How Can You Use Animated Infographic Videos for Business?

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All this time, infographics have been used to create awareness or simplify information that is complex and full of numbers.

However, with animated videos taking over, infographics are now utilized with informational and B2B statical videos. But what’s even better is the recent evolution of animated infographic videos that simultaneously make complex data more digestible and entertaining.

While the shareability of infographics remains the same, animation has made them more share-worthy across all channels.

What are animated infographics?

Infographic Video combines multiple infographics and animated graphics to effectively convey complex information and statistical data.

They are the most challenging and time-consuming types of videos, as creating infographics and animation takes time, along with the strategy of which data needs to be visible.

The animators transform statistical infographics into animated infographics using elements, transitions, colors, and characters. These videos are created to keep the visual hierarchy in order.

How do incorporate Animated Infographics into Your Marketing Strategy?

Merge Brand’s Story with Statical Data

Businesses looking for interactive ways to tell their brand’s story can start with animated infographic videos. You have all the required stats to showcase your position in the industry, and the brand’s vision has been created.

With compelling visuals retaining information, infographic videos can keep the audience engaged. This leads to a deeper connection with your potential customers as now they know your story and the facts behind your brands.

Here is an example from Pinterest.

Pinterest | The Ultimate Infographic Guide To Pinterest

The way Pinterest introduced customers to facts and data with the transitions, animation, and the story makes you watch the video till the end. The videos showcase the power of telling an authentic story and connecting with the right people.

Distribute as a digital brochure

Another excellent way businesses can include animated infographics is by creating digital brochures. Animated infographics allow brands to go beyond physical brochures, email banners, and text with boring graphs and data.

It could also work as an interactive digital guide for your business.

More and more people are discovering new ways to engage clients with animated video marketing. For example, when your digital brochures have animated infographics, potential clients can access the technical information and stats.

Instead, they will find the effort noticeable. Adding interactive infographics makes it easy to understand a prospect with moving text and animation for the clients.

GIF Animated Infographics for Business Landing Pages

You might have noticed some websites have animated infographics and information on every landing page. These websites are on top because of the time a user spends browsing. These sites are called parallax websites that engage users with statistical GIFs on various pages.

The best thing about these animated GIFs is that you can put all the stats with motion graphics and even add CTAs within a 15-second GIF file.

Here is an example of an animated infographic GIF by Imperva. The interactive designs engage the viewer with valuable information on how website downtime is risky. In addition, the animation used in the doc looks well executed and straightforward to grab the audience’s attention immediately.

Add to your YouTube Course or Start a Video Series

Having an official business channel on YouTube is a trend; even big companies are actively participating in building a YouTube audience. Like Neil Patel sharing his knowledge on digital marketing, you could start a YouTube video series, including animated infographics.

The video series can use animated infographics to showcase industry insights, how to do something workflow, and complex data with easy animation can be a part of the videos.

When used for business marketing, it impacts the overall performance of a brand’s videos. Such videos can also increase the chances of viewers exploring your business website and becoming potential customers.

The Infographic Show is one of the most popular channels on YouTube. You can watch any of their videos to understand how such videos work. Every topic and every story includes animated infographics with exceptional quality voiceovers and valuable information. Like its name, the USP of its channels uses data as information.

Marketing Campaigns with Animated Infographics

When talking about video marketing for brands, infographics bring possibilities for better lead generation.

Evidently, video ads are being consumed now more than ever before. When combined with data, video ads can make a lasting impact on the target customers.

Customers remember information that affects their purchase decision. So, it is a great way to create powerful marketing campaigns with animated infographics merged with content.

You might have seen the ad by Pedigree, where the message is conveyed most appealingly. Being among the most prominent dog food brands, Pedigree is expected to come up with unique ads that catch the eye of its customers.

The complex health and nutrition information is highlighted with simple infographics and an exceptionally creative idea of filming a dog.

User-friendly, Interactive Infographics for the Website

Now that you understand how animated infographics work for businesses, utilizing interactive infographics on a webpage is the best way to leverage them.

According to research by DemandGen, 85% of B2B marketers are already using or plan to use interactive infographics as part of their strategy.

Businesses are looking forward to using interactive infographics in their marketing strategy.

Let’s say you are a medical equipment manufacturer. So, when people visit your homepage, they probably want to know your customers. So, you can create animated infographics with interactive elements. Users can scroll through the infographics and click on the client details, which might take them to other website pages.

Check out this link of QZ to understand how interactive infographics work.

Final Words

Infographic animation is excellent for various forms of data visualization, whether landing page interactive infographics or YouTube videos, as marketing campaigns. While data can be critical to understanding, motion graphics, animation effects, and engaging voiceover can make it more digestible for the target audience.

Featured image source: Freepik Premium

Guest Author: Komal Kokate is the Co-Founder and CEO of MotionGility, an explainer video company. She is an expert in video marketing with a keen eye for creativity. While delivering high client results, she loves exploring the market and the latest marketing trends in the B2B industry.

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