Marketing Strategies That Can Help With Your Business Numbers

How to Make markets Work for Your Business

Business marketing strategies help to create a step-by-step marketing plan (digital or non-digital) that helps an organization to introduce, create a buyer base, and then sell their products or services or both to this acquired customer base.

COVID-19 has presented unprecedented times for individuals and businesses across the globe. The Government-backed economies, businesses, big and small, are all impacted. Millions have lost lives and many more millions have been left unemployed.

Businesses have had to shut physical shops and, due to this reason, many medium and small-scale organizations are rendered meaningless. The worldwide web, with its unlimited contactless access and platforms, has been a mode of rescue for all.

1. Market Mannerism

Marketspace is basically a culmination of a business and its prospective buyers. The buyers could be the general people, wherein the business is called retail (B2B model), or the buyer could be another business (B2B model).

In both cases, it is pertinent to create a case within the tentative user market and attract customers, to gain sales and brand name. An able marketing strategy helps to achieve all this and more.

Digital markets and the world wide web have opened up a host of avenues for businesses and entrepreneurs worldwide. These markets(internet as well as mobile markets) have suddenly taken over all the prior-existing marketing ways, to create a one-whole comprehensive global market where all the products and services are now being sold online.

A website, a mobile application, or a web platform, amongst others, are some of the choicest options helping businesses explore and profit on the opportunities these markets present. Various web and app marketing strategy, herein help businesses scale up the returns on these investments.

2. Website or an App (or both)?

Nowadays, you can do without a physical brick-and-mortar store, but you simply cannot do without a digital presence. Any kind of digital campaign, as well as physical or digital marketing strategies, requires a base address for customers to connect with.

A website or a mobile application serves this purpose well. The COVID times have further proven their effectiveness in promoting sales. So, if you don’t already have one, you need to look out for a dedicated app developer and have them built asap.

3. Value- Adding Video Content

The traditional ‘television advertisements’ are also a form of video content consumerism and have been proving their effectiveness as a marketing tool for decades now.

In today’s interactive era, this app marketing strategy in the digital space is more than just prominent. Other marketing platforms and strategies, in fact, imbibe video content to aid their affectivity.

YouTube is in fact a world-renowned platform wherein more than 500 hours of video content gets posted every minute. The platform boasts a user base of more than 2 billion viewers who log in every month.

YouTube is known to find a certain connection with the youth buyer and thus, video content posted here can influence and attract a viewer base like a few others.

Customers seldom buy online products or services until they somehow feel connected to the brand or the products or services offered. Video Content helps to interact with the customers, engage them, and tutor them about the brand and products or services offered. It helps to create the required ‘connect’ effectively. Not only for the digital space, this strategy effectively helps the brick-and-mortar stores too.

4. Capable Content

With buyers mostly spending time in the digital world, every business needs a constant supply of quality content that can push in their offered products and services with the customers. Effective blogs (posted on Medium, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc), articles (posted on eHow, Article Cube, Article Alley, Hubpages, etc.), ebooks, ezine articles, featured write-ups, amongst others are tools in this vertical.

The content published may or may not promote a business directly. But, it should be able to vaguely register the brand with the viewer. Good Content has the prowess of getting read again and again and may help the related website or app climb up the SEO charts as well.

Email Marketing with some engaging content is also another viable option for both web and app marketing strategy segments. Direct mails can be sent to the intended customers with content that might enable them to open and read the mail and maybe visit the website or app page too.

It is a cost-effective medium too. Able marketers are known for best practices for email marketing that help their business clients ace sales and page traffic through this marketing tool as well.

5. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine ‘Google’ is one of the biggest digital organizations worldwide. This is due to the fact that almost 91% of internet users are using Google. Thus, you are nowhere in the digital marketing space; if not here.

A website or a mobile application requires several inclusions like keywords, tags, Meta title, Meta Description, XML files, etc, to ace this block. These inclusions help a website or an app to become ‘searchable’ on Google and other search engines and slowly climb up the search pages ‘organically’. Connected articles and blogs may also help with this respect.

6. Social Media is Savagely Important as well.

Started as a means to connect with friends and acquaintances. Social media is now the place where all communications, including brand discussions and reviews, take place. The seven social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest, and Reddit, command the lion’s share in this space.

A business may or may not have sales available online, but it needs to be present here; letting people know about their business existence. These platforms have opened up avenues for text, image, and video content as well as paid marketing and even direct sales as options that can be explored for maximum returns on investment.

7. Events are still Essential

Promotional Events are still one of the best ways to offer clients a reason to immediately connect with your business. This ‘event’ may be a physical launch or a digital event like a promotional offer or a discount or a loyalty program, offering points. It gives a business a significant edge over competitive brands, offering no such options.

8. Reviews are Required

The tech-savvy generation is known to search for online reviews, before even buying a ‘pin” these days. So, businesses need genuine and organic positive reviews of their products and services being circulated online.

But beware in this sense; a negative review may also circulate and cause sales issues. They too would be required to be deftly handled before causing ‘damage’. Reviews are the digital ‘word-of-mouth’ kinda app marketing strategy tool required for sales multiplication.

9. Partnerships can be Very Powerful

Partnering with a renowned brand is sure to help strengthen marketing positions. It provides a customer some additional reason to support a brand and also attracts the existing user base of the partnered brand to eye your business.

For instance, BMW and Louis Vuitton, both leaders in their own verticals, collaborated for the ‘art of travel’ campaign that aced with the luxury-loving customer base of both the brands simultaneously.

Another example is Facebook. The world’s largest social media platform has partnered with Jio communications recently to collaborate on several projects based in India, one of the largest markets for Facebook and WhatsApp. This is a powerful partnership that has taken shape during recent COVID times.


These marketing strategies and their apt utilization are ‘gold’ for Web and app marketers. One or more of these strategies can work together to spin magic for any business, however big or small.

They may involve investments, but ROI’s are also mostly good. They shall help you take your business to your intended client, directly or indirectly, and help your brand carve its desired niche.

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Marketing Strategies That Can Help With Your Business Numbers

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