How to Measure Print Marketing?

With the emerging new technology, it is hard not to see the massive boom of digital advertising in recent years. There are pop-up ads everywhere on the websites, which are only a single click away. However, Print marketing should not be considered secondary as it provides a great way to reach out to customers to promote your business.

Print marketing is advertising done through physically printed ways. It includes:

  • Newspapers and Weeklies
  • Billboards and Posters
  • Letters and Postcards
  • Magazines and much more

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According to Forbes, 60% people agreed that a physical advertising leaves a long-lasting impression.

Ways to Measure Print Marketing

The major concern of the marketers is the ROI that is generated by the printing campaigns. To see how effective print marketing is, here are some ways that will help you measure it;

1. Keep an Eye on Web Traffic

Monitor the web traffic on the website as the printing campaign is in the process. It will help you see the noticeable increase or decrease in the traffic. The effectiveness of print marketing can be indicated by the spike in the traffic on your website. It will show the success of print marketing as more and more traffic is directed towards your website.

2. Vanity URLs

A great way to measure print marketing is through Vanity URLs. Creating a landing page by placing a specific URL somewhere within the ad will lead the flow of traffic to your site, in turn increasing the traffic. In addition to this, Apply UTM parameters to keep a track on the number of people that have approached the site with the help of the URL. UTM Parameters- tracking codes that are added to the URL to check the trend in Google Analytics.

3. Unique Means of Contact

To measure print marketing, use a unique point of contact. Direct all the numbers used in several printing campaigns to a single unique contact number. This way it will be easier to see which campaign is doing better than others.

4. QR Codes

To use the advancement in technology to your advantage, implement QR codes in your printing campaigns. Companies such as Apple are promoting QR codes by including the functionality of scanning the QR codes through their phone’s camera. Using QR codes will lead the customers directly on your website, assisting in keeping track of the traffic.

5. Communicate with Customers

Simplicity is the best way to do it. Asking customers about the campaign, will make them feel valued and as a result more of them will be inclined towards it. Further, ask them about their reactions to those campaigns. You can measure print marketing on the basis of the reactions across different customer segments.

Planning is a crucial element in measuring marketing, as it helps clarify what should be done in order to get the desired results So, make sure you seek Mandreel digital marketing agency as it is everything that you need to grow your business exponentially.

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