Boost and Lift Your Trade Show Marketing in 5 Simple Ways

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Trade shows are a huge marketing tactic when it comes to generating leads for your business. People tend to make reservations for the upcoming expos months before the event.

Successful exhibitors optimize success with the validated marketing strategies of the trade shows.

These tactics are established even before the exhibition starts. Smart business owners and advertisers take advantage of the chance to reach their target audience by attending trade fairs that are relevant for their market sectors.

A trade show exhibit production company can make sure that your booth stands out among the crowd. However, with the help of correct marketing strategies and exceptional creativity, your exhibition can become a complete success.

Research indicates that 75% of those visiting exhibits know exactly what they want to see, who they want to see, and how much time they would like to invest in the exhibition hall.

Trade shows prove to be one of the most effective results-oriented marketing tools for targeting potential buyers, with the convenience of the social media and mobile networking scope.

Although some businesses seem to profit from trade shows, others come home to ask themselves whether it’s worth their time and resources. Your trade show initiative can get the excitement and the performance you want with good strategic planning.

Let’s discuss the marketing tactics that can lift the return and profit figures and make your resources and time invested in a trade show worthwhile.

Plan Ahead of Time

As we speak about planning in advance, a trade show is not the last-minute thing that can be done with a few presentations and products. Corporate companies plan way ahead of time when it comes to trade shows and marketing because they understand the value of money and it gives them enough time to cater to an idea and make the best use of their resources.

Planning a trade show doesn’t just entail reserving flights and hotel rooms for the people and hiring a trade show exhibit production company for your upcoming exhibition. It should be a very systematic method where every part of your fair – pre-show, display and post-show – is carefully analyzed and matched with a plan and your business goals.

Invite people through various means

If you are planning to participate in a trade show, people need to know about it. Those who follow the business need to be updated on your plans and those who don’t need to know who you are. Thanks to modern technology, connecting with people has become much easier.

Customized Invitations

Send your customized invitation and invites created by the trade show organizers to your most reliable customers and those who follow you regularly. Profitable exhibitions recognize the worth of personalized invitations while advertising for the trade show.

Communication Platforms

Promote your presence in business magazines, mails, mail telephone calls and, of course, via the platform and current marketing channels. Promote your involvement at the trade fair!

Social Media

To generate interest, use social media. You can invite thousands of followers on Twitter to share your show info, submit Facebook updates to groups of friends, and use social networking sites to create a buzz.

Determine the Goals

It can clearly be about creating excitement and recognition for one business or a new product or service introduction in the relevant market. For others, sales goals such as generating a number of leads and openings or gathering as many connections as possible might be the prime target.

And for some companies, all of these goals might be combined. The point is, the goals behind participating in a trade show might be different, but the prime focus is completely on gaining benefit for the company.

The objectives of the exhibition marketing may include:

  • Increasing the number of email and/or blog subscribers, current members and sales
  • Increasing the number of people inorganically and directly
  • Enhancing the level of social media following the rise in email or blog subscribers

Make sure your marketing system can measure these channels and provide management with proof of your event performance.

Choose the Perfect Spot

The location of the booth plays a key role in your performance and the success of your trade show. You will consider the configuration of the exhibit hall and choose a location that is best suited for heavy traffic and engagement incentives as part of your planning process.

It requires registration much in advance because registration at the last minute will almost always contribute to less than flawless stands. With most shows, especially bigger shows, you pay a premium for larger spaces and larger spaces are usually perfect.

One way to connect with potential clients in a trade fair immediately is by building space to make them feel welcome. A table on the front of the stand will render it seem uninvited and locked. Build instead a room in which people can enter without being captured.

For people to learn about your business or your products or services, you may build numerous stations in the city. Such discreet “feng shui” activity will reduce the likelihood of people passing through you and increase the odds of reaching and communicating with your representative.

Master the Art of Engaging

The display should consist of knowledgeable and dedicated workers who interact with trade show attendees and execute the plan you have laid down even before they arrive.

Operating on laptops or iPads, you can certainly send a misleading image to a passerby by reading emails on smartphones while standing in chairs. The workers are there to function at the store, so the focus should be that.

Find something else to attract an audience and involve them in discussions. Motion graphics, images, and demos may be effective in drawing attention to and share more about the services and/or goods succinctly.


Trade shows can be made a 100% success with the help of a good team and proper marketing planning that is laid in advance of the actual event.

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