Lumen5 Review: Do the videos it creates stand up to the hype?

Lumen5 review

With the rise of easy internet connectivity across the globe, video marketing is experiencing exponential growth. Multiple reports suggest that around 85% of businesses are leveraging the power of video content.

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Videos are considered the best form of marketing, as they are highly engaging and effective. That’s the reason businesses use them to educate, promote & market across their target audience.

You, too, can leverage this potential of videos for growing your business by using these 4 Tips to Create YouTube Videos that Generate Leads and Sales.

There are thousands of video creation tools available in the market. And all of them advertise themselves as the best video creation tools online.

One such tool that’s making significant noise in the field is Lumen5. Regarded as the best marketing tool available to date by many, it’s rapidly becoming video creators’ favorite.

But is Lumen5 worth all the hype? Is it the best marketing tool available to date? In this detailed Lumen5 review, I have answered all these questions. So before you go out & buy Lumen5, read this review first.

Let’s begin.

What is Lumen5?

AI-powered video creation tool is widely regarded as the best video creation tool. Lumen5 is the fastest video-creating tool available that’s popular for creating videos within a couple of minutes.

It helps you create highly engaging, captivating & mind-blowing videos, even if you are a rookie in the field of video creation.

This tool can act as your perfect companion for creating effective video-based Social Media Marketing Campaigns.

Whether you want to create an educational, informative, or entertaining video, Lumen5 has got you covered!

It minimizes the time required to create marketing videos with the help of its AI-powered structure. In a nutshell, Lumen5 is a complete package for video creation.

What are the best features of Lumen5?

Lumen5 review
What is the best feature of Lumen5?

Video from text

This is the most exciting feature of Lumen5 that I came across. Unlike many other video creation tools that compel you to input content manually, Lumen5 makes your job easy.

If you want to create a video for your already published article, all you have to do is just copy-paste the link & click on the “Convert to Video Button.”

The AI of Lumen5 will automatically select the most critical points from the text & add them directly to the Video.

You can also add content manually to the Video if you want by just typing into the block.

Lumen5 review
Lumen5 Reviews 2022 Details Pricing and features

AI-based workflow

While using Lumen5, I noticed that you get assistance from AI at every step of your video creation.

Lumen5 auto-analyzes the size & length of the content based on the best possible results. The text is placed on each slide, depending on the templates that you have chosen.

In short, when you use Lumen5 for video creation, it does almost every heavy lifting for you.

Hundreds of Video Templates

The problem with the majority of video creation tools is the limited availability of templates. This limits your creativity & possibilities.

But that’s not the case with Lumen5. It offers you hundreds of excellent templates to choose from. The categories include Ads, News, How-to, Tutorials, Listicles & much more. With these templates, you can create all the stunning videos you’ll ever want for your branding & Marketing.

Lumen5 review
Lumen5 Review 2022: Do the videos it creates stand up to the hype?

Multiple Video formats

There are a large number of Social Media platforms that brands use for their video marketing. The issue here is these platforms support different video formats. Manually converting them into the required video formats is a complex and time-consuming task.

Fortunately, with Lumen5, this is not an issue.

When you select the format, Lumen5 asks you to choose the formats from the available list. The list includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, & Snapchat.

And even on the particular Social Media Platform, you get to select any format like Feed, story, or Post.

The best part is you can change the format later.

Lumen5 review
Lumen5 Review 2022: Do the videos it creates stand up to the hype?

Extensive Music, Images & Themes library

Videos are a great tool to stand out in the crowd. But only when they are unique, engaging and captivating.

With Lumen5, you can do everything without breaking a sweat. When you use Lumen5, you access millions of free images, music & themes to make your content more engaging and unique.

Lumen5 review
Lumen5 Reviews 2022 Details Pricing and features

Branding kit

To survive in this highly competitive & chaotic Digital Market place, your brand needs to stand out from the rest.

You can make this happen by adding your brand’s tinge to your every content. Lumen5 comes to your rescue here too!

You can create your own brand kit in Lumen5 that includes your brand color, logo, tagline & fonts.

So the next time you create a video on Lumen5, you’ll get a video with your brand identity.

Lumen5 review
Lumen5 Review 2022: Do the videos it creates stand up to the hype?

Instant Video

If you feel even the simple steps of video creation using Lumen5 are complex, Lumen5 comes up to your rescue!

The Instant Video feature of Lumen5 creates a list of videos on its own, based on your previous URL inputs. Choose anyone from the list you like & you are done.

Lumen5 review
Lumen5 Review 2022: Do the videos it creates stand up to the hype?

What is the Lumen5 pricing structure?

I love the Lumen5 pricing structure as it is highly flexible and affordable. Even if you do not want to buy any package instantly, there is an option for a free box.

Check out their detailed pricing here.

Lumen5 Pricing Details
Lumen5 Pricing Details

What are the Pros of Lumen5?

Lumen5 review
What are the Pros of Lumen5? – Lumen5 Pros and Cons
  • Simple, easy to use & can be the perfect video creation tool for a newbie
  • Creates Video quickly, saving a lot of time and resources
  • The free version is available for someone who wants to test it before buying the paid version
  • A massive collection of videos, images, music, & Theme
  • Allows you to create videos across multiple formats
  • Have limited customization option
  • You get only 480p quality videos in the free version

For whom Lumen5 is best suited?

Lumen5 is best suited for someone new to Video-creation & Video marketing. It’s a perfect tool for someone looking for an affordable device with minimal turnaround time.

So if you are an entrepreneur or business owner who wants to grow your business exponentially.

Lumen5 Alternatives

For those seeking alternatives to Lumen5, a popular AI-driven video creation platform, there’s a variety of tools available. Each one presents its own set of distinctive features, and the optimal choice would largely depend on your specific requirements and objectives.

  • is an online tool designed for video creation and editing, offering a rich library of templates and stock content.
  • Biteable: Biteable stands out for its ease of use and the wide variety of animation styles, ideal for creating engaging explainer videos.
  • Renderforest: Known for its professional video templates, Renderforest allows for the seamless creation of intros, explainer animations, and promotional content.
  • provides tools for high-quality video creation, with a vast library of licensed music, photos, and clips to personalize your content.
  • Animaker: Animaker excels in animated video creation with a user-friendly interface and a rich set of customization options.

All these alternatives have their unique strengths, and your decision should hinge on their alignment with your specific needs. By evaluating the features, pricing, and user reviews of each tool, you can make a decision that best suits your video creation goals. In our fast-paced digital age, the right video creation tool can greatly enhance your content production efforts.

Final thoughts

Videos are the most productive way to grow your business quickly. Due to higher ROI, thousands of businesses are using it right now.

In such an environment, Lumen5 can act as a perfect Video-creation partner for you. Use it & leverage the power of video for exponential growth.


Is Lumen5 free?

It’s not a free tool, but you can create a free account on it and start using its free features.

Is Lumen5 the best video creation tool right now?

Many other tools exist, but Lumen5 stands out from the crowd with its unique features.

Can I create a video directly from the blog?

Yes, you can. Lumen5’s text to video feature lets you build a unique and captivating video.

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