Tips on Designing an Effective Banner When Viewed from Afar

Design creative banner ads

The reason why you hang your banners up is for everyone to see them. Even those who are not near the area where you posted these banners will still view the information. The problem is that your poster will be next to other creative posters out there.

You need to compete for the attention of the people around you, and it is not an easy task. Before you print any sign for marketing your products, you need to focus on the design and layout.

Consider these tips to help you in doing the design.

Look for a catchy image

The first thing people will view is the photo. You need to have one that captures their attention from afar. Avoid using generic models since they are not interesting. You need to use pictures of real people since they are relatable. Yes, sexy and stunning models are captivating, but they do not necessarily convince people to buy a product. They will think of it as too good to be true.

Choose large fonts for the product name

You want to make people remember the name of your brand and the products that you sell. You need to highlight them when creating the posters. You need to remind them what you are selling so that even if they already walked past the area where you put the signs up, they will not stop thinking about your brand.

Do not fear to choose bold colours

The goal is to get people’s attention, and colours can do that trick. Find bright and bold shades as long as they represent your brand, and are similar to the colours you usually use in ordinary business. You want people to associate that colour with your company and entice them to buy what you have to offer.

A call to action is vital

You need to ensure that you create a call to action if you want to increase your sales. Apart from introducing your product, you also want people to find your store and purchase right away. If you have an online store, you also want to redirect them there and make it easy to buy. Discounts and other exciting deals are also useful.

Find the right area

After designing the banners and posters, you need to secure a location where people can see them. Avoid places that are too crowded with other posters since all of them are competing for attention. You also need to look for locations that receive heavy foot traffic to increase the chances that someone sees your banner. Evaluate the effectiveness of this method and come up with other techniques.

You might also want to try rollup banners if you want people to come close and read detailed information. The design requirements are quite different from the usual banners that you hang. Do not hesitate to search for strategies that will allow people to recall your products and decide to buy.

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