14 Hottest Digital Marketing Tools For Boosting Your Online Presence

As the year’s pass, people rely more and more on online businesses. They’re also ready to discover awesome e-stores and companies along the way, purchasing cool and unique products from all over the world online. To become known to an online audience, you have to promote your business with effective digital marketing tools.

And today, I want to share 14 best 2019 visual marketing tools. Use them to boost the design of your websites, banners in social media networks, presentations, infographics and more. The marketing tools I picked for this post come in a variety of formats to suit the needs of every user.

Graphics Bundles

1. Ultimate Digital Marketing Bundle

Ultimate Digital Marketing Bundle
The Ultimate Digital Marketing Bundle

In 2019, you don’t have to spend time hand-picking graphics and marketing tools to use for your projects. Instead, you can get yourself a huge bundle of marketing tools from TemplateMonster. This digital marketing tools bundle includes:

  • 7 animated banners;
  • 6 fonts;
  • 10 icons;
  • 15 landing page templates;
  • 8 social media banners;
  • 20 hi-res illustrations;
  • 6 mockups;
  • 15 newsletter templates;
  • 20 logos;
  • 25 flyers and brochure designs.

As you can see, with this bundle you get all the tools you need to promote and advertise your business online in 2020. All the graphics and designs that you get within this bundle are fully customizable within the software that you’re used to.

Graphic Design

2. ONE Graphic Resources

ONE Graphic Resources
ONE Graphic Resources

A top collection of graphic resources are available to all the members of One subscription. Subscribing to ONE for $19/month (billed yearly), you will get access to more than 3000 graphic resources, including:

  • 3000+ PSD templates;
  • 621 corporate identity designs;
  • 534 high-quality illustrations;
  • 49 social media templates;
  • 10 infographics elements;
  • 78 fonts;
  • 105 After Effects intros, etc.

All the graphics offered within ONE subscription are easy to customize with the visual editor that you prefer. The files with graphics are well-layered to ensure that you can customize every element of the design provided.

3. Illustrations by TemplateMonster

Illustrations by TemplateMonster
Premium illustrations by TemplateMonster

If you’re looking for high-quality illustrations for your next web design project, you’ll find 932 appealing illustration packs and stand-alone images on TemplateMonster website.

Their illustrations collection includes tons of vector images that will serve different businesses and needs. For example, here you’ll find hand-crafted and scanned watercolor illustrations, creative digital art, stylish material or clipart elements, etc. So, drop by and enjoy!

4. Social Media Tools

Social media graphics
Premium Social media graphics, illustrations, and templates by TemplateMonster

Drop by this library of social media tools and resources, and you’ll discover awesome Instagram and Facebook banner designs and other templates. All of these resources are easy-to-customize thanks to their layered structure. Links to download free fonts are also provided within each social media marketing tool bundle. Using any of the 250+ resources for social media, you can polish the design of your publications, making them even more likable, shareable and impactful.

5. Canva


Canva is a leader among user-friendly, template-based online graphics editor. Canva is a freemium tool, offering you decent (but limited) capabilities even within its free version.

With Canva, you can create various graphics, such as backgrounds, logos, banners, graphs, infographics, etc. Moreover, you don’t have to draw all these elements from scratch. Just drop by the library of Canva design templates and choose inexpensive or free mockups and graphic templates. With Canva, you can download your project free in PDF, PNG or JPG formats.


6. Infographic Elements

Infographic Elements
Premium Infographic Elements from Template Monster.

Now, I want to present to you an amazing collection of infographic elements bundles. Using pre-made infographics elements, you can easily create an infographic with Photoshop by simply moving the elements around and sparkling it all with your data and content.

Each infographics bundle includes all the elements needed to create a huge variety of infographics. So, with over 30 infographics bundles available on this website, you can just pick your style and create and accomplished infographics on any topic within hours.

7. Pictochart

Pictochart - Infographic Maker
Pictochart – Infographic Maker

Pictochart is an easy-to-use graphic design tool and an amazing online infographics makers. You can use the free version of the tool or go pro to enjoy the full extent of this online editor’s capabilities.

With over 800 templates for infographics, presentations, and printouts available, Pictochart lets you quickly create an infographic using ready-made design elements, interactive charts, animated icons, images, videos, and trendy fonts. You can also use Pictochart for effective collaboration with your team on your projects.

Presentations & Animated Banners

8. PowerPoint Templates

PowerPoint Templates
Premium PowerPoint Templates by TemplateMonster.

To create a good-looking presentation you can spend hours to learn to use the full repertoire of PowerPoint tools. Or instead, you can create a versatile and good looking presentation with a ready-made template.

With PowerPoint templates, you can access one of the largest repositories of free and premium PowerPoint on the web. This library of present-day templates includes more than 3,000 unique presentation templates. Each of these presentation templates includes different types of slides for presenting your company, business plan, project, topic, etc.

9. Powtoon

Powtoon - Create Awesome Videos and Presentations.

Powtoon is an awesome presentation & video creation tool. With it, you can trouble-free create a presentation on any given topic, explainer videos, video presentations and more. Moreover, this tool puts a special emphasis on the structure of the presentations you create, allowing you to effectively engage, explain, deliver your message and sell.

Powtoon is a freemium tool. If you go for the free version, you get Powtoon branding seen on all of your presentation slides. If you subscribe for a membership, you, instead, get access to all the features of this video builder, as well as 24/7 support.

10. Animated Banners

Animated Banners
Animated Banners

To make your banners and banner ads even more engaging, use professionally animated banner templates. Dropping by Animated Banners gallery, you can purchase and download any of 60+ animated banners bundles.

Each animated banners bundle contains designs in different dimensions, sizes and for a range of purposes. All the banner designs are fully customizable with easy-to-adjust text and shapes. Finally, these templates employ free fonts only. The links to download these fonts are always provided within the Help file.


11. Fonts and Font Packs

Fonts and Font Packs
Fonts and Font Packs

The design of your website won’t be perfect without a matching selection of readable and engaging fonts. Access this collection of 662 fonts and fonts packs to find unique and good-looking custom fonts for captions, headlines, CTA buttons and more.

Each font included in this collection includes a wide range of special symbols. Moreover, a number of fonts can also be used for the websites translated into other languages and writing systems.

12. Google Fonts

Google Fonts
Google Fonts for your Typography needs.

If you have, at least, limited experience with web design, you’ve perhaps already come across Google Fonts. This is one of the visual marketing tools that has proven to be an invaluable resource for web designers.

Thanks to their open-source nature, Google fonts became a viable option both for personal projects and commercial use. Moreover, 800+ fonts available within this Google tool are accessible on small screens, legible and eye-friendly. You can finetune each font up to your needs prior to downloading it thanks to a number of settings available.


13. Icon Sets

Premium Icon Sets from TemplateMonster.
Premium Icon Sets from TemplateMonster

To give your website a professional look and feel, use a collection of well-thought icons. If you drop by the Icon Sets online library, you’ll find 450+ unique icon sets for a wide range of topics and websites.

Each icon set contains a collection of icons, the design of which goes in line with each other and with a particular idea/theme. So, if you spend enough time to choose a matching and good-looking icon set, you’ll make your web presence more engaging, well-structured and visually diverse.

14. Flaticon

Flaticon - Free and Premium Icon Sets
Flaticon – Free and Premium Icon Sets

Flaticon is an established repository of more than 2 million vector icons. Here, you can find icons and icon packs next for every purpose and topic imaginable. The icons come in a variety of file formats and can be customized using popular editors, such as Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, etc.

All of the icons at Flaticon are available free of charge. That’s why it’s quite unsurprising that you may stumble over some outdated packs when you use the icon search feature. Nevertheless, if you look long enough, you’ll find your perfect icon pack on Flaticon without trouble.

Wrapping Up

You’ve just reviewed the best visual marketing tools available on the web at the end of 2019. These tools will perfectly satisfy your various marketing needs and will help you promote your business on the web more effectively.

Which digital marketing tools do you use on a regular basis? Have you tried any of those tools I presented above? Share your thoughts and questions in the Comments section below.

Stay tuned for more!

Top Digital Marketing Tools
Top Best Digital Marketing Tools To Consider.

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