Are you Visible and Standing Out? How to Choose Displays

Make Trade Show a Success with the right Display or exhibition stand

With a wide range of options flooding the market for trade show displays, you would be wise to do your homework before taking the plunge and securing one of them for your business.

While a new display may look great during the first event, you also need to consider the future events you will attend.

Choosing the right display or exhibition stand involves considering suppliers and costs along with making sure that what you buy helps you achieve your exhibition objectives and goals. There are many important points to keep in mind when choosing a trade show display.

Points to consider while choosing a trade show display


Organizations often send representatives to several industry events on an annual basis to maximize the promotional opportunities for their businesses. This means that longevity is an essential quality for any display.

There are many durable display solutions on the market that can be accessed without stretching your organization’s marketing budget. Roll up stands, for example, are a popular choice due to their durability and portability, while maintaining their visual impact.

Marketing Goals and Objectives

The marketing objectives of your organization will play a vital role in the determining the type of displays that you need to buy. For instance, if you want to portray your company as a leading innovator in the industry, a creative, you should consider a unique and cutting-edge solution.

On the other hand, a newer company may focus on creating the impression of goodwill and professionalism. Your stand should work as an effective marketing platform that fulfills your requirements. Click here for Iconic Displays.

Rent or Purchase

If this happens to be the first show or some shows are going on at the same time, a rental may be a worthwhile option. However, in instances where exhibitions are ongoing, purchasing may be an ideal option for your situation. You can also consider display stands that are adaptable and can be used in various spaces and for many shows.

Budget and Costs

Everyone typically wants to stay within their budget. However, don’t fall into the trap of only thinking about your next show. If you plan on continuing to exhibit at shows in the future, you will need a solution that is durable, professional looking, and something that helps you fulfill your goals for the events.

This view can lead to conclusions such as what appears to be a cheap stand turning out to be expensive due to transportation and storage costs. You will also have better insight into the actual cost of trade show displays and purchasing a customized exhibition stand.


After booking a space, you will typically receive a manual that provides a list of suppliers for display stand packages as well as other items that may be required. Exhibitors are generally at liberty to choose between buying and renting stands, and other services from whomever they prefer. Following the tips shared in this post will help you earn more money on your next trade show events.

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