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We’re more than halfway through with what has been one, if not the most challenging, of years so far. It’s looking quite grim when we speak of peace and order, with abuses and inequality being exposed and protests threatening to explode into violent ones, like what we’ve witnessed in some of the Black Lives Matter movement.

The business sector is no different. The uncertainty has brought unrest, and a lot of brands have succumbed and closed down.

2020 has defined itself as the year that turned lives upside down, with many of us scrambling for survival. On the business side, companies have to make calculated moves and implement smart strategies to survive and thrive despite the restrictions brought about by COVID-19.

With a huge chunk of the human population being forced indoors, there’s one light that could lead most companies out of the tunnel if they know how to make full use of it – the internet.

Enter digital marketing. No one can deny the growing influence of the online world in almost every aspect of people’s lives and there’s no better time to turn to it than this year of the pandemic. This is the time companies have to intensify efforts in digital marketing.

Despite the negative connotations of the pandemic, this is the best time to make history, the best time to make companies be remembered. It’s time to view this situation as an opportunity to step up, as a lot of the noise from rivals, which would have distracted clients from noticing your business, are being quieted down.

But how can you make digital marketing work in your favor?

What Is Digital Marketing?

It’s a way of promoting your products and services with the use of the internet. Through digital marketing, you can easily have a wide reach of your consumers, wherever they are in the world, through mobile devices, search engines, and social media, among many others.

What used to take days and months is now a snap of a finger – once you have the content, you can easily send it out for the world to see. Digital marketing also allows you to make quick modifications to your strategies, increasing activities that work with consumers while ditching those that don’t.

The Evolution of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has been around since the advent of the internet, but strategies have since evolved drastically since then, with the rise and fall of different platforms. Overall, the digital age has provided countless and even almost equal opportunities for everyone to put themselves out there and get noticed.

What once was limited to company websites and e-commerce portals like eBay has now branched into social media platforms. Who knows what the future would bring as technology continues to develop and turn concepts into reality?

Some Valuable Digital Marketing Techniques

Below are some techniques that businesses use in their digital marketing. Often, businesses prefer to do a combination of a lot of these techniques to hit as many targets as they can. Eventually, some will find their niche, depending on which techniques will yield the highest positive feedback.

1. Have Compelling Content

Good ol’ content is still king and remains to be one of the best online marketing techniques for 2020. It doesn’t only bring an audience that can potentially turn into customers, constantly good content can give you a loyal following among your target audience.

The more informative and engaging your content is, the more people it would draw to your brand. With such a short attention span, the digital age has brought, your content has to catchy and easy to read. It has to make your consumers want to finish reading and get them excited for your next one.

2. Personalize Your Ad Campaigns

Consumers will stick to brands that they can relate to the most. Your brand has to communicate in a way that makes your consumers feel they are understood and that their needs are being thought of. What better way to do that than offering tailored services or products?

3. Take Advantage Of Guest Blogging

Guest blogging works because content is being provided by the people whom your consumers can relate to. Consumers believe it more if what is being said comes from one of them.

It’s like a testimonial, only that it draws more interaction and, who knows, you might even spot someone who’s very good at handling an audience. DashThis digital marketing specialist Pamela Bourgault once said, “In most cases, these articles bring in a lot of organic traffic and promising leads for us.”

4. Make Use Of Influencers

Like guest blogging, having an influencer market your products and services is like marketing through word of mouth. These influencers don’t have to be famous celebrities. More often, they are just ordinary people who are able to build rapport with a huge number of people and have a reliable reputation when it comes to recommending effective products.

With the quarantine being implemented in some places, a lot of people have turned to YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, where they listen to influencers more than the usual TV commercials.

5. Create Videos

People these days, with their short attention span, respond more to visual illustrations such as videos. If you’re able to catch their attention, and are able to hook their interest, then you’ve got a winner.

Today’s technology has made it easy to produce videos and you can have a pick of whatever kind of content you want – be it testimonials, a footage of behind the scenes, or even tutorials.

If you decide to use trailers or clips, that’s also a great idea. Watching videos is also easier to do in mobile devices than reading long content and even emails.

6. Livestreaming

Speaking of videos, you can opt for a live transmission over the internet. It will require a short time to produce and you can reach a broad audience in a short amount of time. You’ll even be able to interact with your audience in real-time.

For an effective stream interaction, allow viewers to have control of what they want to find out during the session through chats and live polls, for example.

7. Social Media Messengers

Businesses are no longer content with the usual posting on Social Media. As most of us love to keep in touch with families and peers through chats and how we love a more personalized experience, the businesses ventured into social messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and WeChat as well. Even Shopee sellers also use this kind of strategy to entice consumers.

Why Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a fast-paced world that has simplified a lot of things and has also opened lots of opportunities. You can reach a large number of the audience without having to spend much, as you won’t have to be sending crews and trucks to certain locations to help spread the word.

Your digital content is easier to create and modify, which spells lots of savings compared to the traditional way of marketing. Digital marketing can also help you get to know your consumers better, allowing you to hear sentiments straight from your consumers and therefore enabling you to further improve your content along with your products and services.

2020 may be a hard year for most of us, but with resilience, flexibility, creativity, and the ability to see an opportunity and seize it, you can provide your business a greater fighting chance to make it through the pandemic and, who knows? This tough time may just be the start you need to get to the top spot?

Online Marketing Strategy Tips
Techniques To Boost Your Small Business using Online Marketing.

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