5 Out-of-the-Box Marketing Strategies to Keep You Ahead of the League

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Marketing is an ever-changing domain with too many aspects to meet and develop with each passing day.

Unless you experiment often and explore the different realms of marketing possibilities, you will be soon left behind by your fellow competitors.

Now that you are willing to explore game-changing ideas to be the forerunner of success with killer marketing moves, read this blog and explore the five exemplary marketing gimmicks.

Here you go!

Create engaging vine videos

Vine videos are one of the most significant marketing techniques one can explore to stay ahead of the rat race. As a matter of fact, approximately 8,333 vine videos are shared every single minute by vine users. So, how about counting yourself in with these amazing vine video creation techniques for hyper marketing?

Vine Statistics That You Need To Know
  • Introduce a fun marketing idea in a short 6 seconds vine video.
  • Capture all crucial segments of the 6 seconds video and keep storing all vines in progress.
  • You need to add your business email as well. This will help all prospective clients to directly access your vine from their individual Twitter or other social media accounts.
  • If you are into vine video for your marketing aspirations, try picking up interesting topics based on pop cultures, fashion, and other trends and merge them with your services and products.

Invest in contest marketing ideas

This is yet another out-of-the-box marketing tactic that will provide you with an advantage over other conventional strategies. Adding incentives and recognitions to increase client footfalls is always an amazing way to flex your creative muscle in marketing.

Here’s how.

Introduce photo contests: For example, you can launch a campaign that promotes “selfie contest”. The best selfie by your prospective client gets to win goodies and other perks associated with your products and services.

Voting contests are cool as well: Voting contests are always easy to participate. Introduce a series of new service features associated with your brand and ask your clients to vote for the best one. This, in addition, will allow you to obtain sufficient market data to tap on the interests as expressed by your customers.

Try our caption contests: You may click and post a few pictures related to your business activities on social media. Ask all potential customers to caption them, and the best one gets to win vouchers. This can be an interesting way to make your brand’s presence felt across a wider platform.

Slide Share can get your business back on track

Do you know Slide Share has more than 10 million presentation uploads and draws 50 million visitors along with 3 billion views a month? This clearly indicates the fact that investing in slide share marketing will definitely expose your products and services to a wider base of audience.

Here are a few tips you can consider following in order to get the hang of the strategy.

  • Come up with a compelling title for your marketing and promotional assignments.
  • Do not miss out on differentiating the designs of your slides.
  • Consider including a Call-To-Action (CTA) text midway through the slides.
  • Remember, you should also optimise your presentations for Search Engine Optimisation.

Memes can actually generate satisfactory revenue for your business

It goes without saying that memes are one of the most fun-filled and interactive elements for the internet dwellers in today’s world. You can actually reach out to a wide group of target audience with memes designed in accordance with your trade essence. In fact, most of the new-age marketers are of the opinion that using memes, they had about ten times more reach with 60% organic engagement.

So, you may like to explore the following ideas to incorporate meme marketing at its best.

  • Get the hang of best meme marketing examples prior to incorporating it for the first time.
  • Track and analyse the latest memes trending on social media. Merge those materials with your brand’s perspective.
  • Take note, you should always refrain from promoting gender-sensitive or religiously controversial marketing memes on social media or on any other platform.
  • Always monitor your target audience and know about their purchase behaviors before creating memes.

Introduce gamification in marketing for maximum exposure

Gamification is one of the most amazing and innovative marketing strategies one can utilize in today’s competitive corporate environment. It is said that gamification has become a popular marketing strategy to reach consumers across all online platforms. It is estimated that by the year 2021, 93% of marketers will love gamification. Thus, it is anticipated that the domain of marketing will be largely contributed by the perks of gamification in the near future.

Here are a few suggestions that will help you to be part of the tribe.

  • You can gamify your marketing content with inspiring stories based on real-life case studies of famous entrepreneurs.
  • Gamify your content on the basis of awareness, consideration, preference, purchase, loyalty, and advocacy.
  • Introduce spin-to-wheel features on your business website and allow visitors to spin and win vouchers, discounted prices, freebies, and other perks.
  • Introduce top fan badges and dedicate the same to your target consumers as a token of appreciation on social media. This will help you to retain loyal customers for a longer period of time.

To End With

I hope this blog will help you to get the hang of the different ground-breaking marketing strategies to keep you ahead of the competition. Let’s take a look at the key takeaway points prior to signing off.

  • Invest in the creation of engaging vine videos.
  • Introduce contest-based marketing ideas to your organisation.
  • Explore the Slide Share platform to create and share engaging marketing presentations.
  • Embracingmeme marketing as a major marketing technique to stay ahead of the rest.
  • Last but not least, gamification in marketing can give you major advantages over others.

I will soon be back with another list of amazing marketing strategies for you to dig and implement.


Out-of-the-box marketing strategies
Out-of-the-box marketing strategies for business growth.

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