Mastering Instagram Reels for Sales: Strategies That Deliver Results

Maximizing Sales through Instagram Reels: Proven Strategies Revealed

Instagram is a growing popular platform used by billions of people. Hence, if you’re looking to promote your business and are searching for a compatible platform to increase your product sales, Instagram is the best choice.

Recently Instagram added a new content format called Reels. This powerful tool has a variety of elements hidden in it, which holds the potential to build your business very effectively. However, all you need is the proper execution and presentation of your product. Well, here is a detailed roadmap about how to use Instagram reels to increase sales.

What are Instagram Reels? 

Instagram Reels are short videos ranging from 60 to 90 seconds. They are created for entertainment, advertisement, promotion, sharing moments, etc. Instagram allows you to edit the reels and add music, effects, and more.

Reels can also be created using images by adding desired background music. You may think Instagram Reels seem like TikTok videos, where content can be shared with the help of short videos for a larger audience. However, Reels have a higher potential to drive traffic and can be reached to the targeted audience. 

How can Instagram reels be used to increase sales?

1. Introducing your brand

Instagram Reels can be a great modern-day tool to introduce your brand and services. Narrating the brand story and how your brand evolved can help create engagement. Also, you can grab attention through creative storytelling that can boost sales.

Example: Katrinalebar Instagram Profile

Katrinalebar Instagram Reels
Source: Katrinalebar Instagram Reels

Katrina Lebar shares her stories about her path as an entrepreneur. In this reel, she discusses some of her challenges and worries and how she overcame them. 

2. Showcase your product

Once people know your brand and its journey, it’s time to showcase the products. Posting images can be outdated, so create engaging reels of your products. 

Another way is to create a reel to show the audience how to use your product. This method is an effective way to showcase your product. Besides, presenting your product’s benefits and service activities can help users relate to your business.

3. Make Informational Content

Besides promoting your brand, you can engage your audience with educational content such as hacks, How-to videos, or DIY lessons. So they can get a good overview of how your product or service fits well in everyday life. Also, your audience will keep coming back for more high-quality content. Talk about the latest trends in your industry.

Example: Kevinbparry Instagram Reels

Kevinbparry Instagram Reels
Source: Kevinbparry Instagram Reels

Here Kevinbparry, a stop-motion animator, shared a tutorial on how he makes transition reels. So users can become more curious and understand his expertise. 

4. Follow the Trend

Trending videos or viral videos boost the social media platform. Especially Instagram evolves daily with lots of trendy videos and sounds. Continually update your content strategy according to your product to these evolving trends. Create Reels showcasing your product with the trend, and add creativity. 

5. Promote product features

Features are the important aspect that differentiates your product from others. Promoting product features, offers, uniqueness, and benefits can grab the targeted audience’s attention and help build returning customers. Also, if your product is just launched, you can entice the users with a peek through your product and compel them to buy it.

Example: Playstation Instagram Reels

Playstation Instagram Reels
Source: Playstation Instagram Reels

Here, PlayStation shared a video of the main character, Ginger, leaping from a pail and ziplining across the slums. This Reel effectively teased gameplay while highlighting the game’s excellent camera work and visuals.

6. Creating Testimonial

Before purchasing any product, customers are likely to hit its reviews. Customer reviews play an essential role in gaining trust in the product. So you can create reels showcasing customer’s experience of using your product. Besides, you may hire micro-influencers of your brand niche to share their experience with your product.

Example: You can post unboxing videos from real-life customers.

7. Share sales and discounts

If you have an upcoming promotion campaign or special holiday sale, you can make a Reel to share the sale details to create awareness. Showcase the discounted products or flash the promo codes to increase the watch time. Also, ask your followers to share the Reel or tag their friends to spread the news. Thus it will boost your engagement.

How to drive traffic on my Instagram reels?

1. Collaboration

If you are new to the world of reels but have difficulty driving traffic, collaborating is an alternative solution. Collaborating is joining hands with already existing Instagram influencers who have higher engagement and can help your product reach a larger audience. 

Here are a few examples:

  • If you are promoting designed clothes, sweatshirts, and shoes. Then you can collaborate with fashion influencers. 
  • You can collaborate with online cooks and chefs if you have a food product business. 

2. Narrate Stories

People interact with products until and unless they relate to their lives. The best way to interact with the audience is by narrating the compelling stories of customers who used the product, which can create hope and urge to use the product among people. Storytelling can be a psychological factor to connect people and your product. 

Here are a few examples:

  • If you are marketing a newer product, you can ask users to share their experience using it.
  • Share “A Day in your Life” reels to showcase your and your team’s effort to build your brand and highlight your company’s culture.

3. Use appropriate hashtags

Hashtags are the catalyzer to reels. It helps your targeted audience find your content more quickly and easily. Always add relevant hashtags related to the product and trending seasons. Use hashtags representing your product, and avoid using irrelevant tags in the reels. Especially during the festive season, use hashtags that relate to particular festivals. This can drive better traffic. 

Here is an example: “#Happynewyear”, Consider this hashtag which signifies the upcoming occasion which you can use this in your reel. 

4. Connect with your customers

Having regular interaction can build a bond with customers. So take customer feedback via comments, DMs, or emails seriously. Answering all Q&A through reels can help to drive traffic. 

5. Subtitles

People from various countries and regions use Instagram. Creating a reel using your regional language can be difficult for the rest of the audience. Also, the ascent of language differs a lot. A better solution is to add subtitles to the reels that you create. Hence this can reach various audiences.

6. Appearance

People categorize the brand or the product by their appearance. The color, font, logos, and much more impact the product’s appearance. Creating high-quality and visually compelling reels has a greater chance of driving high traffic. 

7. Post relevant content

Standard and reputed products require a proper script for the reels. A random reel can degrade the decorum of the product. Find great content that binds your product. Also, avoid cringe, outdated content that negatively impacts your brand. 

How to create my first Instagram reels for business? 

Creating Reels is very easy and includes lots of fun. Instagram reels can be created by using already recorded video clips or can be shot live.  Here is a step-by-step detail:

  1. Open your official Instagram app. 
  2. Then open the camera, and swipe to Reels. 
  3. Now press and hold to record the video of your product, and release the button to stop recording.  
  4. Next, you can edit the reel, by adding effects, music, filters, green screen, layouts, and much more. 
  5. Also, you can increase or decrease the speed of the reel. 
  6. Once editing is completed, you can add details about your product which can be a detailed description of the product in the caption.
  7. Further, you can add hashtags and also add the location. 
  8. Finally, you have created your first Instagram reel. 

What are the dos and don’ts of Instagram reels?


Instagram reels provide ample productive benefits such as: 

  • Music: Instagram has a wide range of music, OST, and songs in its library. There is music from every corner of the country. So utilize the music library of Instagram in your reels. Hence, this can attract people and also help in increasing sales. 
  • Original content: Create original and fresh content. Don’t copy or remake other content. Be creative in creating content for your reels. 
  • Vertical recording: Make the habit of recording videos in a vertical format which can be easy for viewers. 
  • Quality: A high-quality and appealing reel can be a fruitful and effective idea while creating reels. Use clear images and videos in reels. Low quality and dull content degrade the brand image. 
  • Story: Narrate a story that blends with your product while presenting through reels. Storytelling is a powerful tool to keep engaging the viewers in reels.


  • Remix: Avoid using other’s content or remixing it. Also, recreating the same style of reel can be a wrong step. 
  • Rules: Don’t create content that breaks the Instagram rules and regulations. Instagram is strict about some content, which can ban your profile. 
  • Watermarked videos: Avoid using videos that contain watermarks, which can affect your traffic, and Instagram algorithm dampers such content. Also, when you edit your reel from other editing software, remove the watermark before posting it on Instagram. 
  • Borders and Text: Avoid using borders and heavy text while creating reels. Keep your reel simple. Complex reels fail to impress the audience. 


Instagram is one of the most influential and productive tools to start a business. It is used by billions of people worldwide, making it easy to target a larger audience. The features provided by Instagram make the business journey more smooth and easy.

Instagram Reel is a boon for newly established brands to increase their sales. We hope this guide helped you to gain a basic understanding of how to increase your sales through Reels. If you have any questions, feel free to comment down below!

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