digital pieces.

Natasha Bolton is a young graduate who works for a marketing company in London. She enjoys sharing her knowledge, and writing to help small business owners understand their marketing options when they cannot afford to get a company to take over.

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