Kicksta Review: The Instagram Growth Tool For Every Business

Kicksta review - Instagram growth tool

To help you get to know more about Instagram automation and growth tools, we put together this full-on Kicksta review.

Since more than one-third of people on earth are online, your business could gain a lot of potential clients from that number of people. But the reality is you can’t grow your business if you don’t have any followers, right?

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Kicksta – Instagram growth tool

Safe and reliable tool for growing organic Instagram followers and getting more attention towards your brand.

  • Works with the clients and target audience
  • Follows people from your account
  • Gaining more interest in your brand from real-life people


  • Quick and easy setup
  • Affordable tool
  • Targets niche-specific hashtags and accounts


  • Live chat support is only available with professional plans
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It’s tough to get your brand out there; sometimes, the solution is boosting your social following. You can lighten your load by turning to an influencer, a professional, or an Instagram growth tool. Among these tools is Kicksta.

Automate Your Instagram Growth With Kicksta

Kicksta - The Instagram growth tool.
Kicksta – The Instagram growth tool.

In essence, Kicksta is an Instagram automation tool that enables businesses to automate time-consuming processes associated with managing a successful social media profile. It focuses on automating growth instead of other automation tools, which are more concerned with enabling you to publish specific content at particular periods.

Kicksta proposes to help businesses, influencers, and brands seek out actual people (as opposed to bots) and new potential followers and connections that’ll follow their Instagram profile. Through sophisticated automated targeting options, organic growth increases while building audience trust.

This trust leads to more loyal and engaged followers who would constantly interact with the content you create and share. With more growth, social proof improves, leading to more paid partnership, gigs, and business growth.

The long and short of it is, the more followers you have, the more people and potential revenue you can generate by creating leads to your website, product pages, and promotions.

What Is Kicksta?

Kicksta is an Instagram growth service, more like an automated solution for brands and businesses. It’s designed to help grow followers and organically attract new leads faster.

Given the plethora of free social media marketing tools and resources, Kicksta strives to be a thought leader in Instagram marketing and the go-to resource for Instagram success through its key features.

Kicksta Features

Proprietary AI-Technology

Kicksta helps businesses identify potential followers and reduces the risk of bots and fraudulent accounts using its proprietary technology, developed in-house over the years. The AI technology automatically connects with potential followers on behalf of businesses to draw attention back to their profiles.

No Bots or Fake Followers

You risk becoming spammed when you purchase likes or followers, and IG deletes questionable activity. Even getting banned might happen. As a growth solution, Kicksta doesn’t require buying Instagram followers or using bots to grow your account. Instead, the platform likes posts of other people who follow targeted users in your niche.

Real Followers

Kicksta allows businesses to select particular “targets” for the AI system to work with to help them discover the appropriate Instagram followers to engage with. These accounts have followers similar to the kind of users the company wants to attract. The number of targets you can have depends on the plan you choose.

Tracking & Reporting Capabilities

Your Instagram dashboard’s built-in tracking and reporting features will make it easier for you to quantify the results of your growth-oriented campaigns. You can track your progress, keep tabs on how many new followers you gain, and more.

Instagram Marketing Tools

Kicksta provides business leaders with various tools in addition to its unique AI system to assist them in improving their marketing campaigns. To assist businesses in selecting the best influencers to collaborate with, there are advice and how-to guides, an “engagement rate calculator,” and an automatic hashtag generator.

Instagram engagement rate calculator
Instagram engagement rate calculator.

How Does Kicksta Work?

Kicksta understands what’s necessary to appear authentic, promote organic growth, and attract new Instagram followers to a target account. They don’t randomly follow 500 profiles or like 1000 pictures in a single day. They are, rather, a straightforward solution.

Kicksta algorithm Instagram user profile stats
Kicksta algorithm Instagram user profile stats.

Once you sign up for a plan, Kicksta will walk you through an easy onboarding process. You’ll be asked to add a series of targets to your profile, showing Kicksta’s algorithm the kind of followers you want to target. Based on those targets, this tool reaches out to relevant accounts through particular growth methods.

Liking/Follow Method

In stark contrast to other platforms, Kicksta exposes your account to as many new people as possible through the like approach. The liking method is the least intrusive tactic and provides steady growth without putting an account at risk.

Once you provide the list of accounts that are similar to yours and that have followers you want to recruit, Kicksta will then use your account to like one to two photos from each user that follows the target accounts you provided. Once those users see that you’ve linked their posts, they will visit your profile. Since Kicksta targets similar accounts, it’s more likely that they’ll like your brand and want to follow you.

Advanced Targeting – hashtag, location

Kicksta provides access to various sophisticated targeting features to ensure businesses have the best opportunity of acquiring the right followers for their Instagram profiles. Users can be targeted depending on their geographic area and interest in particular hashtags. Additionally, there are options for blacklisting or excluding specific accounts.

Kicksta instagram advanced targeting
Kicksta instagram advanced targeting.

Pricing Plans

Kicksta offers three different monthly plans ranging from $49 to $218.

Standard Plan ($49 monthly)

This plan is for those who are starting out. With the Standard Plan, you can target ten accounts, hashtags, or geolocations and experience moderate growth in your account. You’ll also get exclusive onboarding courses, two online courses that will help you get the most out of the Kicsta growth service.

Premium Plan ($99 monthly)

The Kicksta Premium plan includes all features of the Standard plan but with maximum growth, allowing you to have 40 Instagram targets. VIP email support, blacklisting, and access to Kicksta’s advanced targeting features are also the plan’s other additions.

Pro Plan ($218 monthly)

The Pro Plan gives includes all the features of the Premium Plan plus the InfluenceGrid monthly services that guarantees 1,200+ followers monthly. This plan also allows you access to a diversified audience from global influencers.

Kicksta’s User Reviews

Overall, users who gave a Kicksta review expressed that, as an Instagram growth tool, it tries to establish connections with the right contacts so the business brand grows. Another pro to using Kicksta is that its automation system optimizes followers and organically grows an Instagram account without spending so much time on account growth. Another review says that Kicksta can add great value to the marketing campaign.

Other user reviews worth knowing are:

Kicksta user reviews feedback
Kicksta user reviews feedback

Final Verdict: Is Kicksta Legit?

To sum up this Kicksta review, we can say that this is a valuable Instagram growth tool for brands and businesses who would like to maximize the potential of their marketing strategy. Since organic growth and engagement strategy are its main selling points, Kicksta targets accounts with real, engaged Instagram users who are more likely to be drawn to your content.

It helps expand your online reach and strengthen brand authority without risking your brand reputation or account. Kicksta can help you gain followers rapidly and even improve traffic to your websites and products to generate more revenue.


How does Kicksta ensure that the followers gained through its service are genuine and not bots?

Kicksta uses its proprietary AI technology to identify potential followers and minimize the risk of engaging with bots or fraudulent accounts. By liking posts of users who follow targeted accounts in your niche, Kicksta attracts genuine followers rather than relying on purchased followers or bots.

Will using Kicksta put my Instagram account at risk of being banned or flagged for suspicious activity?

Kicksta’s primary focus is on promoting organic growth by engaging with real users rather than using bots or purchasing followers. This approach significantly reduces the chances of your account being flagged for suspicious activity or getting banned by Instagram.

How many targets can I add to my profile, and how does this affect my growth on Instagram?

The number of targets you can add to your Kicksta profile depends on the plan you choose. By selecting specific targets for the AI system, Kicksta helps you discover and engage with the right followers in your niche, leading to better-targeted growth and a more engaged audience.

Can I track the progress and results of my Instagram growth campaigns while using Kicksta?

Yes, Kicksta offers built-in tracking and reporting features within your Instagram dashboard, allowing you to monitor your progress, keep track of new followers, and measure the overall effectiveness of your growth campaigns.

What additional marketing tools does Kicksta provide besides the AI-driven growth system?

Kicksta offers a variety of marketing tools to help businesses improve their campaigns, including advice and how-to guides, an u0022engagement rate calculatoru0022 to help select the best influencers for collaborations, and an automatic hashtag generator to optimize your content for better reach and visibility.

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