How Artificial Intelligence is Enhancing Digital Marketing?

Powerful ways Artificial Intelligence is enhancing Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence is basically teaching machines to be more intelligent than humans at handling routine tasks and reducing human intervention.

Below are some insanely powerful ways artificial intelligence is enhancing digital marketing:

The way Google serves search results to its users has been improved tremendously, thanks to Artificial Intelligence. Google’s Voice Search (Hummingbird) Algorithm and Rank Brain Algorithm have changed the way digital marketers optimized and snipe their target audience.

While Rankbrain is effective at handling never-seen-before search queries by guessing words or phrases with similar meanings, the Voice Search Algorithm is capable of handling normal day-to-day conversational queries and understanding the user’s intention behind the search query.

2) Facebook

Facebook employs deep neural networks powered by artificial intelligence to make data-driven decisions about the type of posts and ads to show its users based on the information it scrapes from the user’s profile and their online behaviour.

This helps brands show business-relevant posts and ads to their users, which increases the chances of conversions. A social media marketing company better handles the job of connecting brands with their target audience.

Facebook also uses artificial intelligence to recognize people in the photos using its tool called Deep Face and to extract meaning from the text we post on its platform by learning to analyze them contextually.

3) Instagram

Instagram recently announced an automatic and manual comment filter system using artificial intelligence to moderate negative comments. Brands can leverage this feature to filter out negative comments and protect their online reputation. Instagram comment filter is based on Deep Text, an artificial intelligence work developed at Facebook.

4) Google Adwords

Artificial Intelligence has played a major role in PPC account management. Ex: You can create automated rules to change ad group level max. CPC, pause ad groups, enable ad groups, or trigger an email when the cost per conversion increases by a specified amount.

You can also create an automated rule for certain keywords that have a low-quality score than a specified number. Instead of downloading a massive .csv file and making your PPC team do the data crunching, you can use the Google Prediction API powered by artificial intelligence to predict the average CPC in the future on a given day.

This way, artificial intelligence is helping Adwords account managers by saving their time and not requiring their intervention to make the adjustments.

5) Email Marketing

An email has been one of the oldest yet one of the most effective forms of digital marketing. Artificial Intelligence has helped in automating email marketing processes like optimizing the timing, subject line & copy optimization, multivariate & A/B testing, and predictive personalization.

Ex: Optimail – An email campaign optimization tool that uses artificial intelligence to create email marketing campaigns that learn your goals, adapt to the user’s response, and improve the email marketing campaign based on the user’s feedback.

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