9 Email Marketing Trends: Practices For The Year 2016

Trends in Email Marketing

Email marketing is a practice that is changing continuously. These practices have turned all modern and now they focus more on the creativity of the campaign besides providing user-centric services to the clients.

Email marketing is changing with the trends that are now coming into existence but one question that is important to be considered by the service providers is that what really consumers want from an email marketing campaign.

For customers, it is nothing but the exceptional services that would matter the most, obviously included with the latest trends. The clients are really going to like the services from service providers and subscribe to them as well if they find it a genuine attempt from them. As subscribers are devoting their precious time to reading the email templates, they wish the worth of the time spent on reading.

Depending on this scenario, some email marketing trends are there that are going to make their mark prominent in the years to come.

Here is a quick glance at the trends that will prevail in the next year.

Extended use of lightboxes

Lightboxes or pop-ups have always interrupted the shopping experience of customers; however, these are growing more now as a new trend altogether. Lightboxes have been known to grow the email list 5-10 times faster than other traditional mediums.

The pop-up menu may remind the subscribers of the services and with the minimum effort for signing up for the services, the subscribers can easily get the attention of the service providers.

Responsiveness in action

The responsive technique has already made its mark in the email marketing trends and it is expected to grow more in the years to come. As the subscribers are now choosing their phones for reading emails, templates, or other related services from the service providers, including the responsive technique is the ultimate solution.

Email templates developed having responsiveness in the same can easily be uploaded over any of the platforms irrespective of the device size, which is why it is important to design email campaigns that could well define the meaning of responsiveness.

Personalization will become more prominent

Customers are now focusing on what means more to them. Personalization is always meant for increasing the sales of the business. Sending an email template that goes directly to serve the needs of the subscribers and having their names inscribed over it is sure to attract their attention.

More to it, incorporating some schemes that sound great to subscribers would make the email template more personal for them. Tracking the behavior of the subscribers would help in personalizing the template for the subscribers.

Use of hashtags or “#” in a progressive way

There is no doubt about the fact that hashtag or “#” has taken the world of Twitter by storm. As hashtags have become a beloved symbol, it is now in the row of becoming one prominent symbol in email marketing too.

Hashtag contributes to increasing the open rates of emails and because of this reason, it is going to be an integral part of email marketing in the years to come.

More it, service providers should use the symbol in a productive way to make the most out of it. As a highlighted option, it is suggested to make use of this symbol. It could raise the attention of the subscribers toward the email templates.

The comeback of plain text

As people are considering it a better option to view their emails over mobile phones, emails often go without subject lines. Service providers also need to keep the fact in mind that headers, as well as opening messages, need to be short and concise for easy viewing on mobile phones.

Plain text is likely to make its mark prominent in email marketing trends as there is a rise in the usage of wearable devices.

An email will be integrated with other marketing channels

Email practices will be integrated with other marketing channels in order to grow the customization for the subscribers. Moreover, by linking email marketing with other useful channels, the service providers are sure to make good returns on the investment.

Incorporating email marketing with other social channels will help in tracking the details of the social behavior of the clients and serve them for their requirements.

However, there are a number of challenges for marketers to incorporate email marketing techniques with other social channels with the issues pertaining to strategy. Even though, there is great excitement among the companies to include the trend in email marketing.

Rise of automated email campaigns

Automation technology is around us for quite some time yet companies are struggling to utilize their abilities to the fullest. An increase in the automation activity is going to add to the total email click-outs at the subscribers’ end. Moreover, as other channels would be integrated with email campaigns, the automation technology is going to prove its worth in increasing the value of email marketing.

The automation technique is not only going to make it a lot easier for companies to incorporate emails for multiple channels but also save the time of the service providers in doing their efforts.

Consistent tracking

Consistent tracking is growing rapidly to let customers visit any specific page. For example – you must have seen additional URLs on specific pages to direct users to that specific page for increasing its clicks. This kind of consistent tracking is going to become more prominent in email marketing in times to come.

In addition to sending exceptional email templates to the clients, the approach is going to help the service providers offer additional info to the clients that is a related piece of news. It is important to be consistent in tracking.

More relevancy in the write-up

Relevancy in the piece of writing has always remained an important factor when it comes to composing exceptional email templates for subscribers. The practice is going to remain a prominent one in the years to come as customers will focus more on the relevant content and in case they are not finding the same they may unsubscribe from the offer.

In addition to providing relevant pieces of content, it needs to be engaging enough to grab the attention of the subscribers towards the email campaigns. Thus, the factor will remain in the trend until email marketing is in practice.

Closing thoughts

Email marketing has always been practiced as the foremost communication medium. The trend has helped service providers a lot to attain the attention of the clients towards the services. However, the methods of email marketing that have been practiced until now are being replaced by new trends that are going to make the approach more user-centric.

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Guest author: Andrew Hudson is an experienced email designer at EmailChopper. He is interested in finding out new and easy ways of designing the templates. In an attempt to make the readers familiar with these trends, he keeps them informed about the same with engaging blogs.

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