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Video marketing for the travel industry is one of the most used strategies for attracting customers in the tourism sector. The main challenge is to generate a direct emotion in the potential consumer by associating the chosen destination and all the experiences he could have in the future in that place.

In this type of campaign, a certain degree of personality is given to tourist destinations so that they are much more attractive to consumers. Video marketing transmits emotions to the user with the aim of making him buy a product or service.

Today, video marketing for the travel industry is the most effective way to generate sales among customers in this area. It’s no secret that brands are increasingly using this tool to generate profits and attract Wholesale Customers.

The importance of video marketing in the travel industry

Video marketing has revolutionized the way of promoting products and services in the world of tourism and has brought millions of people closer to the experiences that can be lived on different parts of the planet.

It is a very smart way to know how to reach potential customers if you are a company linked to this sector. Adopting a video marketing campaign can be the key and the advantage over the competition.

Among the most important points of video marketing, the following can be highlighted:

  • It allows customers to experience the experience as if they were in the place of their desires.
  • The video format is ideal for applying storytelling, a very effective technique for generating emotions and providing entertainment.
  • It discloses the benefits these tourist sites can offer to millions of people.
  • It reaches people’s feelings, so it is more effective.
  • Images and sounds are a key part of grabbing users’ attention. For this reason, video is the most consumed format on the Internet.

What is the success of a video marketing campaign in the travel industry?

The impact generated by this strategy has far more benefits than any other, as it allows the prospect to experience destination-related sensations that they might not otherwise experience. It serves to bring the destination closer to the person’s mind.

The important point is that it generates in the person a need to go to that place shown in the video, which, in general, ends up provoking an intention to buy.

Among the aspects that make this type of campaign so effective is credibility. It offers its customers faithfully showing the experience that can be lived in different tourist destinations: their most important characteristics, the prices of accommodation, the prices of meals., the type of entertainment, etc.

The success of a video marketing campaign must translate into the sales it produces. A good campaign will undoubtedly increase the number of bookings in a company dedicated to this sector. But, for that, all content must be of quality to grab people’s attention.

Video marketing uses storytelling to raise awareness of destinations

Young man taking photo with iPhone 12 pro max italian town
Young man taking a photo with iPhone 12 pro max Italian town

Today, it is vital to keep up with the latest trends, and in video marketing, it happens the same way. People want to see quality content in high definition to practically feel they are already at their destination. Therefore, you need to make the experience as realistic as possible.

Having the best cameras, editing programs and professionals in this field is the key to a successful campaign, without neglecting creativity, of course. Distinguishing yourself from the competition is a daily job in this sector. Therefore, it is essential to continue to grow and innovate.

Likewise, video not only serves to show the benefits of tourism to people but also allows the brand to position itself in the minds of consumers for its quality, commitment, and content. For example, in this Michoacan campaign, the goal was to offer a deeper insight into the destination. To do this, storytelling shows the culture and customs of the territory to generate emotion.

Combine video and influencer marketing to convince users

The success that companies are achieving over time thanks to a good video campaign in the tourism sector has made them increasingly used by brands to reach their target audience more effectively, directly, and economically.

Videos have many advantages over other types of content, especially in social networks, as they produce a greater number of interactions, which in turn results in a greater number of conversions. You can create customer testimonial videos and edit them by using a free video editor, by which you will probably get more views, followers, and customers.

In short, it’s much more interesting for consumers to watch a video about the place they want to visit than just see pictures. Likewise, it is much more practical to share a video on social networks that generates more impact and shows social proof, as it plays with a very important sensitivity factor.

The most important features of a video marketing campaign

The video is here to stay, and in the world of tourism, it has been for several years. A good video marketing campaign has the following elements that can be beneficial to any company in the industry.

1. Improve customer satisfaction

The video format offers an advantage over the others, as it improves the dissemination of information to a level never seen before, offers detailed spaces that are much more interesting to the customer, educates about travel events and places, and builds more lasting relationships with the company in question.

You can also increase your customer’s loyalty or interest by taking offline surveys about your services or business, so they directly communicate with you.

2. Video marketing generates trust in customers

It is not simply the same thing to know a destination through photographs as to be able to observe it in a video in Full HD or 4k quality, where the lived experiences are described, monitoring of the different places is carried out, and, among others, the gastronomic offer.

It gives the potential customer the confidence to make the decision to buy.

3. Importance of cell phones

Thanks to new technologies, the world market is changing. And this is where brands need to leverage all the tools and channels at their disposal to make an impact on the audience.

According to a YouGov study, most people use their mobile devices to search for information on tourist destinations. It is for this reason that every effort is made to ensure that a video marketing campaign has the best results on phones.

4. Increase the time of users online

Using video in place of another type of format allows users to spend more time within the network, so they are more time in touch with the options and benefits that a specific place can provide.

The reason is that video is closely related to entertainment, which is one of the factors that explain the high consumption of this format.

5. An economic advantage

Making a video is generally not as expensive as other types of advertising strategies on social networks or digital platforms can be. For this reason, it is important to know how to use it to the advantage of the brand.

6. A visit: a potential customer

Thanks to the use of videos, the traffic on the website of the tourism company can be increased exponentially. This, in turn, generates much more chances for conversion. Keep in mind that this format already generates over 85% of internet traffic.

7. Differentiation

A good video marketing campaign for the travel industry will undoubtedly contain the unique characteristics of the brand and more clearly convey the values, mission and vision. This differentiates the value proposition and allows you to outperform your competitors. Especially in digital channels where the competition is very high.

Steps to implement a video marketing strategy for the travel industry

An effective video marketing campaign will grab the attention of customers. To build the best marketing strategy, you need to consider the following steps:

A. Mark the goals

It is about knowing what you want to achieve specifically with the campaign in question. That is, you have to define who you want to reach and what to achieve with it. Something that is only possible by knowing the main intentions of the customer.

B. Audience analysis

You need to know in a relevant way what are the strengths of the brand and the competitive situation. Knowing the audience or target will directly affect how the language, content, and the whole strategy will be in the travel video marketing campaign.

C. Having an effective channel

Today there are many ways to get these videos to the public. For example, the most common are platforms such as YouTube and Instagram, among others. You need to know which one best suits your needs.

D. Content and creativity

In this section, it is important to ask yourself some questions to know what type of content to use based on the specific target. But in a broad sense, it knows how to tell a story that produces feelings in the audience.

  • What do you want to communicate?
  • Who do you want to convey the message to?
  • What do you want to achieve as a final result of this campaign?

E. The resources to be taken into consideration and the analysis of the results

There are many ways to get a good video marketing campaign for a wider target audience. The help of a marketing agency, without a doubt, is the first option. But there are other alternatives that today’s digital world offers you.

Likewise, having the numbers or results of the video marketing campaign for the travel sector serves to know if the objectives set previously have been achieved, know where you can improve, and the weak point of the campaign.

Author Bio – Aabhas Vijay is the founder of AvijaDigital, a digital PR agency. He loves to write about how to scale different businesses.

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