5 Insightful Digital Marketing Tips That Will Sail Your Business Boat

Digital Marketing Trends: A Detailed List To Follow In 2020

Digital marketing is the soul of the business world. And, with the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing, one needs to stay ahead of time.

Old is gold, but the same old marketing strategy won’t benefit you at all. It is important for marketers to stay updated with the ever-changing digital marketing trends. Well, this year is no different! I have curated a list of digital marketing tips that will boost your business revenue.

Let’s read out the details and make a full-proof business plan.

Take Risks, Explore, And Evolve Your Business.

Chatbots Making Their Way

The AI-based chatbots are a big highlight of 2020 digital marketing trends. Chatbots interact with the users on your website and enhance their user experience. It has been predicted that chatbots will power more than 85% of customer services in 2020. The increasing popularity clearly indicates how important it is to consider this trend.

Gone are the days when digital marketing had nothing to do with technology, but now the marketing trends focus on different ways that keep the audiences engaged. The best part of incorporating chatbots is they are available 24/7 to solve customer queries.

These virtual assistants offer a seamless customer experience by automating repetitive tasks, this means you can focus on other tasks while these bots take care of your customers.

Personalization To Add More Relevance

Many big tech giants like – Amazon, Netflix, and Spotify have developed highly customized experiences for the audiences. The companies have personalized their platforms by providing the right content to audiences at the right time. A recent survey also indicated that more than 80% of people claimed that they get more attracted to businesses that offer a personalized experience.

For example – when you shop at Amazon, the platform analyzes customer behavior when searching for products and past history. The intelligent data derived helps to showcase the products that might interest the users.

Similarly, Netflix also uses the user data based on the shows or movies they search for or watch. The data help Netflix to provide its audiences with better suggestions and recommendations, thereby enhancing their experience.

It is clearly evident how personalization is used to shape digital experiences and help businesses to grow traffic and user engagement. Apart from that, marketers are also using the personalization technique in email marketing as well. The personalized email campaigns have seen 42% higher click-through rates.

Influencer Marketing To Spread A Word Of Mouth

People get fascinated by celebrities, bloggers, or other famous personalities. These personalities can act as influencers for your brand and promote your products and services to the audiences.

More than 63% of customers agreed that they trust the opinions of social media influencers for making decisions on products and services. Well, that is a huge percentage to consider!

A recent study also revealed that more than 80% of women consult social media before making any buying decisions. Consumers expect the brand to be honest and helpful towards the audiences. Influencers help in shaping customers’ perceptions.

When the brand gets positive feedback, it further brings more customers. Thanks to influencers, it has now become much easier for the brand to build a market. The ongoing popularity of influencers is sure to make this trend a hit in 2020.

Video Marketing A Big Hit

Video marketing is no longer an option, it has become a necessity. More than 72% of businesses agree that video has improved their conversion rate. If you think that YouTube is the only medium for video marketing, then you are probably wrong. You can use various social media platforms like – Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and even TikTok to promote your brand.

Do you know if your site includes videos then it is 50% more likely to get organic results than plain texts? Marketers are now changing tehri promotional strategies to informative videos. For example – a plain texted email or message is less likely to be read by the users, but an engaging video will be more enjoyed by the audience.

You can also use video thumbnails in emails as they tend to increase open-rate by 19%. Not just that Live videos can engage a large number of audiences at a time and they can be used by marketers for demonstrating the product or services live in front of the audiences.

Voice Search Is Stealing The Limelight

With more than 50% of searches being voice-based, it has become vital for marketers to hop on this trend. Voice search help in providing relevant information to the users without the hassles of typing. Voice assistants like – Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant have turned out to be really powerful in the world of digital marketing.

Voice-friendly searches help in better engagement and add value to the SEO. According to a recent survey, voice shopping is going to jump to more than $40 billion by 2022. The figures are definitely staggering!

One key thing to consider while framing voice-based searches is to make use of long-tail keywords and apply a conversational tone. It will help to solve the user’s queries and further help in increasing engagements.

When optimizing content for voice searches make sure you follow a customer interaction approach as it will help you leverage the most benefits. Voice searches use the semantics of searches and artificial intelligence to boost search results. If you wish to take a lead among your competitors, then miss on this trend shouldn’t be on your mind.

Final Thoughts

In this online age, it is important for businesses to stay on top of digital marketing trends. With technological advancements and changing trends, the marketing world will keep on evolving. All you need to do is stay updated with these trends and embrace the changes as it comes.

While you are planning your next online marketing strategy, I suggest you follow these trends to accelerate your business growth. Apart from these, make sure you work on the SEO strategies and ensure high-quality content.

The future of digital marketing is promising, make sure you have something unique to offer to your audiences. Get in the action and be a trendsetter!

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