Different Ways Your Business Can Generate Leads

Lead generation for business

Generating business leads is often a challenging task for businesses. It begins right from identifying and nurturing viable prospects, to eventually converting them to paying customers.

A lead could be a target company or person you hope to get their buy-in to your services or product and the resulting possibility of them being your customer.

Importantly, understanding your lead and the ability to classify them into either cold, warm, or hot lead can help you in making faster and informed sales decisions.

For you to efficiently and effectively generate new leads, the first thing is creating awareness about your particular product or service. Equally important are techniques for starting conversations with potential clients.

Systems like a Power dialer, that are meant to spearhead the know-how of your product and services to potential clients are an example.

Below are the ways your business can utilize in generating leads:

Customer-generated Content

One of the leading means of generating leads is by showcasing customer testimonials. Strong user-generated content creates authenticity and trust, which can quickly transform your business in terms of generation.

You should make sure you indicate the particular service offered for every testimonial, whether it was for a B2B or a B2C client. The testimonial should be skimmable, clearly highlighting your vital services and how their positive impact on your clients.

Phone Calls

When in doubt, call! Quite often a client may give you a cold shoulder, but nevertheless, calling the customer helps you touch base by checking on them at their offices. However, some prospects prefer text messages to phone calls.

So, to easily engage with such customers, services like Drop Cowboy offer a mass text messaging platform to enable you to reach wider client groups.

Strong Branding

Nothing speaks out like a strong brand. Think carefully through the message you want to get to your clients and make it speak for yourself. It should be clear and consistent across all your marketing platforms.

With the understanding that clients are only looking for proven expertise, a company that ascertains their prowess is best positioned to get business. To do that, strong branding is implemented to easily showcase the experience.


Search engine optimization ensures you appear among the top results from any Google search relating to your product, such that potential customers can easily find you on the internet. What SEO does is utilize specific keywords related to your product offering.

When a search for any of the related keywords is done, your website appears first on the google results. It helps in driving traffic to your company website, and this inbound traffic has the potential to generate leads for your business.

Partnering with Local Businesses

Sometimes you can piggyback on other companies’ experiences to reach new leads. One of the ways is to engage in joint campaigns or co-host events with them. It just might pivot your outreach to new levels by cross-pollinating with a different customer base.

Networking Events

The digital world is undeniably a vast place. This is why most businesses like to build real-world connections through networking events. Here you get to establish real relationships with the people you meet, gain referrals, stretch your network base as you make your brand creating an opportunity to generate new leads.


Video demonstrations come with great value in generating new leads. Clients tend to resonate well with videos, due to their aesthetic visual appeal. YouTube is the right platform, allowing you to embed company links in the videos. You can as well capitalize on third-party tools to make your particular video go viral. By engaging more customers, you will ultimately be promoting your brand.


It is one of the simplest methods of getting new leads; however, you are advised to let people opt-in through your e-newsletter sign-ups. There’s a chance of building a mailing list of potential reach-out clients through your e-newsletter. E-newsletter generally open up a channel to showcase your expertise and insights regarding your solution to your clients.


Blogging about your product and services allows you to optimize the inbound views for lead generation. You can even escalate your e-newsletter downloads through your blog by providing a sign-up section for the newsletters. Blogs ensure you have complete control of your thoughts and ideas, and you also get the undivided attention of your readers.

Social media

Social media is the digital marketing trend of the decade. If you don’t utilize social media to generate leads, you might be losing out on a vast customer base in the digital world. Twitter and Facebook offer you a comprehensive outreach platform that you can use to generate leads.

Furthermore, there are visual social platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram, where you can post high-quality photos and videos. Of pertinent consideration is that, outside the brick-and-mortar world, clients make a buying decision based on the visual appeal. Keep that in mind to increase your chances of conversion and in generating new leads.

Influencer Marketing Impact on Business
Importance of influencer marketing for your business.


Influencer marketing is the new norm in the digital marketing realm. Depending on your product niche, social media influencers can be an invaluable resource for generating new leads. With their vast follower-base and the fact that they profoundly influence the buying decisions of their followers, influencers can catapult your business reach to an exponential level.

An influencer can be a thought leader or celebrity in a particular industry. Essentially, before making your decision to settle on an influencer, do a background search to determine whether they align with your company ideals and marketing strategy.

Run a Viral Contest

You can put up a competition with exclusivity for new customers using social media platforms to spread information about your contest. Such competitions may sometimes require that they share your posts or whatever way you intend to formulate them.

At the end of the contest, you should be able to get the contacts of the contestants through contact forms. Eventually, it helps in promoting your business out to new clients, positioning yourself for new lead generation.

Online Chats

Consider adding a chat function on your websites so that you can have personalized communication with new site visitors. From this, you are able to understand their specific needs. Additionally, the personal touch helps in creating chances for purchase.


Digital books are an excellent B2B reach-out plan, especially for customers in the industrial space. People love to gain expertise, and when your company goes out of its way to fulfill that desire, it creates a soft spot for your brand, leading to a new breed of loyal customers.

Take note, however, that you shouldn’t advertise in your e-books. It is better to present yourself on neutral ground. Additionally, you can use sign-up forms or landing pages to get useful contacts as they download the e-newsletters.


There are many innovative ways you can use to generate leads, especially with the ever-changing digital marketing trends. It is, however, critical that you understand the different types of leads to help in making informed choices in your quest for lead generation. Lastly, conduct regular reviews of every lead generation technique for better optimization.

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