Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends that You Have to Pay Heed to In 2019

Digital Marketing Trends

The new year brought new challenges for marketers and advertising professionals. It is an undeniable fact that traditional advertising methods like TV and newspaper and dying a slow death and digital marketing is on boom lately.

Mobile phones, computers, and tablets have become a must-have in every house and people are spending a good amount of time on these gadgets. This changed the way the world has been advertising till then and digital marketing has risen to the roof. Digital marketing had made its mark on the world long ago and almost all the companies are opting for this marketing strategy.

Digital marketing strategy is something that changes now and then. One must be updated about the latest trends from time to time in order to make the most out of digital marketing strategies. Here are the latest digital marketing trends that you must pay attention to this New Year. These digital trends in 2019 are going to make a larger impact on the business world.

The yesteryear trends aren’t irrelevant yet, but it is important for you to stay updated with the latest trends in order to sustain the marketing flux. There are so many con artists, charlatans, and opportunists out there who may confuse you with different marketing strategies which won’t yield much results.

It is important for you to separate the wheat from the chaff to understand what exactly is happening in the market and what trends are yielding results.

We crafted this article to provide you the insights about the right marketing strategies. Keep reading to know more about the result-generating digital marketing trends of 2019.

Automation of Marketing Techniques Through AI

AI-based technologies have already moved out of the R&D labs and now are incorporated in the mainstream. AI technology has developed a lot in the past years and now it is one of the most anticipated technologies present in the market.

From enterprise-level AI solutions to grade-market AI solutions, artificial intelligence made great progress. The AI products are widely available and this resulted in implementing them in various industries and this includes marketing.

AI is very useful when it comes to marketing. It brings marketing automation to the table, which changes the marketing strategies on the whole. These days marketing has become more data-driven and in order to process huge quantities of information in real-time, there is a requirement for automation technology.

AI comes into the picture here. AI is capable of obtaining real-time results and then it starts acting on those results without any need of additional oversight. There is no need for a human to process it at all. AIs are designed to handle these tasks in a better way than humans and this helps the entire marketing strategies a lot. So many marketing agencies have already relied on AI for these operations.

AI can help in

  • Profiling of customers – Customer activity is tracked on various social media accounts and on the internet in order to generate an up-to-date picture of the target audience to the marketers. These reports will help in understanding the audience from time to time.
  • Tracking – All the advertisements are tracked with advanced technology and this helps in editing these advertisements as well as marketing strategies on the go.
  • Chatbots – A reliable way to offer better customer support by automation and also for better engagement.

Rise of AR and VR

Augmented Reality, in short AR, is still in its infancy stage but as of now the results that are generated by AR are pretty commendable. It has the capability to add digital properties for physical objects and this is a game changer in the marketing field. Marketing thrives on multi-channel interaction and AR has helped it a lot.

AR advertising is designed to give a consumer a fully immersive and interactive experience while controlling all the channels of interaction. The customer will be provided with a great experience and the marketer will have complete control over all the marketing channels.

It is a win-win situation for both parties. AR advertising campaigns can be compared with video games. Every action taken by the marketer has the capability of impacting the entire marketing strategy.

Visual Reality is something that needs a special mention here. The combined global revenue of both AR and VR is expected to reach $140 billion by the end of 2020. These stats clearly show how both of these technologies are taking control over marketing. People still aren’t clearly aware of these technologies and the impact they can create yet.

Brands can use these AR and VR technologies for customer engagement. A market analysis has proved that 84% of the consumers were able to remember the 360-degree videos that they have watched clearly. So if you want to make an impact on consumers, then there is no better option than using AR and VR technologies.

More and More Video Marketing

Generation Z, the cohort that has been born between 1995 and 2015, is the biggest single population group this year and they are one-third population of the world. The one thing this generation loves is videos.

With high speed and affordable internet, they love watching various types of videos than reading about them. Although content is still king, video marketing has become much more important to impress this generation.

Whether it is a 360-degree video or a normal video, people are very much interested in watching them and their interest in these videos isn’t going to perish soon. So if you want to capture the minds of Gen Z, try video marketing. This marketing strategy has attained the utmost importance and if it is properly executed, one can get amazing results.

Hubspot has conducted a study that stated that incorporating a video in the email increases click-through rates by 200-300%. Yes, the stats are impossible to believe, but it is happening. So, the first thing that digital marketers have to do right now is craft a beautiful video that depicts their business.

Micro-Influencer Marketing

The number of micro-influencers on various platforms has been increasing on an everyday basis. This all started with Instagram and now people on Facebook and even LinkedIn are becoming micro-influencers. Although marketing with macro-influencers will reach a number of people, the business will get a better conversion rate with micro-influencers only.

Micro-influencers have fewer followers and they are like friends for followers and they market the products just like recommending to friends. Their marketing tactics work like recommendations and they are better than the normal marketing done by macro-influencers.

Voice Search Content

Mobile-based marketing has been circling around in the marketing field for a while already. Most people use mobile extensively and in order to reach a wide range of customer base, it is important to design marketing strategies that are apt for mobile phone users.

One of the mobile-based marketing strategies is voice search. These days people tend to browse online via voice search. This voice search facility has its benefits. This voice search has brought a new paradigm for content creation.

The content on the web has currently relied on keywords and a particular language is used to match the algorithms of search engines. This speech is different from the one that people use on an everyday basis.

But when people search via voice search, they tend to use the language that they use on an everyday basis and it is important to create content that matches the grammar, tone, and vocabulary of everyday spoken language.

It has become a priority for marketers to make their content voice search friendly in order to appear on the top even when people use voice search to get it. It has become important for SEO experts to craft long-tail keywords rather than abstract arrays of words.

They should make sure that the content is creative, optimized, and aligned with the search methods of users.


2019 is shaping up to be another beautiful and intriguing year for digital marketing. There are various technologies and strategies that can be incorporated this year in order to reach the target audience.

Different kinds of new technologies are brought into the market and at the same time old technologies are updated in order to meet the requirements of the latest market.

Gen Z has been the focal point of almost all marketing strategies because they are making a greater impact on the market. It is important for marketers to keep an eye on the latest marketing trends from time to time to create brand strategies that are up-to-date.

The above-mentioned marketing trends are going to change digital marketing a lot, and it is important for you to cope with them for better branding of your products and services. Hope this article has helped you in getting insights into the digital advertising trends of 2019.

Top digital marketing strategy and trends
Top digital marketing strategy and Trends.

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