Get Know How To Drive Sales Instantly With Push Notifications

Use push notifications to drive sales

Push notifications are one of the fastest means to communicate with the audience. They can reach almost every corner of the world with a single click and within no time.

This is the reason why the moment you send push notifications to your users regarding a sale you got heavy traffic within minutes.

These days WordPress Push notifications have given new benchmarks to digital marketing. Push notifications in the form of WooCommerce push notifications have helped many to achieve sales targets. It is due to this reason that most of the businesses have already implemented them as their prime marketing technique.

Well, if you are among those that haven’t implemented push notifications yet or are struggling with sales after implementation. Get to know how to drive sales instantly with push notifications.

Discounts and offers

You got some products or services at discounts. The best and immediate way to reach the audience is through push notifications. It just takes a single click to reach the audience on a mass level. The moment the audience came to know about discounts and offers through push notifications, they will immediately approach your platform.

This way you will not only attract existing users to your platform, but also be able to attract new users. There is also a great possibility that these new users like your quality products and become your regular customers thereafter. As an end result, you will be able to hit your sales target easily.

Rich media

One of the best things about push notifications is, they can be easily organized. You can add eye-catchy images to draw the attention of customers. Moreover, you can also add emojis, gifs, graphics, and so on.

This helps to draw the user’s attention to your notification. In most cases, the user can’t resist and go for a purchase on the spot. This is the power of a push notification where you can motivate a user on a subconscious level for a sale.

Drive sales instantly with push notifications
Use rich media in your push notifications to increase sales.


Push notifications can be easily personalized and segmented as per need. This factor makes them powerful enough to compel the users for a sale. A personalized message will be created on the basis of the interest of a user. It means a user will find it hard to resist and will go for a sale.

Moreover, when a push notification is segmented according to gender, age, interest, region. It creates a powerful impact on the mind of a user. As it generally contains the products or services that are prior needs of a user. When a user is directed to these products or services, a need for urgency is created that mostly ends up in a sale.


Push notifications can be timed easily. It means you can select the time zone for a particular region and then send push notifications accordingly. You are in complete control to send notifications to your users at any time of the day and night. The benefit of sending a timely push notification is, there is a higher probability that the user will be free.

In this case, the chances of a push notification being seen by a user increases. This will help you to close a deal right on the spot. As a result, you will get your instant sale.


Two-way communication is essential for sales. At any point, a user felt ignored by your platform. There is a good probability of no more purchases from your platform by the user. In order to prevent this situation, you can use a drip.

In this, automated push notifications will be sent to a user at regular intervals. These push notifications will carry useful information regarding your brand, products, services, etc. This will make your users feel special. As a result, you will get your sales easily and rapidly with free advocacy.


Push Notifications provide you an opportunity to add Call-to-Action links or buttons. It is sure that you are engaging with your customer for some reason. The most probable reason is the sale of your product or service. So why not add the Call-to-Action buttons and direct your audience towards the demanded action?

It will ease the task for you as well for your users as they will be directly taken to the destination without getting involved in the hectic process. Moreover, it increases the user’s experience and helps you out with sales.

Tips to drive sales with push notifications
Use the call-to-action button in push notifications to increase sales.

Cart abandonment notifications

When it comes to online shopping, a lot of carts are left abandoned. There are many reasons behind this like, a customer has changed his mind, found some better deal, forgot due to a busy schedule, and a lot more. But ultimately it’s a loss for you, as you miss your sales opportunity.

Push notifications are very handy in this situation. You can use automated push notifications to remind users about the abandoned carts. This will encourage customers to go for the final checkout. As a result, more sales for you.

Ways to drive sales with push notifications
Use cart abandonment push notifications to increase sales.

Up-selling and Cross-selling

You can use push notifications for up-selling. In this, you can motivate a customer to buy additional products. These products can be in the form of accessories for past products or upgrades.

In the case of cross-selling, you can use push notifications to suggest a different product to customers. In a recent study on the same, it is shown that there is around 70% probability that the customer will go for a purchase. This will help you to bring more sales to your platform.


Push notifications are one of the simplest and economical techniques to increase sales. They can be personalized, organized, and timed to get the maximum benefits. This is the reason why most businesses have implemented them as their prime marketing strategy.

Moreover, most of the eCommerce stores have already achieved their sales target through WooCommerce push notifications. To help you out on the same, some of the tips to instantly increase your sales are presented here. So, use them to your advantage.

Sales with push notifications
Tips to drive sales with push notifications.

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